Hurry Up, and Slow Down: Extended Version Video
Hurry Up, and Slow Down: Extended Version

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Hurry Up, and Slow Down: Extended Version

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This is an extended version of Marla's Hurry Up, and Slow Down restorative class, where we take more time to sink into the poses. Perfect for those suffering from insomnia or feeling stuck in 'stress mode' in their nervous system with a mind that won't turn off. Great if you are feeling tight from working out or running, as well as for anyone with limited mobility due to aches, pains, or injury.


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NicoleUrdang, posted on November 4, 2015

A classic, in my opinion, and one I come back to whenever I feel depleted.
Also a wonderful adjunct to Dina Amsterdam's Immunity boost practice.

DianaRoss, posted on February 10, 2014

Thank you. It was a great flow of poses.

frawla, posted on August 19, 2013

Great Video! Please post more restorative poses

lindylou, posted on August 10, 2013

beautiful relaxing class thank you so much, just what I needed. Namaste!

Avinja_2, posted on July 29, 2013

Wonderful class, wonderful teacher, wonderful music.

vavava, posted on February 6, 2013

This is a great practice. Thanks for sharing!

michelletrantina, posted on September 13, 2012

Hi Energiayoga,
Props are great to have; but a bunch of pillows and folded and rolled up blankets can have the same effect.
Try different types of pillows, and have a ton of them on hand, same for blankets, and take lots of time time to make yourself 100% comfortable like Marla said. Then sink in!
Michelle and MYO

energiayoga, posted on September 13, 2012

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try it again for sure!! I try to go to Yin Yoga classes whenever possible but they don't use props. Def need to go buy a bolster.

marlawaal, posted on September 13, 2012

Hello energiayoga! I am really sorry to hear that this restorative yoga practice gave you a terrible headache. The most important thing to remember with this style (or any style) of yoga is that you need to feel 100% comfortable before you can spend time and drop in to the pose. I teach this style in very small groups so that I can really pamper each student and give them whatever props they need to feel 100% comfortable. I cannot stress that enough. If you are not able to let go completely, relax, 'fall' into the earth with ease and slow flowing breath you need to pause the video and do whatever it takes to get there. This kind of thing definitely gets easier the more you do it. Having the help of a live teacher or even a good friend might allow you to appreciate this style, and feel the benefits. Don't give up!

energiayoga, posted on September 13, 2012

This practice gave me the worst headache. If you have all the props, great! If not you might get frustrated trying to get comfortable.

dianaestelle, posted on May 16, 2011

Amazing. Delightfully relaxing and rejuvenating. Just what the doctor ordered if you're recovering from a stressful week, an injury, or just tired and need some time to take care of yourself.

MonicaI, posted on November 10, 2009

very relaxing and refreshing. my 10 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter ejoyed it too! thank you!

Sumiyogi, posted on June 6, 2009

One of my favourites!

Sumiyogi, posted on May 20, 2009

Truly refreshing!

lydia_2, posted on May 8, 2009

Very beautiful and relaxing voice. Thank you!

dianabianco, posted on April 1, 2009

Love his voice. Very nice short meditation.

Nan6lobato, posted on February 28, 2009

very relaxing and so quick !

anacaona, posted on February 27, 2009

the 10 mins go by really quickly.

diadem, posted on February 24, 2009

nice and relaxing

energiayoga, posted on August 29, 2014

Super relaxing. Great for evening or after a strong vinyasa. Nice guidance.

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