Secrets to Health: How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs Video
How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs
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Secrets to Health: How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs (September 2013)

Season 1, Episode 1
Available worldwide

Eating organic is all the rage – but it’s more than just a fad, it’s a way of self-preservation. In this inaugural episode of Secrets to Health, health experts Dr. Ed Group DC and Mike Adams explain what GMOs are, and how their altered structure is toxic to the human body. They’ll share the most common GMO products on the market today, how to recognize them, and how to avoid them.

Dr. Ed Group DC, Mike Adams


How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs Video
Season 1, Episode 1 How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs
How to Recognize and Avoid GMOs (September 2013)
Season 1, Episode 1
, 32 minutes
In this inaugural episode of Secrets to Health, health experts Dr. Ed Group DC and Mike Adams explain what GMOs are, and how their altered structure is toxic to the human body.
Available worldwide
Fake Foods Exposed Video
Season 1, Episode 2 Fake Foods Exposed
Fake Foods Exposed (October 2, 2013)
Season 1, Episode 2
, 33 minutes
Just what's in your morning blueberry bagel? You may not want to know.
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Toxic Beverages Exposed Video
Season 1, Episode 3 Toxic Beverages Exposed
Toxic Beverages Exposed (October 2013)
Season 1, Episode 3
, 30 minutes
Soda, milk, energy drinks and tap water are all staples of the American diet. Unfortunately, they’re also toxic to the human body.
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Exposing Household Radiation Video
Season 1, Episode 4 Exposing Household Radiation
Exposing Household Radiation (October 2013)
Season 1, Episode 4
, 30 minutes
We’re exposed to electromagnetic fields and radiation on a daily basis, and we may not even know it – but the effects can be dire and long-lasting.
Available worldwide

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sramosbr, posted on June 17, 2016

If the USDA and FDA are in bed with companies like Monsanto, are USDA labels claiming to be organic and non GMO not safe??

consciousmatrix, posted on May 1, 2016

I love Mike Adams, but he usually does not talk like he is trying to "Act" Both he and Group need to lower their voices and just "talk" I can only hope their on stage presence will improve as time goes on.

hill_dominique, posted on March 13, 2014

It is not enough! in my opinion, that you mention,"a recent study shows", or, "we know", or "it's a fact", or "we have proven" or ANYTHING like that without giving me the DATA to "back it up"!!!! At this rate i should take Fox News word for health !!!! HOW CAN I ASSUME YOU ARE CORRECT IF YOU FAIL UTTERLY, FAIL TO MENTION A SINGLE REFERENCE (ie name of scientist, year of publish, country of publish etc)! I cannot go and tell Any One, Anything You Say, Because, and only because, I CAN"T EVEN FIND IT! USING GOOGLE SCHOLAR!! NOTHING I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING RELATED TO CHILDREN SWITCHING TO AN ORGANIC DIET AND BEING RELIEVED OF SYMPTOMS OF ANY KIND! PLEASE PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO UPLOAD THE LINKS IN THE DESCRIPTION SO I CAN VERIFY WHAT YOUR SAYING OR AT LEAST FIND A SIMILAR STUDY ON MY OWN! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TIME AND ENERGY!!!!!

consciousmatrix, posted on May 1, 2016

I guess the two of them have forgotten that not everyone has followed them for years like I have. Not everyone has read the 1000's of documents on each of their sites that give the sources of their information and where they get their educated "opinions." They really need to work on that. Mike Adams has built his own Million Dollar Food Forensic Lab and has been in the investigative health research for a very long time and you can find many sourced documents on his website
I have only recently started paying attention to Dr Group, I cannot comment on his acumen.

You will find 1000's of websites and documents and videos discussing the research and giving the sources for children being relieved of many problems once going on an organic NON-GMO diet.

Maybe your annoyance and anger would not be so apparent (or so it seems) if you changed your diet as well.

lightenup1985, posted on February 12, 2014

I watch these videos with my 4 & 5 year old and they love them so much because they can understand it through the little science experiment they do! My 5yr old said "eeewww mommy they put poop in our food!" In fact, I beg you to please do videos more often if possible because they ask me every night for a new one and I've already gone through them all :(
Thanks again!

Chicago Illinois

destinistudio, posted on January 27, 2014

Have sent these videos to my children hoping it will change the way they look at all the processed food they buy. Thank-you and please keep up the good work!

turtlebunny4, posted on December 8, 2013

Been reading all the comments on the show, but I can't get it started and don't know what i've done wrong. Is starting to piss me off.

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on December 10, 2013

I let our customer service department know you were having trouble viewing the site. Someone should be in touch shortly or you can contact them yourself at 1-866-284-8058. Or visit to live chat or send a direct email. Many thanks!

Clover, posted on November 19, 2013

I think this show has the best information out there to date. I highly recommend this show to anyone that needs to find the latest health tips all in one place. It's condensed into this series, in a concise, well researched way. I found most of these truths on my own, with a ton of research, but for someone that wants to be informed in a straight forward way, this is the first and last place to find the best information on these topics. Well done!

Satsy, posted on November 6, 2013

Stop laughing so much while telling the people this.

sylgr84, posted on October 25, 2013

Waw! That video is so powerfull in the sens it may have change the food habit of 90% of those who watch it!
I'm new to this show and i really really love it! Looking forward for the next episodes!

akash2501, posted on October 20, 2013

I am surprised that you guys are promoting eating organic corn cereal. I remember reading an article on Weston A Price that when cereal (even organic) is going through the extrusion process, the high amounts of heat and pressure turn the protein toxic and destroy most vitamins in it. Not only that, even organic corn has anti-nutrients that must be removed or they can cause problem. In order to get rid of them even from organic corn, you have to soak the corn and I dont think that even the organic company you mentioned is doing that. Please send me a reply.

jlp317, posted on October 5, 2013

I wish they would show this video to the main stream, it is really scary what we are doing in this world. Thank you so much for educating the seekers:)

taoss, posted on October 3, 2013

Good show! All those who are approving and pushing GMO's are involved in a major conflict of interest. Corporations preach to their employees to avoid conflicts of interest at all cost. They can lose contracts when these exist, i.e., Money. However, when it comes to chemical companies like Monsanto, that are running the government (or at least influencing it dramatically), conflict of interests are okay.....according to them but not according to law.

Keep up the great work!

Rosemary, posted on September 29, 2013

might benefit from some voice modulation

ksookma, posted on September 28, 2013

I've followed for years, I know Mika Adams. He also hosts sometimes for the Alex Jones Show. I must say, this show has a very strange platform - kind of weird really with all the blue screening.

chieromancer, posted on September 27, 2013

Per Wikipedia: "From 1950 to 1980, DDT was extensively used in agriculture – more than 40,000 tonnes were used each year worldwide[10] – and it has been estimated that a total of 1.8 million tonnes have been produced globally since the 1940s.[1] In the U.S., where it was manufactured by some 15 companies including Monsanto,[11] Ciba,[12] Montrose Chemical Company, Pennwalt[13] and Velsicol Chemical Corporation,[14] production peaked in 1963 at 82,000 tonnes per year.[4] More than 600,000 tonnes (1.35 billion lbs) were applied in the U.S. before the 1972 ban. Usage peaked in 1959 at about 36,000 tonnes.[15]

In 2009, 3314 tonnes were produced for the control of malaria and visceral leishmaniasis. India is the only country still manufacturing DDT, with China having ceased production in 2007.[16] India is the largest consumer.[17]"

I have heard Mexico still uses DDT. A lot of our produce comes from there. I avoid them, when I can.

And I don't think thousands of Indian farmers have committed suicide. I know there is a documentary, "Seeds of Change I think it's called. I didn't see all of it, but the number sounds high. Not defending Monsanto, but I have a problem with hyperbole.

brooksey80, posted on July 30, 2015

I have been very familiar with this issue for well over a decade.

Good job Mike & Ed!

brooksey80, posted on September 26, 2013

fun, and very entertaining!
good show.

Satsy, posted on November 6, 2013

What? Do you get it?

pete_didy, posted on September 26, 2013

I just had that Natures Path Cereal. I look forward to future episodes!, thank you GAIAMTV.

Missilayda, posted on September 26, 2013

I'm impressed with the cut throat hard facts and the delivery. The saddest part about GMO's are the parents, they really don't know, and might go for the label that says "all natural" thinking they are making the right decision, but in essence they are letting the marketing make the choice for them. Then will end up spending thousands of dollars on themselves and their children on medical bills and medications because they are sick, and left wondering why. The education just isn't there, the mom's and dad's just don't know. Keep up the great work, really looking forward to one on Fluoride!

Melody W, posted on September 25, 2013

Good for you guys for airing this show! Everyone needs to know this information and I will be sharing this with everyone who cares to listen. This is such an important topic. Thank you GAIAM for hosting them. You've got some good karma credit for this!

fkjuice, posted on September 25, 2013

This show needs to be an hour! Half hour's not going to cut it, these two could easily fill an hour with their extensive knowledge. Miss Healing Matrix but am happy to see these two filling it's shoes. Keep up the great shows Gaiam.

Stevejl, posted on September 25, 2013

I found the show to be very informitive. Both hosts did a great job when analyzing the ingredients and their effects on the digestive system. I already knew about GMO and its effects on us and the environment. After watching the show, I learned more key details to protect myself from GMO and educate others.

barbarallera, posted on September 25, 2013

this should be showed on main channels...

Melody W, posted on September 25, 2013

I agree!

dogen9, posted on September 25, 2013

Two great informed hosts with years of experience equals one super new show, thanks Gaiam TV for giving your subscribers such good information. This new programming gives me hope that Honesty and Truth will someday
soon prevail over manipulation and greed.

Trey.Little, posted on September 25, 2013

The first 10 minutes of this video alone are enough to scare young parents into making consumer choices that demand a shift in the entire food supply to non gmo/non toxic

motherearth, posted on September 25, 2013

If you want a great explanation about GMO this is the show to watch. It will explain what GMO's do to organisms and how it has infiltrate our food system and the results of consuming them. They briefly talked about how to avoid GMO's and what to look for on package foods.

truemagick, posted on September 25, 2013

Wow!!!! Awesome program!!! 31 minutes packed with such important information. Thank you Dr. Ed & Mike

HealthRanger, posted on September 25, 2013

Thank you all for your kind comments. This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. We are gearing up to film four more episodes in the coming week, covering topics like radiation protection, smoothie recipes, fluoride protection and more.

We'll keep checking your comments for suggestions. Which topics would you like us to cover in the future? Please let us know here. :-)

joeborowskymusic, posted on September 25, 2013

Excited to hear more. With 2 little ones myself I want the best health for them and this show may turn me in that direction!

AriaAmandaKreuz, posted on September 25, 2013

Loved this episode and I can tell it's going to be a great show!

tanja_grace, posted on September 25, 2013

Please make an episode for detoxing GMO from the body soon!!!

Poopsy, posted on September 25, 2013

Great presentation and I also agree with lwcomer about toning down your voices!;-) Other than that a great new promising show.

jeaninemack, posted on September 25, 2013

Thank you ever so much for this genuinely useful material. I will be looking forward to future episodes:)

lwcomer, posted on September 25, 2013

These guys have good information, but I can't take their excited "yelling".

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