Healthy Lifestyle Tips: more from Dr. Miranda Wiley: Improving Sleep Video
Improving Sleep
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Healthy Lifestyle Tips: more from Dr. Miranda Wiley: Improving Sleep (November 2010)

Episode 5
Available worldwide

Doctor Miranda Demierre shares her tips on how to maximize your sleep.

Miranda Wiley ND


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drwiley, posted on April 17, 2012

Hello Yogalee,
There are several tools available to support restorative sleep including a variety of meditations and relaxation techniques that you can do yourself to improve sleep. All involve a degree of focus on breathing, some involve counting (backwards from 100 with each breath visualizing yourself taking a step down a mountain/flight of stairs into a place of sleep, or from 1-4 in repetitive sequence), some involve affirmations or mantras (I like Louise Hays' "I lovingly release the day and slip into a peaceful sleep knowing that tomorrow will take care of itself"), and some use visualizations (inhaling clean, clear, pure white air, and exhaling grimy negativity, stress, pain in whatever colour feels appropriate for that blockage). In terms of a guided meditation Andrew Johnson offers a number of MP3 downloads, CDs, and an app for smartphones which I quite like.
Good luck and sweet dreams,
Dr. Demierre

yogalee, posted on April 17, 2012

is there a guided meditation for sleep?

michelletrantina, posted on December 11, 2010

Hi bonniekayser, I think you spoke my mind on that one. It\'s the same from my end. Getting some alone time at the end of the day, and you really want to watch an episode of your favorite something on HBO, really should be in bed. Ha, I hear you there. We are launching a Guided program dedicated to, among other things, getting better sleep. Will keep you posted! Michelle

bonniekayser, posted on December 10, 2010

Thank you for the gentle reminder on the importance of getting in those eight hours each night. I find it hard to give up those precious evenings after my son goes to bed, and i can have some alone time. However, those late night hours with a movie or book are paid for in so many ways on the other end. Cheers.

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