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Wheel 2 Wheel: Indonesia

Episode 8
Only available in Canada, United States

Hopping islands by riding his motorcycle from one ferry to another Morgan Parker explores volcanoes, orangutans, and the Powerful Tsunami’s effect on Indonesia. He spends more than a month in Indonesia riding from one amazing experience to another. He even makes a memorable visit to Lake Toba, the site of the world's largest volcanic eruption 75,000 years ago.

Morgan travels for days into the jungle and up a river to witness the untold story of cataclysmic destruction. The peat swamps are being converted to palm oil plantations. This is releasing millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere and loss of natural habitat for the highest concentration of orangutans on the planet. The PanEco Foundation is fighting to preserve these swamps from their continued destruction.


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Only available in Canada, United States

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