Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime Video
Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime

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Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime (1988)

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The saga of Harry Hoxsey is often called “the wildest story in medical history” and could have been written by Mark Twain.

In 1924, Harry Hoxsey claimed a cure for cancer, herbal remedies discovered by his great-grandfather. Thousands of patients swore the treatment cured them, but medical authorities branded Hoxsey the worst cancer quack of the 20th century and he was arrested more times than any other man in medical history.

By the 1950s, Hoxsey’s Texas clinic was the largest private cancer center in the word with branches in 17 states. Two federal courts upheld the therapeutic value of the treatment. Even his arch-nemesis, the AMA, admitted his treatment was effective against some forms of cancer. Although Hoxsey won almost all the battles, finally he lost the war and moved the clinic to Tijuana, Mexico, where it continues to claim an 80% success rate today.

The film exposes the overall failure of the War on Cancer, while revealing how yesterday's "unorthodox" treatments are emerging as tomorrow's medicine. It probes other promising unconventional cancer treatments that have also been condemned without investigation, delving deeply into the powerful economic forces behind this suppression.

Ken Ausubel

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beaum07, posted on May 12, 2014

Really great information, I like the history of this medical corruption. I also liked the opposing viewpoints. Guess this was made long enough ago that these doctors would actually lie to us on camera with straight faces. Glad that this is coming out. Thank you Gaiam.

eesa, posted on May 10, 2014

Totally still stand by my first comment but just cannot subject myself to watching this film and how they implemented their destruction fo healing. It is remarkable to me, indeed that this film was made long enough ago that if I'd been able to see it when it was produced my parents might not have had to endure the torturous deaths they did at the hands of 'modern medicine'. Really heartbreaking. They could both be alive today. But they 'believed' in their 'doctors'. So sad. So pathetic.

eesa, posted on May 10, 2014

Perhaps if we can destroy the reputations of these AMA bad actors and their present day heretics who perpetuate their mythological cancer treatments we could begin to show the people of this world that cancer is not to be feared and that all these chemicals and pesticides and poisons being liberally injected into our environment are not 'helping us' but killing all of life and then we could turn this world around. Exhilerating and depressing all at once to see this film and realize it has been out since before my youngest child, who is now 25 was born. EGADS. God Help Us.

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