Human Origins Summit with Regina Meredith Part 1 Video
Human Origins Summit with Regina Meredith Part 1

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Human Origins Summit with Regina Meredith Part 1 (December 2013)

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A panel of experts has gathered to explore the origin of humankind. Each of them is an expert in their respective fields and brings their own understanding of how humans came to be. Though some of their views may differ, what they agree upon is profound in respect to the true nature of humanity. It seems that human beings are not just mechanistic animals with the sole purpose of consumption. Rather, we come from something greater and many are just awakening to their true creative potential.

In order to grasp the complexity of what it means to be human, we must first understand the multiple layers of density and dimensions that make up the realms of our existence. This leads to the notion that nonphysical entities moved through increasingly lower levels of density in order to merge with the physical human form. We will also examine why we exist in a universe that is perfectly suited to support life. Was all of this an accident, or a carefully executed plan?

What you learn from this panel discussion may well change you view on what it means to be human and the true limits of our creative potential.

Regina Meredith
Michael Cremo, Patrick Flanagan, Joan Walker, Paul Laviolette, Bill Tiller, Jim Self

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bluemaskedwarrior, posted on April 2, 2016

Wow this is amazing information!

mauionecreations, posted on October 5, 2014

Lots of EGO in this panel. With the exception of Patrick Flanagan, by far the less dense of the group, absolutely brilliant man and what drew me to watch this. Joan Walker is pretty awesome as well. Other than that, lots of blah blah blah, people needing to claim the
truth of "MY" ideas, "MY" thoughts which were not unique or particularly interesting, but very headsy and overly intellectual with a very "personal viewpoint" vibe and a need to be heard. Sometimes honest awareness of others is important, and hopefully it helps them see themselves clearer, Jim Self in particularly.

If anyone wants to check out Flanagans latest amazing invention, go to

zz7761, posted on May 12, 2014

When this show was half over there were 2 guests that hadn't even spoke yet but Regina had logged over 10 minutes of jaw time. She needs a show like Wisdom Teachings where she just stands in front of the camera and talks because she lacks the self discipline to be a good host. Great panel of guests though.

sean.garrison, posted on January 23, 2014

Im familiar with Tiller, Self and Flanagan which attracted me. It was good hearing Michael Cremo, Joan Walker and Paul Laviolette in this mix as well. This is like reading books on the same subject that no author is in complete agreement, but that helps me compile the data in my own way to be more expanded in my vision.

I was at a seminar where once and my hero giving it fell asleep too. Right on Patrick! I have a little Crystal Energy left if you need some.

skylajane, posted on January 19, 2014

I really appreciate the opportunity to listen in on such an enlightening and uplifting conversation. Truly superb. The comic relief was fun, too.

eventdallas, posted on January 11, 2014

him snoring and other dude giving him the eye. I love Flanagan, the reincarnation of tesla!

heatrae, posted on January 12, 2014

I love how the guy almost fell out of his chair, then someone off stage shakes him awake. The look on his face was priceless.

eventdallas, posted on January 11, 2014

him snoring and other dude giving him the eye. I love Flanagan, the reincarnation of tesla!

jennifer horan, posted on January 10, 2014

Please produce more of these types of panel discussions! Wonderful speakers on this panel. And, as usual, Regina Meredith is the perfect facilitator for these gatherings.

debilg, posted on January 8, 2014

I loved this, it leaves you wanting more, hope to see this discussion go even deeper!

rosaluna, posted on January 8, 2014

To see and hear so many unique voices aiming for co-creative collaboration with the intent to harness the energy of the masters has been an outstanding opportunity. We will certainly look forward to more of this conversation in the future as Regina takes us into some further explorations of these topics. Thank you for hosting and being bold enough to ask the questions we have all been longing to have answered. You have enlightened us all.

snowman107, posted on January 5, 2014

Awesome... Thank you all!!!

Lolk, posted on January 5, 2014

Gratitude, appreciation and joy that I could view this. Thank you, Everyone.

Lolk, posted on January 5, 2014

Gratitude, appreciation and joy that I could view this. Thank you, Everyone.

Clight, posted on January 4, 2014

I knew it was in the works so I can't believe I missed it's introduction. I'm so pleased that it is now available! Thanks Regina, I appreciate all that you do - as well as all your panel members whom I follow as well! I just love the new information in science and other that is becoming available. Thanks Gaiam for making this available.

dragonwchimes, posted on January 4, 2014

LUVED this, many of my favourite people all under one roof, amazing! Thank-you!

brightnewday, posted on January 3, 2014

This was exquisite---Metatron has a beautiful way of conveying the value of individual expression within the unity of all that is. All the participants were extremely eloquent in expressing the most abstract and yet real concepts of dimensionality. This was a marvelous presentation, and as always ring Regina Meredith was an excellent contributor to this discussion from her own expanded consciousness experiences. This is the kind of programming I could listen to all day, and I hope that you will bring us all the panels from this Summit. I am a great admirer of GAiAMTV. Gloria Orenstein, Emerita, USC.

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