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The Indigo Evolution

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The Indigo Evolution (2004)

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The Indigo Children have arrived! Is it possible that children today are being born with amazing spiritual, artistic and intuitive abilities, the likes of which have never been seen before?

Indigo Evolution examines every aspect of the Indigo Children phenomenon, and introduces us to some of the most amazing examples in the world. In the end there is only one conclusion that can be reached – humanity is evolving, and these children are the first examples of a new reality.

Doreen Virtue, Gary Zukav, Neale Donald Walsch, Akiane
James F. Twyman, Kent Romney

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aafrw2a, posted on August 17, 2016

This documentary sealed the deal as to whom I really was and what I really was in this world full of uncertainty. I now know that I am Indigo, I am unique, but I am not alone. Thank you for sharing this powerful message to the world.

janegrbovik, posted on June 2, 2016

Instead of hearing about war, terrorists, cuts and more cuts and austerity that we are living under at the moment, I want to hear about protecting and investing in the children, to help them reach their true potential and learn how to maintain a healthy positive life style and enjoy a life of freedom.

david.webster024, posted on June 12, 2016

Hi Jane,
First we must make the planet safe for our children by removing the dark forces from our world. Positive thoughts, pure love, joy rejecting the negative things sent to us each day.

The bad things being talked about constantly are to bring us down, nothing more. We can do more good in the world by only thinking and doing good positive loving things in the world over.

Ignoring the bad things, unplugging from the source is what all humans must do to free ourselves. I have fully unplugged only use computers as a tool.

Peace and love to you, keep those great thoughts Jane. ^_^

wayneS2, posted on May 29, 2016

We have evolved so far from this material now that it is time for a new updated version of what is happening on this rock. I am almost 68 and most grateful for those that have gone public with this information. Been a mis-fit, trouble maker, etc (indigo) my whole life and finally ready to start my life's work. Thank's so much to those that made the effort to promote this material.... but it's time to get in step with what is happening NOW! Blessings !!!!!!!!!!!!!

willspatricia, posted on March 26, 2015

I read about this in the 70's. In a book called "Seth Speaks" by Jane Roberts. The Seth material changed my life in so many ways and gave me so much hope for the future. And to see it coming to pass is marvelous! The film was wonderful.
God bless all the children of the world!

ron.mayer2012, posted on May 29, 2016

I too, one of many who attribute their first explorations into the expanded worlds of our 15 dimensional time matrix. For me Seth held so many truths that my then burgeoning awareness thirsted for. Hew was indeed my life line!

groovedoctor77, posted on January 8, 2015

There are many really gifted spiritual children and that's beautiful, My issues are with all the medications given to children that are gifted but diagnosed with either behavior ,energetic control, ,only because they don't fit in ..many of these children are Indigo children

sroberts, posted on November 6, 2014

This film was very inspiring to me. I, in my 60's discovered this in my soul and now see it in so many places. Although I still see so much chaos around me I feel renewed in the belief a better world is coming to us all.

surncictim111, posted on April 12, 2014

Brilliant I to have a pentagram in my birth chart like the cover

raininstarr, posted on March 23, 2015

wow so do I!!! what does this mean?!

laranarayani, posted on April 11, 2014

So sweet. i love this. These times are incredibly intense and we all need each other. Love is the answer!

cugata, posted on October 31, 2013

Sometimes she can see beings from other dimensions, she does some kind of hand healing, I mean, when we are stressed she touches our back and stress is gone. What I find amazing, she never had a piece of red meat or poultry. She is now 13. My wife and me are very receptive too, I practice radiesthesia and dowsing and passed this to her, she is good.
Just wanted to share my experience with what I think is an Indigo Child.

highestqualitylife, posted on October 30, 2013

As an older adult Indigo, I feel I must say that respecting, accepting, allowing the "differences" and being open and receptive without judgment would be incredibly refreshing. This movie touched my heart that key people are taking notice and that certain parents are realizing what a "gift" they have been given to parent such children. It also deeply gladdens me to know that so many Indigo children are coming in at this time.

Maidenhair, posted on September 3, 2013

Excellent knowledge of individually spoken how one can be holding back of what we now need to release into the Light and teach ourselves and children the voice within ~

Christel P, posted on February 8, 2013

Beautiful Movie. We are all "Indigo" Children, if you want to give it a name. That's how we come into this world, beautiful, innocent and gifted. From the moment we are born we are being conditioned and we forget. Some of us forget more than other's, some of us don't know what it is and it is not nurtured and misunderstood. Misunderstood by other's and by ourselves. We think something is wrong with us, but it isn't we just forget to be ourself, our true self, our higher self. Thank you for the movie, very enlightening.

bdetim, posted on September 21, 2016

I love

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