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Infinity: The Ultimate Trip

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Infinity: The Ultimate Trip (2009)

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What happens after we pass from this world? Is there a life after this one? Or do we just disappear forever? Many of us have questions about what happens after we pass from this world, into the afterlife. In this documentary you will learn, from the experts, what to expect after death, and the magic and beauty that awaits us on the other side.

Beautiful imagery, along with personal accounts of near-death experiences, reincarnation and more, illuminates the story of our own infinite nature. You will learn what to expect after death, and the magic and beauty that awaits us on the other side. The world that we enter after we die is an energetic landscape full of angels and beings of light that assist us in our passing, with the promise of a new life.

Gregg Braden, Dannion Brinkley, Renate Dollinger. Stanislav Grof, John Holland, Dzogchen Ponlop, Robert Thurman, Alberto Villoldo, Neale Donald Walsch, Brian Weiss
Jay Weidner

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Vidal01234, posted on September 9, 2016

Enjoyed the film. I especially enjoyed the interview with the old lady. She says so when we grow old we turn to angels too,? No, that's of a different species.

rafaelrocksblink, posted on September 5, 2016

a very powerful and informative film. i loved it.

cocoblondie777, posted on September 3, 2016

Amazing! Spellbinding! WoW ... Namaste.

yollym, posted on August 17, 2016 what a joy!

1brandon.stephens, posted on July 30, 2016

@6:56 I've also seen my true parents... in the astrals... i call them mommy an daddy! thought i was the only one

kel_toma, posted on June 9, 2016

Great film. Beautiful visuals. I have a question to ask. I came across some different views of the afterlife and was wondering if anyone has heard of this.
I have read on many occasions that you should NEVER go into the light after you pass. It is a "soul trap". Your life review is a tactic to scare you into agreeing to come back to earth to continue your enslavement on earth. The family and friends that greet you are really not them. Again, they are a tactic to get you to come into the light. As soon as you go into the light you are recycled back to earth. It was said to go into "The Void". That is where GOD or the Supreme being really is. Thought this was totally wild but now I think I am more confused. Does anyone have an opinion about this or ever heard of it?

p.bravento, posted on August 10, 2016

that is the first i heard that ..

i guess you will just need to follow your intuition at the time ..
best not over think it ..sounds like a conspiacy theory to me .. dont believe the hype man ..

theamandahogg, posted on May 18, 2016

this is a most beautiful visual journey,I found it very soothing.

mstrchristeen, posted on May 17, 2016

Well done and thank you to all who participated in this wonderful film. One small note...there are other options.

penny5, posted on May 2, 2016

The best film i have watched on Gaia TV!! The information given by people that had NDE Experiences and some wonderful connections with Spirit made me feel quite emotional, i didn't want it to end.

katwomantxstyle73, posted on April 13, 2016

I really enjoy these kind of films.... a little bit of everyOne's perceptions, ideas, understandings.... talk about a BIG VIEW of IT All... ;)
and what a great gathering of individuals to feature on this film....loved it! thank you......

rajdreamz, posted on January 17, 2016

I don't me this seemed to be gimmicky and speculative. Everyone has "their idea" of what happens after death. I do believe that we're given rest periods during lifetimes--and it should be known that returning doesn't mean to just this planet; there are others. As for us being "gods" playing other lesser parts...that may be true. Only the position of God The Source, The Creator is filled. No one should naively believe that God is an Identity they'll ever achieve. God isn't a Person that becomes so by "achievement". God is God in all circumstances.

clovejoy, posted on January 9, 2016


annie99, posted on January 7, 2016

I DIED TWICE - so far :)I think they have a great video here for anyone who has not yet experienced a near death event ... so calming, so peaceful and loving - it's really incredible - I ended up coming back, both times (obviously) and then started working on myself to understand the goal of being here ...

bbcnorin, posted on January 6, 2016

This is a great documentary but the sound is out of sync with the video. Anyone else have this issue?

odays51, posted on January 13, 2016

I noticed as well

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 7, 2016

Hello, thanks for writing! Our team is checking in to the sound issue now.


plusgforce, posted on January 6, 2016

I had the same issue.

scrow9, posted on January 7, 2016

me too

summersol, posted on October 1, 2015

While I don't doubt the above experiences there is an aspect that isn't being mentioned. There is another choice than being drawn into a tunnel of white light. The second choice is to return to source and be able to return, if desired, with past memories in tact. Anyone interested should reference Simon Parkes material as he is one who has done this.

patsykimbro, posted on September 7, 2015

This is very interesting.. I have watched the interviews with David Willcock and Corey Goode. Amazing, the best I've seen. Glad I signed on. Thanks --qreat job!

mjross.texas, posted on July 29, 2015

I enjoyed watching this. I feel that the 12/21/2012 end of the Mayan calendar marked the beginning of a new era in mankind's evolution. We are moving away from the materialistic view of reality and becoming more aware of the spiritual side. I share many beliefs and understandings that those in the movie expressed. Being individuals we each have our own perspectives and express what we have learned in our own ways. I am just happy that I am not alone in my world view. Although I have had some psychic/spiritual events in my life, I need to do some work to develop my own abilities further. Sharing and caring are going to change our world for the better.

p.bravento, posted on August 10, 2016

hi there ..

i agree .. i just never thought about articulating it like this .. awesome comment thanks for sharing

pierre xo

new2yoga, posted on July 22, 2015

Wow! that was incredible, I really enjoyed this film. It really touch what I already knew but answered so many questions at the same time. It really gives you more perspective on 'how' to live in this reality, but also about the importance of compassion for others and those whose time is limited. I could watch this a few times over to grasp more and more.

kbtruefire, posted on March 12, 2015

This vid really resonates with me. I've come more and more to feel that all the descriptives used by the speakers on this program are exactly how it is. It brings me great peace and reassurance as validates my inner feelings and acquired knowledge of breaking out of the matrix........thank you, Namaste!

yollym, posted on August 17, 2016

Amazing...I felt the same. Namaste!

crystal angel, posted on February 22, 2015

My life is so much more meaningful than I thought 10 years ago..........Thank you.

bvb10, posted on February 8, 2015

Great film. I feel changed by watching it. NO fear of death here :)

T Rose, posted on December 28, 2014

I love this film, the various testimonies given were fascinating and the visual morphing images are relaxing. I am familiar with most of the speakers. However Renate Dollinger was new to me and her story is so unique and she is charming too. I feel their stories confirm my own experiences. There was not much new Information,for me personally but I love being reminded of our divine nature and destiny.

lisa.minner, posted on December 20, 2014

Just moved into my new cottage, internet and techy issues sorted today. Cup of tea, bag of liquorice, oil burner making my house smell delicious and this, Infinity. What a wonderful movie, thank you :)

goldensun.leann, posted on November 21, 2014

I have watched this film several times over the last couple of years ~ it continues to be beautiful and informative ~ the most wondrous thing is blending into the stream and becoming consciousness ~ unifying when the sacred geometry embeds itself within our inner being and what appears to outside of us!!

bridget_kara, posted on November 20, 2014

Loved and am greatful for this movie, its all so familiar, validates who I am and why life is the way it is. Blessings with a greatful heart :)

davidanice, posted on November 12, 2014

Enjoyed of this movie but Neal's participation made it harder for me because I am clear that he is not authentic. I put that aside and enjoyed what everyone else had to say and took it to heart. But Neal... I have such an intense aversion to deceit as I have been a big liar in my life and know one when I see one. What a shame.

scrow9, posted on January 7, 2016

I too have an aversion to Mr. Walsh, even though a great deal of what he says I tend to agree with. But at the bottom of it is my feeling is that he is performing, and not being his genuine self - his whispery voice is totally unnatural, like Donald's trying to create a hypnotic effect in the viewer. Of course, I could be totally wrong and this could just be an affectation or habit and, if so, I apologize. Likewise, I've encountered other spiritual sources that strike me in similar ways, the always smirking Matt Kahn and the channeler for Kryon, Lee Carroll are two examples that come to mind. In Carroll's case, I think he is trying to imitate Dr. Robert Schuller, of Chrystal Cathedral fame, - with his whole "I'm on the verge of crying" voice. (BTW, I'm not a Christian but I do remember Dr. Schuller's TV program from the 70's and at the time I enjoyed his communication style since it was so different.)

peacelovehippiebeads, posted on October 29, 2014

This was my first time watching this film and I loved it. It has filled a void for me. <3

joosten7557998, posted on October 1, 2014

Such an amazing movie. No matter how much I try to help people, the world does not want my help.

brendaro94, posted on September 18, 2014

Beautiful and insightful! Loved every second of it.

kelli63526, posted on July 1, 2014

Great movie. Touched by Renate Dollinger's story; felt the beauty of her heart and soul.

I was visited by my guardian for months when I was going through a very difficult time. They are all around us. Trust, believe and know you are loved. xx

jbrand1997, posted on April 24, 2014

I've watched this for the third time and still learn something new. I am inspired and moved by the people in this movie.

moore.lisa17, posted on April 11, 2014

With what is going on right now, it's easy to get caught in the fear and chaos! Thank you for this film, I am back on the ground and am calm. I was reminded of what I always have known. If I need to watch it again I will. !!!

cathybyhand, posted on March 27, 2014

I love and need seeing films like this, they help me Re-Member - infinitely... grateful.

Caryln8, posted on March 26, 2014

What a wonderful film that everyone should see.

jbrand1997, posted on March 25, 2014

I just watched this for the 3rd time - there is so much wonderful information; it's so hopeful. I love the acronym for FEAR.

jbrand1997, posted on March 24, 2014

This so resonates with my soul - it's like hearing something I already know to be true and having the confirmation that it is. Thank you so much for sharing this video.

bridgetbyoga, posted on February 26, 2014

Love this documentary. Inspiring, beautiful...I watched it twice. I really liked the me thinking a lot <3

forest, posted on January 25, 2014

Wish I had been able to share this with my dad before he passed away in 2011. At least I had the sense to let him know he might meet his mom again. Then a medium confirmed that my grandmother was there to meet my dad along with a number of other characters. That helped me so much in dealing with my fathers passing. Great film and stories!

judygbetts, posted on November 16, 2013

Inspiring film about the reason for being and the afterlife. Renate Dollinger's story was absolutely uplifting. Her encounters with spirit guides in this carnation were presented with such innocence backed by her inspired paintings of scenes from a former life. She is fortunate to have met guides in this life. I gained thoughts and understanding of paralell timeless realities.

Kpmcclintic, posted on November 15, 2013

Jay Weidner! Another gorgeous film. I loved hearing from Renate Dollinger. She was a fresh face and offered her story in a way that charmed. Thanks to everyone involved in making this film for us.

brenda3312, posted on November 13, 2013

Love the movie however the visuals was rather much..hurt my eyes after awhile. I rather see the person talking with less tech visuals. Loved everyone who spoke and shared from their heart their journey here and beyond.

art heart, posted on November 10, 2013

Well done. Stunning visuals, Heartwarming message <3

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