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Episode 15

News of the day includes heart healthy beer research, chronic fatigue syndrome, the danger of older antipsychotic medications and the connection between gum disease and heart disease. Deborah Ray talks with Jay Levy shares his science of supplements with aged garlic extract, probiotics and he explains the contents of the extracts and their benefits. Dr. Decker Weiss, an integrative cardiologist and naturopath, talks about using natural medicine in the hospital and doing what is natural to maintain your health. Deborah Ray welcomes Dr. Dick Passwater to talk about the root cause of arterial heart disease, and the naturopath Dr. Michael Schwartz to talk about the rise of severe but preventable diseases in America.

Deborah Ray
Jay Lev, Decker Weiss, Dick Passwater, Michael Schwartz


Episode 1 Osteoarthritis with Dr. Bob Arnot
Osteoarthritis with Dr. Bob Arnot (11/14/2005)
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Episode 2 Healthy Aging
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Episode 4 Benefits of Exercise
Benefits of Exercise (11/17/2005)
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Dr. Mitchell Ghen talks with Deborah Ray about the medically proven benefits of exercise.

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