Open Minds: Hijacking the Weather with Dane Wigington Video
Hijacking the Weather with Dane Wigington
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Open Minds: Hijacking the Weather with Dane Wigington (January 2014)

Season 4, Episode 3
Available worldwide

Life on earth thrives in a delicate balance of natural forces which maintain the ideal conditions for that life. Mounting evidence reveals that governmental and military geoengineering programs have thrown this balance into disarray. Despite the environmental devastation, our media continues to reassure us that these strange weather patterns are perfectly normal. Leading the charge against geoengineering is Dane Wigington who reveals why our weather is being hijacked and how we can take up the fight to reverse the damage in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast January 21, 2014.

Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy as a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. After noticing a significant drop in solar uptake and a decline in forest health, he began to investigate the cause and found that the problems stemmed from aircraft spraying. Now, he is the lead researcher for Geoengineering Watch and has investigated all levels of geoengineering from chemtrails to HAARP.

Regina Meredith
Dane Wigington


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T Rose, posted on February 8, 2014

I am grateful to have watched this interview. Thanks Regina, you make this difficult subject more palatable. Dane is a courageous and intelligent man bringing this out of the shadows and into the light. It is heartbreaking to see the effects on our kids and the environment. Through my homeschooling community I know several autistic kids. There is speculation of causes of autism from vaccinations and now I see the geoengineering as a contributing factor. Actually this interview is so loaded with information my mind is short circuiting trying to make a comment , it has struck so many chords within me. So I have a deep spirtual connection and I sit in peace and compassion and hear this sad drama. Also I am a mother of boys, a 10 and an 18 year old. In this defensive mama bear space I search for ways to help them adapt to a stressed environment and self care for toxic bodies. One loving step at a time I guess.

eesa, posted on January 29, 2014

Says the US Airforce is 100% involved - she has been screaming about this for three years.
says "If you're willing to die for your country don't be scared now - you can come forward and you can expose this and we can stop it." Let's help her do it.

She is an industrial hygienist.
What you can do about it: Our biggest hurdle is disinformation sites
these are two government shill websites run by Mick West
metabunk and contrailscience -
He is a computer gaming guy with no scientific background. Nice.

Susan Thomas, posted on January 27, 2014


nlitend, posted on January 27, 2014

I live in Maui now for almost 3 yrs. Yesterday it was overcast. I mentioned to several people how the clouds were not typical of cloudy days. My neighbors agreed. My sister who lives in Las Vegas, NV observed a similar, cloudy day there and added that they felt/looked "dirty". This also closely defined what I was experiencing. Yesterday late in the afternoon I noticed just a twinge of a sore throat perhaps. I had some flem or something in my throat. I don't experience this much so it got my attention. I also started feeling funny behind my eyes and my nose was itchy inside. It has been a long time since I have experienced any of these cold type symptoms. This morning I was surprised that I still felt the sore throat. Not a full on sore throat, when I swallow just at where my sinuses are, I feel it. Two neighbors stopped by and shared they are not feeling well with similar symptoms.
We notice this because we don't typically experience this. I have witnessed the chem-trails here on Maui when I lived Upcountry. I currently live in West Maui/Lahaina Town. Anything that happens on East Maui/Haleakala side would not be visible here due to the nature of the mountains and valley and the Trade winds.
Then in my email this morning was my Gaiam TV This Week, this very appropriate program. No accidents, not coincidences. Now, in My Age of Enlightenment, am I to ponder illusion or truth? Having an understanding, albeit complex, that we are All One, that our experiences are manifestations of our thoughts, words and action. Will I add to the complexity of the problem if I share this info with others? And if I do not share what I believe to be absolutely devastating info, some people that might watch my video wouldn't get the info any where else, lets say, and would go one thinking they cannot do anything about their health and other issues that arise from the unknowing exposure to this. I desire to share yet I am perplexed by the illusion/truth/ fear based control of the masses, etc. Any input would be greatly appreciate
Any input here would be greatly appreciated.

peacekeeper, posted on January 29, 2014

Hello, 'nlitend'... Interesting and delightful conundrum you pose to the forum- though i believe you already sense the direction in which to proceed. :) Perhaps "...add[ing] to the complexity of the problem..." by sharing can be a good thing. Since when has complexity not been present in the unveiling of greater truth and its solutions? The nightmare of deliberate chemical spraying and its debilitating health effects are at hand- and so are its emerging remedies, regardless of what we believe relative to "our" thoughts, intentions, manifestations and otherwise. Do we not trust other souls in their full-on experience to respond to disturbing information accordingly- as we have? Through your lens, might they not already be an unwitting part of the collective fabric supporting this nefarious agenda with their respective "manifestations, thoughts. words and action" (as offered)? To chose to not inform others so they too can become aware (and perhaps free) of hidden, unwitting participation would, at the very least, seem disingenuous. In my humble view, speaking to an existing crisis does not perpetuate its reality, for it was here long before you and i even knew about it. Sharing its present reality and ill effects without expectation- in terms of how others will/should respond, not only keeps things clean but fosters freedom and personal discovery for others to move through higher, latent wisdoms. What if in your sharing a sister or brother suddenly discovered a solution that had been long-dormant in their consciousness designed to surface through your exposure? We don't really know nor can we mentally calculate what our actions will usher forth. This is why each of us must learn to connect and trust our deepest heart-instincts which will reveal that they are not ours. In my experience, listening/feeling the intuitive song of the heart is to listen to what created us... and Its precise guidance in every detail of our life. This way we can grow beyond the illusion (per our poets) of steering or 'manifesting' our experience which ends its second-guessing; and get on with following the delightful (Divine) current flowing through every particle of our Being.

nlitend... i pray my rambling holds some perspective of possibility, but i suspect your "perplexed" juices are timely and perfect for deeper introspection. You sound quite capable of discovering the truth flowing through your own divine plumbing. Thank you for the invitation to babble a 'few' words in your direction, my friend. Many blessings.

coalition.eve, posted on January 27, 2014

Defining the agency names on first mention of their acronym would be helpful. Or at least provide a glossary of them in the video summary.

peacekeeper, posted on January 26, 2014

It is these kinds of timely, disturbing videos that are necessary to galvanize humanity. And there will be more, to be sure. As this superb emissary (Dane) clearly conveys, All earthly species are literally on the brink which is forcing us to awaken from the slumber of our limited 3-d, five-sense paradigm- or 'experience.' One would have to be blind (or a paid shill: interloper5) to deny this global orchestration with its sheer brilliance in ruthlessness and agenda. Poisoning EVERY aspect of our eco-life systems (and profiting from its designed, prolonged misery) affirms what many cannot still comes to terms with: That off-planet, nefarious Beings (with their advanced technologies rooted in darkness) are at the helm of this long-planned genocide of the human genome. Chemtrails with their sophisticated bio-warfare and insidious nano-technologies (Morgellons)- steeped in the urgency of potential annihilation, are but another step in expanding our collective consciousness to accept God's greater tutelage with respect to light and darkness- which includes our 3-d fear of death/extinction. If we are truly eternal beings... what is this earthly experience that has us fearing death like mortals? If the gospels of Magdalene, Thomas and Philip, as example, are to be considered, why would each of them offer that in truly seeing this world, one discovers a "corpse"? Even Rumi (and others) appeal to us to not cling to this illusory world-paradigm of death. Of course each of us must move in the manner of our divine perfection, but here is the contemplation: Do we focus on 'saving' this 3-d, 5-sense (illusory) world that sustains our 'mortal' experience? Or do we in the face of necessary(?) annihilation go ever deeper into our relationship with Source- that may not only reveal this earthly, dualistic experience as illusory but which may open the door to our Ultimate nature as Love's experience? Granted, a big bite to chew on... but everything is getting bigger real quick-like... Even logically, is not our path to the Divine Presence going to be filled with never-before-seen phenomena and expanded, unbelievable experience? And how about the sheer "wildness" on this sacred path that our beloved poets speak about? For me the "t"'s have been crossed and "i"'s dotted in this dark, earthly illusion. They can have what is theirs. :)

i for one take great comfort in rumi's words: "Beloveds, the antidote is hidden in the poison." Great interview!

eesa, posted on January 27, 2014

sure and speaking esoterically I can go right along.
but we are not

We are speaking

The fist that swim
the birds that fly
and all creatures in between

As we
in our hubris
choose for all

peacekeeper, posted on January 27, 2014

Thank you 'essa' for your poetic perspective. i know that what is offered through my lens is esoteric and seemingly out of touch with this current reality. But somewhere 'we' (our collective) will likely have to acknowledge that our one 'reality' with its birds, fish and all other creatures (including us) are truly on the brink of extinction. In other words, our five-sense reality is collapsing right before us as nefarious Beings literally spray us like cockroaches. Understandably, a tough message to grasp for the unprepared mind- but this difficulty doesn't stop or negate the truth of the destruction at hand or to be.

There will be those called into action in an attempt to thwart this genocidal menace- and to them, i genuinely salute their efforts, for it reveals what is flowing for them to do in this ever-greater dance of spiritual evolution. And there will be those whose guidance is to deny and blame others to the bitter end- and to them i salute as well. Others will equally be guided in the direction of the esoteric knowledge that gently urges deeper focus into the inner-dance with what has created us. In the view given to me, All three directions cited are precise and necessary; all come from the Beloved even if the little 'g' god powers believe otherwise.

These comments are not to dissuade or encourage any group in any direction; they hold zero agenda. We will each follow the current flowing though our respective plumbing- it cannot be any other way. Perhaps i am called to offer the esoteric because of its timeliness for those who intuit that 'fighting' this menace is what sustains their power in this reality. Mary Magdalene once said, “You cannot destroy the evil inclination but if you bring it into the service of the good it will no longer be evil.” The esoteric is a doorway beyond despair.

Gaiam is a forum for ALL forms of knowledge and possibility... "Carrying water and chopping wood" is but one reality, my gentle friend. :) Blessings as we all journey as we must.

eesa, posted on January 25, 2014

and here are all the links that you all are asking for from the video and yes, we need to hammer this. totally.

flyers on geoengineering for those to share
get them from his main site here:

monsanto aluminum resistant seed patents

Sky der alert site:

look up dvd

youtube video
the most important topic of our time

that is all of them so far that I have tracked by watching.

If everyone who watches this vid can do that we can maybe
stop this planet from becoming the next MARS. Do you hear me? Hope the hell you do.


eesa, posted on January 25, 2014

I don't know if I can bring myself to watch this video tonight - I may start and see how it goes. But I know about chemtrails and see them often. Happily not as often as I did when living in CA.

What you can do for your plants, trees and gardens is to lay down copious amounts of rock dust and biochar. Especially coconut shell activated charcoal. It is the best for trapping and filtering air and vapor borne toxins, chemicals and metals.

They sell a special blend for gardening at buyactivatedcharcoal dot com that is very good. I have absolutely no relationship to them, other than as a customer; they just happen to have this biogreen stuff I think it's their own creation.

They are very Christian but they know their stuff on charcoal that is for certain. It is the most powerful adsorbant there is for toxins like radiation, toxic chemicals, drugs and mercury, and a boatload more - I'd post the whole list but if you want to find it you will - it's long. Cooney has it in his book, I think, and it's in RX Charcoal also.

You can also use food grade coconut shell activated charcoal/carbon as an internal cleanse.

Get the book Charcoal (yes that is the name of the book and the web site) I think they are also the ones who run the buyactivatedcharcoal site. It's sort of become their personal ministry I think, from the looks of it. I do not know if they have any clue on chemtrails. Doesn't matter.

Taking it internally will detoxify your body. In the garden it will do the same thing for the plants - bury it in the soil - get the granular type - you can also make your own charcoal for the garden if you like. that works too, not as effective as CSAC though.

Did you know CSAC is what they use when they build nuclear reactors? giant beds of it - many many tons - and then they put the reactor in the middle of it. they filter the radioactive isotopes through it so they do not get released into the air.

Put it in your water - then drink the water through a straw and keep refilling it - (your activated carbon water filter - is doing the same thing too, but it's probably made from cheap coal and not coconut shells which is superior.)

When you put it in the garden then your plants can also get clean water to drink, see?

I don't know how to get it out of the air we breathe out of doors, and I am not going to stop going outside - I basically live outside every minute I can, but I am also doing whatever I can to protect myself, my farm and my animals. Put the charcoal in the animal feed and spread it around their bedding - it cannot hurt them. It also eliminates odors - nice side benefit.Put it in their water supply too.

I suppose we could all wear activated charcoal masks like they do at the hazmat sites but I cannot imagine doing this every day or even at all really :( -

We have to figure out how to get this to stop; but we also have to stay strong and keep our hearts open.

I do not know how Regina does it honestly - so many things she looks at that are so hard to look at without getting really down and depressed. I've learned I have to be very careful looking out at the world too much or I lose myself into a downward spiral of despair that serves nothing and no one.

The rockdust will give the plants the nutrients they need so they do not take up the toxins. This is actually already proven from what happened at Chernobyl - the info is posted here:

Animals grazing on rockdust treated pastures had clean milk and dairy products - the only ones testing clean in all of Austria at the time - and the only ones allowed to sell their milk and cheeses.

Why isn't everyone talking about this? I don't know. I am.

Zeolite is what they used to more or less bury the reactors at Chernobyl but the scientists there are now saying Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal/Carbon would have done even better - and a mix would have been best of all. You can do all of this yourself. It's easy, actually. I buy zeolite from the guys out in the mid west who mine it and put it in the soils all around. Buy a different kind for an internal cleanse. It works great.

bamboo_water, posted on January 24, 2014

I have been a member for a month. Many of your videos mention other videos, other web sites, other organizations/people of interest. You often flash these on the screen as the current video is playing. That is good,but this would be much more effective: Please, in the Synopsis for the viideo, provide All of these links/references in one convenient place in that Synopsis. In addition, as is the case for this video, please provide the suggested steps for individual action.

GaiamTV provides an excellent service amongst a sea of drivel!

interloper5, posted on January 24, 2014

All these Jets flying around have minute amounts of heavy metals that come from their jet turbines just from normal wear. I don't know if any of you have seen those flight path maps but thousands of planes are flying over the USA at any given moment. so we have a constant rain of jet fuel and tiny metal particles from the jets. also just from the friction of the air molecules, tiny bits of the fuselage aluminum skin comes off also. I think the biggest danger is the constant rain of toxic jet fuel. because its does not burn up completely in fact many jets spray the fuel directly into the turbines.

siouxtravel, posted on January 24, 2014

Are you serous? I don't even know why I respond to your comment.

interloper5, posted on January 25, 2014

because you know I am right but you refuse to open your tiny brain

cm, posted on January 23, 2014

So WHO is doing this, and WHY? North american military (others too across the world?). All to keep up with the Jones cause they have weather manipulation too? Gawd the military (those who are conscious of what they are doing) are total idiots killing themselves and anybody they care about, let alone the rest of us. Or, who else does it benefit to have our planet acidified? (ET agenda who likes it acidic?). Not an easy subject to integrate. But I'm glad Gaiam getting this info out.

interloper5, posted on January 24, 2014

So they don't care who they kill, they are living in oxygen chambers safe from it all!

sharymerman, posted on January 23, 2014

My therapist, and neurologist think I am crazy when I bring up Chemtrails.
How can I get them to open up their minds ?
The last 4 years my mind isn't the way it use to be.
All I am doing is spending time outside gardening, walking dogs and living in Minnesota shoveling snow.
My tomato plants were pathetic and I only gave them rain water I collected. Big mistake.
I need to get the word out.
How can I email this to everyone?
I am a loyal member but when I tell people you have to sign up, they loose interest.
You can't really sell chemtrails.
My brother warned me about chemtrails 5 years ago and the whole family thought he was crazy.
Does anyone have a way to spread the word?
This video sums it up and I stopped in the middle of it to comment.
Now back to the hard part on Morgellons Disease.
Thank you Regina for opening up my mind and giving me information to share.

mwp280se35, posted on January 23, 2014

I thought I had a handle on the topic as I've been aware of chemtrails for at least a decade. But it's even worse than I thought.

For ourselves we can attempt to grow food indoors. Spend minimal time outside on heavy spray days. Also no cardio exercises outdoors on those days. Learn how to remove heavy metal elements from our bodies through diet, nutrition and supplements. Meditation/prayer/introspection are essential. Turn off the TV, better still, ignore main stream media altogether. Becoming self employed gives us greater control over time management and less vulnerability in the workplace.

Follow the web links provided at the end of the interview and USE them but don't pontificate.

Those who aren't strangers to discussions of possible extraterrestrial involvement have to wonder whether the power elite are being blackmailed by off planet influences or if their psychopathic behavior is a desperate game of winning at all costs.

Regarding zz7761, I see this as latent (misplaced) anger. Our feeling of defenselessness to the problem makes use rage at surrogate "problems" so we end up barking at the moon, so to speak.

Brenbesser, posted on January 23, 2014

Regina and Dane, thank you both for the work you do.

I have lot's of questions. I watched this interview. I'm familiar with Dane from the documentary "What In The World Are They Spraying." I followed this by watching the documentary linked from Dane's web site "Look Up" by I've seen all the other documentaries, and read lots on the internet about the matter.

I've been paying attention to the spraying since 2011 when I made a friend at a qigong conference who was well versed in what's going on. I see the spraying going on over South Florida where I live, and in all the places I have visited, Atlanta, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York. There's no question it's happening. There's no question what I'm seeing is not condensation vapor from jet engines known as contrails. I see contrails occasionally, but I see chemtrails much more often, and the difference between contrails and chemtrails is obvious.

What are the motivations of the people running this spraying program, assuming they are "people." Have they seen the future? Do they know something about the climate that's inevitable? Do they have a way off the planet to survive the disaster that the spraying will eventually cause?

If the spraying is geoengineering and it has been going on for decades, the implication is that climate change is not from greenhouse gases released from burning petroleum. If the spraying, as described by Dane, helps in the short run but makes it worse in the long run, then if we succeed in stopping the spraying, will the planet rebound, or will the problem that the spraying is masking come to the fore more quickly?

Maybe, for me not knowing the answers to who, what, and why the spraying is happening, my imagination is running wild, and I imagine the worst. But not knowing, it's hard for me to imagine anything good about this.

Is the spraying making me sick? Should I exercise outside? Should I go outside at all? Does it make a difference if I stay inside? The air, the water, and the food are being polluted by chemtrails, by fracking, by industrial food production, and by other polluters. Why should I bother to recover, maintain, or improve my health, when it is under attack from so many directions.

If the rising oceans will soon flood my low lying home in Florida, I wonder if any of my hopes and dreams matter. It's all very demoralizing. Is spreading demoralization their objective?

It seems like all I can do is meditate and pray and prepare my light body for what's to come. I would love to hear something uplifting on this subject. I would love to have some thoughts on the matter from which I could feel better.

dasca222, posted on January 22, 2014

Firstly, I have to comment on zz7761s verbal do not address the topic discussed, but instead decide to weigh in by attacking Regina's style, rather than content. Clearly a very superficial act on your part. Something you seem to attempt to project onto Regina.
Now to the subject. Thanks for addressing this topic. It is amazing how few people know about this. Even more amazing, how many people refuse to acknowledge what they see with their own eyes when i show them. This refusal is almost more startling to me than the continued purposeful destruction of life on this planet. I will carry on dealing with reality rather than with the make-believe world a large portion of the population seems to live in. I hope that by peacefully marching on, I will be able to change minds in time.

chandira2012, posted on January 22, 2014

What an eye opener! Never knew about this!
We all need to wake up and the solution to these are not coming from the top level or the cabal. It has to come from the mighty grass-root level. Let the revolution begin!

zz7761, posted on January 22, 2014

How this woman can smile and snicker thru an interview of this importance and gravity is beyond me. Shame on her.

lauraburnell2681, posted on January 22, 2014

you're an idiot. She is very professional, always has been, and addresses a very serious topic in a positive way

56wings, posted on January 21, 2014

I've been following this topic for a couple of years now; It IS difficult to process, because there are so many aspects pertaining to the subject that often obscure the point. Dane is right- it is urgent that the secret program of geoengineering be brought into the light. It still astounds me that so few people are even aware of this issue, and I've found that even when their eyes are opened to it, it takes some time before the truth of it can be fully acknowledged, though the daily white-out of our skies serve as a constant reminder. The unabashed denial by our government officials is breath-taking. And where are the Bill Mckibbens's on this issue?? Radio silence. I am ordering flyers to post and distribute today. Thank you Dane Wiggington for all you have done and thank you Regina for this very important interview.

goldensun.leann, posted on January 21, 2014

The trees are suffering and producing toxic pollens here in Texas. Clouds of pollen, thick like smoke rising, are being produced as never before, in their own attempt to survive. If the trees and plants are the lungs of the planet and they are dying and contributing to a more toxic atmosphere ~ we have to be a very adaptable species. Then to see the streams behind the jets filling the skies ~ it is a wonder anything or anyone can breathe. This beautiful, living planet needs our attention before it can no longer support life and shakes us off like fleas. it is important to note that even those who are creating these extremes are also being affected. We can only hope that there is an attack of conscience in all of their lives and they fall awake to the absurdity of this plan. There are so many distractions everywhere that it's hard to notice the truth. Thanks for shedding some light on a very hidden agenda ~ right in front of our eyes!

bren.hudson, posted on January 21, 2014

I really don't know how to process this information. I know its true, I live in LA and see the trails all the time. And, I feel the effects. People do think I'm crazy when I talk about it. I can transform through great darkness, but this is almost too much to handle. As Dane said, "there is no where to hide." Ah, but there is one place we've all been hiding and that is in the illusion of normalcy they have been trying to create for over 50 years.

Denial is a very powerful survival mechanism; and I can feel my ego grasping for it now.

skylajane, posted on January 21, 2014

I knew a bit about chemtrails but nothing close to what you've exposed. I will be spreading the word to my small network. More on what can be done or what people are doing would also be useful. This is the kind of information that can leave people feeling helpless. And the question I kept asking during this interview: Don't the perpetrators have families?

Maidenhair, posted on January 21, 2014

Meredith you blew my socks off with Dane Wigington his information will be on alert with me and as many as we can pass this vital information to the public
So knowing in the past several months looking above we have noticed the skies being streaked with garbage coming from planes above ~ this will take a strong hold as soon as it hits the stands openly and honestly without negative outbreaks of ones whom do not want to see the truth but this is SEEING IS BELIEVING ~ surely the bunkers that have been noted will only be as safe as they look ~ Anything since the beginning of time on this Planet has been What goes around comes around and for the negativity that follows this Hijacking is only going to go exactly back to the ones who put it there we all know this cannot be overlooked ~ This Planet has more to meet the eyes and nothing will seem to be as it is! for the affects can and positively be reverse exactly back to where it came from ~ we are more protected within a higher Universe of spiritual thought than noted on Air and we believe this may be the beginning of our New Planet as the LIGHT travels with all LOVE..Thanks Meredith

jeanner, posted on January 21, 2014

It is absolutely frightening but what can we do as individuals? Will this not also kill the families of those who are creating it?

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