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The Houdini Code

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The Houdini Code (2007)

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Harry Houdini was not just a world famous magician and escape artist, he was also known for exposing fraudulent mediums. After his death, Bess Houdini announced that she received a message from her late husband that through a psychic medium. She later recanted and speculation rose if she was just another innocent victim of a spiritualist hoax. Now a century later the memory of what may have been Houdini’s greatest trick has all but disappeared. We look into what really happened and how this extraordinary story still captures our intrigue.

Donna Zuckerbrot

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katwomantxstyle73, posted on March 26, 2016

I recently watched the Houdini movie with Adrien Brody and that was a great little mini-series but they ended it with captions that Bess claimed to never have heard from Houdini again....yet here is a documentary that tells a little different story.... and one that definitely seems would have been a good add-in for the movie too..but then again..... those who are looking are looking for their view of it..... so I am glad that I got to see this one too...just a good rounded add-in to seeing a picture of a man who did his own searching and in some way, we continue as well watching others' stories as they are remembered.

joxyjules, posted on June 12, 2014

many things I didn't know about the man, this seemed to be a very factual and unbiased look at the many dilemma's he had to face in his life. He left an amazing legacy.

zekewheelie, posted on March 6, 2014

Yet, I have witnessed departed ones coming thru to comfort those on this side. Like King Saul of old who tried to contact Samuel the prophet thru conjuring I do believe this is horrible thing to do as why would anyone want to come back from their reward and resting place. Many times I have met people who have wanted to meet their loved ones again and to merely say they are done and gone forever is also a grave mistake. No bun intended. What would Houdoni say, "Maybe life is a mystery and should remain that way but Love is eternal and can never be put out!"

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