Book Tours: Infinite Grace (Diane Goldner) Video
Infinite Grace (Diane Goldner)
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Book Tours: Infinite Grace (Diane Goldner) (1999)

Episode 96
Available worldwide

New York journalist Diane Goldner, author of Infinite Grace, investigates the value and addresses the skepticism of energy healing in today's discerning market. Very real physical, emotional, and mental healings occur at the hands of an energy worker that can seem to defy rational science. From personal experience to documented research, explore the how and why of the power of energy medicine with Diane.

Corinne Edwards
Diane Goldner


Healing Dreams (Marc Ian Barasch) Video
Episode 1 Healing Dreams (Marc Ian Barasch)
Healing Dreams (Marc Ian Barasch) (2001)
Episode 1
, 24 minutes
Do you remember your dreams? Marc Ian Barasch, author of the fascinating book Healing Dreams, reveals how your dreams are made of more than daytime residues, but rather can contain advice, warnings and even information on cures.
Available worldwide
What You Think is What You Get (George Lavenia) Video
Episode 2 What You Think is What You Get (George Lavenia)
What You Think is What You Get (George Lavenia) (1999)
Episode 2
, 24 minutes
When you start to realize how you created this reality, this worldview, it opens up an opportunity to create life in a way of your choosing, a new worldview.
Available worldwide
The Other Side of Eden (Nancy Steinbeck) Video
Episode 3 The Other Side of Eden (Nancy Steinbeck)
The Other Side of Eden (Nancy Steinbeck) (2001)
Episode 3
, 24 minutes
The world recognizes the name of author John Steinbeck. What we haven't heard is the story behind his stories and the effects of his fame upon his family.
Available worldwide
Therapist in a Box (Anankha Chandler) Video
Episode 4 Therapist in a Box (Anankha Chandler)
Therapist in a Box (Anankha Chandler) (1999)
Episode 4
, 23 minutes
Anankha Chandler, author of Therapist in a Box, leads you out of depression via audio tapes of a hypnotheraputic format so you can heal at your own pace.
Available worldwide

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runswithduck, posted on April 17, 2016

This was well presented.
Clearly, it's not about what religion one affiliates with. It's about unconditionally, intentionally directing subtle energies to help others re-create and re-establish their best selves, despite whatever corruption of their conditions has happened. It is a partnership effort danced on a high plane, which can circumvent the material levels where very ill persons might otherwise be 'stuck' in dysfunctional thinking.
Somehow, this reminds me, yet again, how everyone learning how to do computers, is actually gradually helping us understand the exquisitely intricate elegance of how we ourselves function. This type of healing work is akin to programmers debugging or correcting corrupt programs, so the original software work as intended, while simultaneously subtly teaching the sick person how to better operate their software.
We are 'wet-ware', biological processes and energy fields, analogous to computer hardware, software, and electrical.. ..the tricky bit is getting those to play optimally; to become our best selves.
And it's about giving and receiving. Unconditionally.

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