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Honeyboy (2002)

Only available in Canada, United States

Legendary blues musician David “Honeyboy” Edwards was a last living embodiment of the delta blues and an American original. Born on a plantation in 1915, Honeyboy Edwards played the blues for some 80 years until his death in 2011. He played with such legends as Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Tommy Johnson, and Johnny Shines, and was with Robert Johnson the night he died.

He lived the life he sings about, hopping trains, gambling, rambling, singing on the street corners of Memphis and Chicago. With humor, humility, and joy, he tells his story in his own words and songs, along with interviews with those who knew him, such as B. B. King. Journey into the heart of the delta blues with Honeyboy.

David "Honeyboy" Edwards, B. B. King
Scott Taradash

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discreetvet, posted on June 11, 2015

This is a phenomenol and beautiful film on so many levels I don't even know where to begin!
Cut right from the gut, and with no holds barred, it is filled with pathos and soul. I haven't in my
lifetime, seen a film better define "The Blues". For myself personally, it was a non-stop aurgiastic
pleasure-fest of orgasmic aural delights spoonfed and spooned full!!!

Having said all that, it was also a bittersweet tale. So honest! in it's representation
of a blues's drifter's lifestyle that included drinking, cheating, gambling, sleeping around and such;
that Honeyboy's proclivities could be fairly described as immoral, and therein lies the pathos; a life-
style begging for karmic reccompence...and thus...birth of the blues. I guess it's true what they say,
at least to Honeyboy's way of thinking. To sing the blues you got to live them too.

I see it also as a cautionary tale. You reap just what you sow... and isn't it true that there is a
little bit of Honeyboy in all of us. As a blues lover and player myself, I will be watching this film
again, not only to experience and feel the raw emotion and glissandos of Honeyboy's playing
(and rip a few licks)....
But I will also be watching it again from a spiritual mindset and take note of the lesson's it teaches.
5 Stars all the way. A magnificent film!

Maidenhair, posted on December 28, 2013

Excellent better than what I thought it could ever be but as Ole Blues Guitarist had what it took to make music come out of the woodwork regardless of Age!
Honeyboy put the Blues on the Map..

jmikel, posted on August 31, 2011

my favorite a great film about blues in America

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