Living in Balance: Hawaiian Spirituality (Lani Brehme Yamasaki) Video
Hawaiian Spirituality (Lani Brehme Yamasaki)
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Living in Balance: Hawaiian Spirituality (Lani Brehme Yamasaki)

Episode 95
Available worldwide

Lani Brehme Yamasaki, the unofficial ambassador of Hawaii, takes us to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Hawaii. Known for its beauty and its magical healing powers, it can be said that the waters of Hawaii act as a mirror to your soul. Bringing up everything that needs to be examined and healed in your life.

Georgia Shakti-Hill
Laninamakaike, Sherry Coffee, Karen T. Bartlett


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Msosl99, posted on November 3, 2013

My favorite place on the earth. I feel so drawn to this island. From the first time I stepped onto its shores. So sacred.

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