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Your Food, Your Medicine: Hypertension (2009)

Episode 6
Available worldwide

Basically hypertension is the technical term for high blood pressure, a condition that affects almost 3 million Australians over the age of 25. Often, those with hypertension do not actually feel sick. And this is why the disease is frequently called “the silent killer.”

Those at risk are your typical Type A personality people. They rev their engines pretty high and seldom take the time to chill out.

Food Facts: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the term used for heart, stroke and blood vessel diseases. CVD is the leading cause of death in Australia, accounting for 36 per cent of all deaths in Australia in 2004. It kills one Australian every ten minutes.

Set of Four Medicinal Dishes to Treat Hypertension: Nori Egg Drop Soup; Scrambled Tofu; Buckwheat Pancakes with Apple and Pear; Corn and Coconut Biscuits.

Geoffrey Wilson
Michelle Cotterill


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