The Hidden Story Of Jesus – Part 1 Video
The Hidden Story Of Jesus – Part 1

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The Hidden Story Of Jesus – Part 1 (2007)

Only available in Canada, United States

Renowned theologian Robert Beckford traces the astonishing similarities of the stories surrounding the lives of Jesus and other religious figures, including Horus, Mithras, Krishna and Buddha. He visits India to talk with Hindu and Buddhist leaders about Krishna and Buddha, whose birth stories and teachings match those of Jesus.

Traveling to the UK, Beckford uncovers ancient signs of the Mithraian tradition with practices and beliefs so strongly parallel to Christianity that both sides accused each other of stealing traditions. Ending this segment in Egypt, we learn of Osiris and Horus, leaving an astonished Beckford wondering if this story really is the origin of Jesus’ story.

With an open mind you may begin a process of asking questions that may lead to your own personal enlightenment; which seems to be the intent of all of the religious figures explored in this episode.

Dr. Robert Beckford
David Batty

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JillianC, posted on June 14, 2016

i love this video. I am a Christian who is also a zen buddhist. God has never punished me for learning from Buddha. In fact, God used Buddhism to remove my bad temper

isisdawn9, posted on June 5, 2016

He has done a brilliant job in sharing the truth that all of this wisdom comes from one Divine Source . Though it may seem possible that the Old Egyptian religion influenced Christianity I do not think Jesus borrowed anything for these are eternal truths and part of perennial wisdom that comes to humanity from Age to Age. It is part of a long tradition yet Christianity stands also as an independent revelation too. None of this takes anything away from Jesus or any other great Holy Teacher. This documentary is just beautiful and healing.

katwomantxstyle73, posted on March 31, 2016

He's done a good job presenting everything and presenting the questions to those he is discussing this topic with..... a very well put together in thought and explanation, sharing..... ;) definitely worth the watch...speaking of which...I have part 2 to go view now!

Iadora, posted on December 26, 2015

This was a DELIGHTFUL EYE-OPENER! I love the concept that most of the "religious' leaders exemplified the same lessons! And thus suggesting a UNIFYING PRINCIPLE behind them all! VERRRY, VERRRY GOOD STUFF!!!

isisdawn9, posted on June 5, 2016

Thank you for the comment. It was so well said and lifts the heart. Many blessings, Cynthia

lharcrick, posted on December 26, 2015

This is the second I viewed this film and I like it very much. It is opening up the beginning of a greater understanding of what really happened and who Jesus really was. Eventually, I look forward to the day when the real truth comes out and is told to the masses all over the world. When this happens all wars will end and there will be peace finally among all people everywhere. Then we will understand the truth about Loving our neighbor as thyself and who we as individuals are and why we are here on this earth having an earthly life.
Thank you Gaia for presenting this film to viewers.

lharcrick, posted on November 27, 2015

Very thought-provoking for many deeper thinking people...this requires viewers to become more intuitive to truth

runswithduck, posted on February 10, 2015

It would be great if Gaiamtv would set up series film parts to automatically go to the next part. Or at least have a series button to easily search/click on the part in a series one wants to see [ similar to what Netflix has]. It's frustrating to hunt-and-peck, copy/paste/change part numbers, and sometimes find Gaiamtv erroneously says it can't be found, then with more poking, it can.
How many customers have become too frustrated, and cancelled subscriptions related to this?

darlingautumn, posted on July 23, 2016

I agree, they really need to work on their system....I get very frustrated looking for series parts and finding a way to add to my playlist....I wish I could hit 1 button and add a whole series to my playlist instead of having to add each and every video gets very old.....and what you said about it not finding certain videos is true also.....even under search it does not give you all it have to find back doorsto get what you want....I love Gaia don't get me wrong.....just needs work on accessing

adriennelarson50, posted on December 25, 2014

Very abrupt ending, not a satisfactory conclusion

muchkneaded, posted on December 27, 2014

Perhaps that is why there is a Part 2.

elizabeth.vanrij, posted on September 26, 2014

I felt he belaboured the intolerance of fundamentalist Christians too much....eventually it seemed like verbal filler. I would say narrate "this isn't known by most Christians" once and then move on.

runswithduck, posted on January 20, 2015

Decently presented.
Have Not noticed any repetitive or over-bearing editorializing.
It does contain statements of history and probable events which might be difficult for many types of Fundamentalist-type religious people, including those rooted in 'Dispensationalist' Christian, as well as Non-Christian types, to understand or accept, as some of this content does not, or may not, match the dogmas those folks are indoctrinated with.
The content of this film could offend many Fundamentalists: their reactions, I have witnessed over the last 60+ years, can rapidly surface as anything from mild retaliatory criticism, to violent outbursts of verbiage and/or behaviors. Those reactions are usually firmly rooted in their own fears, taught them by their leaders.
AND there are those also, who might find this informative 'food-for-thought'; however, those have generally reached a point in their own awareness / development where they are ready to learn more than most Fundamentalist Dogmas allow.

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