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Health Freedom with Dr. Robin Falkov

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Beyond Belief: Health Freedom with Dr. Robin Falkov (August 2013)

Season 2, Episode 8
Available worldwide

With advances in medical procedures, government regulations and changing insurance policies, even a routine medical procedure can be overwhelming for patients and doctors. It is good to know that you can have someone on your side that is familiar with the complexities of the medical industry. Dr. Robin Falkov, OMD and Homeopathic Physician, explains how a patient advocate can bring you peace of mind by helping you make informed choices for your health care in this interview with George Noory originally webcast August 23, 2013.

Dr. Robin Falkov’s is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Homeopathic Physician whose focus is informing patients of the multiple choices available to achieve optimal health. Through regular communication and continuing progress evaluation, Dr. Falkov encourages patients to take responsibility for their own well being as it is the only way to insure successful treatment results.

George Noory


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abby6, posted on January 14, 2015

4"x 8" with 90 LEDs $849.00...., that is a medical device similar to ^ but cost is $1100, described as "LED Therapy Polychromatic Infrared Light Therapy Device Model Ultimate is FDA Cleared and Medicare Approved for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporary increase of local blood circulation. This light therapy device is patented, and uses the same technology NASA uses aboard the Space Shuttle, and the same technology used by the NAVY Seals.

Many conditions of pain and inflammation arise in humans and animals due to the stress of training and performance. It has been found that this infrared treatment can provide a complete and lasting resolution of many human and equine problems when it is coupled with medical or veterinary diagnosis.

This light therapy uses LEDs to emit light of a narrow band of frequencies. LEDs are provided with different wavelengths or color characteristics.

The light enters the body as photons; the photons are then absorbed by the photoreceptors within the cell. Photons strike the damaged tissue including skin, blood, muscle, and bone, and create a cellular response which reduces pain and jump-starts the healing process.This infrared products have been used successfully to treat all types of chronic pain for all types of animals including humans.The several different wavelengths used in the light therapy devices are very effective at penetrating living tissue without any harmful side effects." (38 red LEDs) Prime members: $39.99 (bulb plugs into regular lamp)

Other than profiting off red LEDS (which are ALL the same), I agree with most of what she says. There seems to be a higher price for red LEDs that come with a patented hand-held object. It appears to me one could use the 38 LED red bulb put it pretty close to the painful area and increase the exposure time. This is also similar to FAR red sauna treatments, they all use 660 nm. I use 360 nm for my medical plants, to bloom. It could very well be that the plant absorbs the particular type of light we need, we ingest it, it heals us. I have found that standing under the light to prune plants leaves me feeling cheery, I thought it was the gardening activity, but it's probably the light, now that I think about it after seeing this guest.

Comment for George: I was pressured by several schools public and private from 2001-2009 to medicate my son. He refused "ADHD" meds at age 11, nobody forced him to medicate, they did try to coerce him. He stood up to the system on his own. Then when they came after me I had Dr. Marcie Zinn's expert report that says he never had ADHD. I was still "prosecuted" at taxpayer expense but it was not a criminal case. Los Angeles County tried to remove him from me because my Phd disagreed with an MD about a diagnosis. The County did not ever bother to take him to their own expert. They had no contradictory expert opinion at the hearing. The case was closed, we never medicated again with any pharmaceutical and we refused vaccines after that. I became an advocate. We refused all medical services after that. Nobody confronted us either.

Courts that challenge parents who have prepared will lose. The main thing a parent needs is self-confidence and the love of their child. On that foundation, if there is no actual abuse, I can help anyone win. I will help any parent to the best of my ability, as long as the parents use email as a primary means of communication, I do not use telephones. I have worked (and paid taxes) for roughly 27 years as a paid legal assistant after graduating from UC Berkeley and attending USF School of Law for one year. I filed two federal cases about these issues, forced intervention, CPS workers who commit perjury, wasting taxpayers' money. The main phrase I wanted to imprint on the court and public's mind is that of "meaningful communication." Your show, the pointed questions you ask, contribute a great deal to illustrating what makes communication meaningful. It might be common sense for us, but to the average lawyer, judge and social worker it is not. Parents have to be the ones to go to court and know how to be models of calm, fearless rationality, here, because it's the only way we will get Child Welfare Reform in this country, which removes children from loving homes, then puts them up for private adoptions, or drugs them then dumps them on the street at 18.

If you would like me to come on the show and explain what I did, I would be happy to do so, if you can get me there and back. I think my son would be a better guest, he's 19 now in college and supports himself. He's not in a hurry to have kids. When he does, he will likely not medicate or vaccinate them and he might home-school as I did. He found himself bored in high school and well-prepared for college, he says of college, "it's too easy." We are both on FaceBook.

FWIW, He has an IQ of 159, mine is roughly 152 and the government considers me 100% disabled because I cannot use a telephone. I have never told anyone I cannot or will not work, and I have "worked" such as I can from home since being put on disability, but I never ask for or receive money for my work.

My son and I share the same hearing impairment (APD). He uses a phone for texting, uses an FM system and a note-taker in college/class. Neither of us use telephones for talking and we do not use voicemail. ADA accommodations are available for the asking, but a parent has to know what to ask for. They cost nothing. The expert report diagnosing our respective hearing impairments was a few hundred dollars for each report. Insurance refused to pay for it. The schools and the County refused to as well. I paid. It took me several years of research to figure out which expert we needed to see and then to realize it is genetic. When parents automatically accept the first diagnosis, often given by a school or a teacher who has difficulty managing a bright inquisitive child, they accept a permanent label that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure, for themselves and for their children. Google and other similar search engines allow us the freedom to make informed health decisions, which is the point of your guest's website and of her being on your show.

By the way those red LEDs are used for flowering, indoor gardening and for the truly motivated person, they can even be purchased loose and arranged into whatever pad one desires, all the materials for making one's own device are available on the internet, as well as the homeopathic remedies she describes and all are very very cheap compared to what MDs normally prescribe.

My experience with the misdiagnoses was that we had an organized medical plan, we had no choice which plan would insure us and the HMO dictates to the MDs what they can prescribe and also what they can speak in any given exam. I had some MDs nod at me when I asked about medical marijuana and other alternative remedies, because they can be fired for speaking those words, "medical marijuana." I had doctors in Israel (when I was a teenager) scoff at me when I asked if food is related to health. As it turns out I was also able to take off 65 pounds so far not by eating less but by getting rid of foods I am allergic to.

The fish oil is helpful but the source has to be from clean water. If the water is radioactive the fish will be as well. Flax is a good alternative.

You cannot trust labels, or the reputation of a company unless the label clearly says "no GMO" and "organic" both. I used to shop for "kosher" which does not mean it's not polluted with chemicals. Same with "natural," "wholesome," "home-made," that's all ambiguous. You have to be kind of a lawyer to read these American food labels. IMHO, GMO foods cannot possibly be kosher, either, regardless of which Rabbi says they are.

I find I cannot trust restaurants, either, they never tell you what's in anything. If you accept meal invitations at peoples' homes, it's not a bad idea to do what the good doctor does, ask them what's in it. Or BYOF. Each piece of fruit, every vegetable I now buy has a bar coded organic sticker telling me it is no GMO and organic, and I eat fewer foods, but still a wide variety of organic foods. The single most toxic thing we now, as a nation, put into our bodies is dirty water and toxic food. The American movement to label GMO foods has been squashed by Monsonto's lawyers. Monsonto has ruthlessly pursued organic farmers, driving them out of business for no other reason than the wind blew GMO pollen onto their farmland. Monsonto sued Maui County after their voters voted to enforce GMO labeling, virtually telling them they have no free will to decide what they will eat. My state, Oregon, is a leader in organic farming, we also nearly passed a GMO labeling law. GMO labeling is required in other countries. Many countries, most recently Russia have refused USA foods that are not labeled as such. I buy corn flakes from Germany, rice from India and only local organic produce. When my own country allows labeling, then I will buy locally produced foods. Meanwhile, health is more important than convenience. I did not change overnight. It is hard work, and it is a full-time job, a permanent lifestyle change. That is what an advocate models, so she can be effective.

Five star interview, have her on again!

My legal research can be found here it's free to read.
I am also on Tsu at Tsu is a good resource for honest health information. Kevin Hinckle, one of the first "gurus" of Tsu (who would make a great guest on your show!) had over 20,000 followers in a few weeks because of his free honest food advice and his personal before and after photos. He walks his talk. People that do and speak and write truth, our day is coming and now people are starting to pay attention. Your show, again, is pivotal for this movement, so is free speech.

I answer all emails personally. I plug Gaiam whenever I get a chance. Many people still do not know there is GaiamTV.

I do not charge for my services, I consider it part of my ministry. Like Sarah Nash, I am ordained in ULC.

deena.mtrising, posted on June 10, 2014

Another fantastic episode. George Is exquisetly handsome and impeccably dressed. Great host asks the questions we want to know. Thank you George and Gaiam for this visionary work, on the forefront of a hopeful future of possibilities. However just as Dr. Turi states it is in our hands are we going to wake up, take responsibility and create a future that invokes, honors the sacred in all of life and most especially our beautiful mother, Planet Earth. In Light and Love

HeartSmart1, posted on October 17, 2013

Thank you for these great, truthful productions! Its about time we start to make sense of things.

jwb622, posted on August 30, 2013

Dr. Turi is an excellent teacher and speaker. We can learn a great deal about Cosmic Consciousness.. It should be taught in our schools and universisties. Knowledge is power.

Wonderland, posted on August 27, 2013

The uncredited broadcast clip when Dr. Falkov was talking about "Light Emitting Diodes" was from The Moore Show.

abby6, posted on January 13, 2015

thanks very much, i love it when readers notice details like that.

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