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The Gurus Explore: Hawaii (2008)

Episode 14
Only available in Canada, United States

One of the most exotic locations, on the planet, is Hawaii and the Gurus are prepared to show you the spectacular sights before taking you below the waves to an amazing world. In this episode, they feature the Big Island of Hawaii, which has two very distinct climates: wet tropical side, and the dry arid side.

First, they visit Hilo to see the farmers market established 20 years ago by four farmers selling fresh produce out of their parked cars. Today, it houses over 200 vendors who set up here every week, twice a week. Then, off to the Hawaii Volcano Cultural Festival celebrating all things Hawaiian at the edge of the Caldara in Hawaii volcanoes national park. Other stops include horse riding, a taste of locally grown produce at Merriman’s Restaurant and Kealakekua Bay, the largest sheltered natural bay on the Big Island for a swim with the underwater life.

NevillePassmore, Nigel Ruck, Geraldine Chia
Rex Ranieri


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