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High Level Technology
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The Pyramid Code: High Level Technology (2011)

Episode 2
Available worldwide

High Level Technology shows evidence that the ancient Egyptians used sophisticated engineering and high science to construct pyramids and temples. Scientists discuss the source of this power and its applications in the ancient world. Our science is just beginning to grasp what the ancients clearly understood long ago.

Carmen Boulter


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High Level Technology Video
Episode 2 High Level Technology
High Level Technology (2011)
Episode 2
, 44 minutes
High Level Technology shows evidence that the ancient Egyptians used sophisticated engineering and high science to construct pyramids and temples.
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felipephotons, posted on April 30, 2016

Here's the math behind the Russian Pyramid design.
More info and visuals at

φ = “Golden Ratio” = (1+√5)/2 ≈ 1.618034
See Https://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Golden_ratio
w = length of the base of the pyramid
p = height of the pyramid
h = height of the face of the pyramid
θ = pyramid slope angle
For Golden Ratio dimensions set w = 1 and p = φ = (1+√5)/2.

tan θ = p/(w/2)
tan θ = φ/(1/2)
θ = arctan(φ/(1/2))
θ = arctan( ((1+√5)/2) / (1/2))
θ = arctan(1+√5)
θ ≈ 72.827962 degrees

h = (w/2)√(7+2√5) ≈ w*1.693527
w = 2h/√(7+2√5) ≈ h*0.590484
h = p/(sin(arctan(1+√5))) ≈ p*1.046657
w = 2p/(1+√5) ≈ p*0.618034

You can derive the Golden Ratio Pyramid Dimensions by starting with the following general formulas and setting w = 1, p = (1+√5)/2, and θ = arctan(1+√5).
h^2 = (w/2)^2 + p^2
tan θ = p/(w/2)
cos θ = (w/2)/h
sin θ = p/h

teri.mckin, posted on June 3, 2014

I find the theories presented in the series extremely well thought out, informed and realistic. I deeply appreciate all who are willing to leave the comfort of the box and step outside to bring some fresh ideas to subjects such as the pyramids...I just really wish they didn't have that awful music playing constantly I feel it truly distracts and detracts from the wonderful information being presented.

selfquesting, posted on November 16, 2013

Fascinating, well thought out, and brilliantly presented!... Well worth the watch!

I for one am tired of self-proclaimed "authorities" resting on their laurels who argue "at the person," rather than engaging in discussion "on the issue." I'd prefer to hear and discuss the presentations of "experts" offering their facts and experience, as Dr. Boulter and others did here. Those who have the wit, open mind (free spirit), and ability to think for themselves will greatly appreciate this series. The thought is refreshingly "out of the box."

As Arthur Koestler noted, "The path of science is strewn with the bleached skeletons of discarded theories that were once thought to be eternal." The sharing of expertise and vision of those like Dr. Boulter and Abd'el Hakim Aywan allows us to stop rattling skeletons, come to life, and envision new human potentials beyond self-imposed limits of the past.

I especially enjoyed the inclusion of Abd'el Hakim Aywan (as a local expert who played as a boy and grew up among the pyramids). What a rich storehouse of experience he was! It pleased me, as I'm sure it did Hakim and all those involved with the filming, to know his expertise and legacy was shared in this way before his passing shortly after the end of filming.

Thank you Dr. Boulter, GaiamTV, and of course Hakim! -Greg Hitter, PhD

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