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Hide Away

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Hide Away (2011)

Only available in Canada, United States

Hide Away follows the story of a successful businessman attempting to resurrect his life. Entering an idyllic harbor as a broken and haunted man, he buys and boards the dilapidated sailboat, Hesperus. Disturbed at night by unsettling dreams of his past, the boat becomes a beacon of hope as he begins his journey back toward redemption.

Watching him from the harbor café are three equally mysterious resident: a waitress with a piercingly watchful eye on the Hesperus; the veteran mariner, a salty, soulful man unable to reconcile his own past; and a newly single father whose boisterous enthusiasm for his newfound freedom contrasts with our young businessman’s deliberate solitude.

As our young businessman descends deeper into the refuge of nature, isolation takes hold and he is forced to confront his troubled past.

Josh Lucas, Ayelet Zuere, Jon Tenney, Casey LaBow, James Cromwell
Chris Eyre

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blissfulle, posted on July 9, 2016

I'd so love it if this ends up viewable worldwide/ here in oz.

I'm shattered the movie that caught my eye in the sign up process isn't an option. :)

newdirection7, posted on February 7, 2016

Sadly Beautiful
Thank YOU!

joannesmith, posted on March 22, 2015

I signed up expecting to be able have full access to ALL movies. I will cancel my membership if this isn't rectified.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on March 22, 2015

@JOANNESMITH - We are so sorry for any confusion. Unfortunately, sometimes we are unable to obtain rights for some videos in certain regions or countries. If you have questions about this or would like to discuss further, please contact our Customer Service department using the 'Support' button above.

DerrallB, posted on March 20, 2015

We're Sorry, But This Content Is Unavailable In Your Region. -

however, I live in Canada and that is a region that is permitted to view the film -- why will it not let me download?

DerrallB, posted on March 23, 2015

update -- looks like the download is now working

dixraile, posted on December 19, 2014

Absolutely amazing movie! I am speechless!

Maidenhair, posted on October 18, 2014

Totally a beautiful poetic film the demands of ones courage to seek his letting go of his past and rebuilding his present affairs in opening new visions and seeking to find his journey in peaceful memories
By rebuilding his broken down sailboat and bringing it back to pristine affects of the way with water he was able to let it go so between doing so his bridge was built of faith and sour-vernier courage of a new man inspired by his workmanship

LINDAB8, posted on October 17, 2014

Its the journey.

Ricagomez816, posted on October 4, 2014

Another movie i cant watch because its only available in the US. I pay the same money to your site. We international clients deserve to be able to watch everything. Be fair please.

esthermoser108, posted on June 10, 2014

So disappointed that almost every film I'd like to watch is not available for European customers. But we pay the same price. Any solutions for that?

eychambers, posted on June 8, 2014

What happened? Is what I wondered as I watched a man descend into near madness from guilt and despair during the first 45 mins of this movie. While some say it was slow, I'd rather use the term methodical. I enjoyed this film. It addresses the painful occurrences of life and what it takes to survive and revive.

cyndykated, posted on June 6, 2014

the same scene over and over...

laina26, posted on June 5, 2014

Not good.... boring and very slow

patcawyer, posted on June 4, 2014

Very nice touching film ! Well done. Caused me to stay up til 2 am .... Best I've seen in a while. I'll think on this one for a while.

katj1962, posted on June 2, 2014

The great traverse...LIFE...it isn't easy, it isn't always pretty, it's about the survivor's journey and finding the way.

primeprine84, posted on June 1, 2014

He never sails?

cathmea321, posted on May 31, 2014

I enjoyed this film. It reminded me of 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior', with Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart.
Sensitive and inspiring.

Christel P, posted on May 30, 2014

Getting through it! Thanks

supernatural9th, posted on September 22, 2016

Highly recommended! The title described aptly what this person wanted to do with himself. I loved the way the movie flowed from beginning to end. The dwelling this person lived in was a perfect fit. I thoroughly enjoyed this film.

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