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Beyond Human Limits: Hypoxia (2006)

Episode 1
Only available in Canada, United States

Hypoxia literally means the absence of oxygen, and it acts like an insidious poison that suffocates not only the lungs and muscles but also the brain.

Dr. Nicolas Jaeger was fascinated by hypoxia and he put himself to the test in order to solve its enigmas. In 1979, he climbed to the top of the Andes in Peru. He lived at 6,700 meters longer than anybody in history, undergoing medical exercises each day despite the cold and discomfort.

Charlie Buffet


Hypoxia Video
Episode 1 Hypoxia
Hypoxia (2006)
Episode 1
, 52 minutes
Dr. Jaeger tested his resistance to hypoxia, the lack of oxygen, by living two months at an altitude of 6,700 meters.
Only available in Canada, United States
Cold Video
Episode 2 Cold
Cold (2006)
Episode 2
, 50 minutes
Trapped for a whole night outdoors in extreme cold weather, Dr. Cauchy explains how he survived against all odds.
Only available in Canada, United States
Time Video
Episode 3 Time
Time (2006)
Episode 3
, 51 minutes
Michel Siffre spent two months beneath the earth’s surface without any time landmarks. He discovered the existence of an “internal clock” and his experiments gave birth to a new science: chrono biology.
Only available in Canada, United States

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