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Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth (January 2016)

Season 3, Episode 1
Available worldwide

Before we can learn of his greatest adventure to date, Corey Goode discusses hollow earth and inner earth theories. The vast reaches of unexplored space hold many wonders waiting to be discovered. Yet right below our feet, several advanced civilizations have built vast empires stretching out through immense subterranean expanses. Some are millions of years old, and all of them have held sway over different burgeoning civilizations on the surface. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast January 5, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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kkatz2012, posted on September 7, 2016

I'm glad to hear Cory admits he is not a genius or knowledgeable on all scales of the spectrum of life, science, biology, geology, anthropology, archaeology, all species anatomy, he is not all knowing, I do believe that anything is possible, I also believe that he has been in a realm where most people have not been or would not want to go. This sounds like the outer darkness . The world we live on now will be changed by the one true GOD , evil cannot be transcended on your own, trust in the only pure Holy Spirit, which emits goodness, a higher power, the future, purity, everlasting peace , will be revealed to you - you cannot evolve to be enlighten to it , no man is good - no not one we are all flawed the Prince of Peace promises no more tears , death , including fear of creatures no sorrow , sickness or pain will prevail - and its a choice no one forces you , choose light over darkness, say yes to The Almighty One True God of Heaven and he will reveal himself to you and everlasting joy will prevail because no matter how dark it is - light over powers it. Jesus is the son of the true God of HEAVEN , If you think it is a fairy tale, take a chance and study the bible it is inspired by God and he reveals himself through his word , if you have seen all these things and still have not picked up the word of God ,how will you ever know the other side - which is light more powerful than the creation is the creator. Very simple choice - choose darkness or light , life or death ultimately it is up to you but you only get one chance! God Bless You in your search, Love you guys

annejutonpinson, posted on July 3, 2016

I really couldn't think of someone better prepared for this type of interwiews than David Wilcock. I've been reading 'The Source Field Investigations' and absolutely LOVED the book. David, big up man, you're the best!

meniyka, posted on June 28, 2016

Can we get smart glass pads? Oh and the chair with the nipples?

Crystal Warrior, posted on May 27, 2016

Can you please be more specific about 'which' National Parks have potentially dangerous Beings living underneath them?
Also, can you tell us in which countries?
Thank you :p

crystaljb3, posted on April 13, 2016

So is the suggestion of what is to be done to basically protect and live a sovereign life to meditate with ones highest self and source? There is a lot of interesting and scary and cool information shared within this series, but I am always wondering, is there hope? The end of the Q & A with the turning inward was the first real idea that seemed to resonate for me. Is there any other suggestions?

Thank you for this series and all of the work entailed.

zach.elkins, posted on July 15, 2016

I would love more comment as to what we can do individually, or in groups to be assisting.

I would imagine that meditation, and practicing love in every avenue of your life is enough. Meditation when being done in masses has shown it's power. Meditate on peace, gift love, imagine a future that you want to see. There are other things, such as helping in your community, voting with your dollar, being conscious of your habitual choices and the effects it has on yourself and others, and many other things will help with raising the consciousness of humanity.

Start with love, and the rest follows. :)

We saw this series differently. Despite the daunting reality they present, they state many times that plans are in place to assist. The choice, I imagine, is up to us on a very deep level. People are waking up at a wondrous rate as of recently; the ridiculous charade is becoming evident to even the most veiled of people. Big things often come slowly when you're dealing with something so complex.

InvisiblyHeld, posted on March 26, 2016

Is this fresh water or sea water?

georgic, posted on March 25, 2016 Deep within the Earth below the Bucegi Mountains in Romania is a holographic library left by an advanced civilization. Tunnels from this library lead into Inner Earth, where a long-buried culture once thrived along with what appears to be a time machine. Force-fields protect the place, designed for 16-foot-tall beings. Is this a thriving, as-yet undiscovered colony beneath our feet, evidence of extraterrestrial visitation of UFO's, or our own species in some earlier incarnation? Is Inner Earth a parallel universe intersecting across time and space, or is it something we as yet do not understand?

Peter Moon was the English write or a translation of books from a Romania that talks about seeing these things. There is a connection with Transylvania in Romania to that of Transylvania, Kentucky... The caves in that area are also connected with what Corey is talking about in this episode. It is worth watching this youtube I have linked.

markspringstead, posted on March 14, 2016

What about Lacerta the female reptile, belonging to a terrestrial race

paigerogers45, posted on February 29, 2016

Hello Gaia I am actually using my moms gaia account, we share one, I just thought this would be a good place to meet like minded individuals and spiritual, and scientific thinkers, I have created a Tinychat specifically for Spiritual Evolution, Spiritual, Scientific, and all similar subjects of conversation, if anyone would like to join I would be more than happy, here is the link, much LOVE to all.

vanpanom, posted on February 20, 2016

I don't know where exactly David got his information about the Shaver Mystery, but it's not entirely accurate. If you actually read the stories, Shaver claims that the Dero were earth dwellers left behind by a Giant Race of Ancient Gods! They left because the sun was beginning to change these immortal gods, causing them to age and behave in detrimental and destructive ways. After these giant gods left behind their technology, the people who found the ancient tech slowly became deformed from their ignorance and misuse of it. It's very interesting reading material. Some of it matches Corey's testimony, such as a race of giants and an ancient builder race that left long ago. Some of it is entirely Shaver's. Either way, I highly suggest reading Shaver's works which much of the science fiction community during his time scoffed at because Shaver claimed his stories were based on fact.

officerroberthall, posted on February 16, 2016

Good afternoon,

Is it me or does Corey seem really uncomfortable in this session?

negutron, posted on February 8, 2016

I feel like this person is describing kobolds from the dungeons and dragons lore, and spending way too much time on it. I feel like he's making it up as he goes. I feel also like he's cobbling together things from an old sci fi book Vril: The Power of the Coming Race. Sorry to be such a doubting thomas but there seems like a lot of hucksterism here.

Vincent.Mellon, posted on February 6, 2016

This fictional universe(MYST) is based on a conceptual technology where books can be written describing "Ages"(Other planets) and the book would link to supposedly another planet vaguely matching the book's description. This acted as a hardwire portal. In the backstory books the author describes a cavern dwelling civilization(now in ruin) that matches a description like this of inner eather. What are your thoughts on this technology? Is it likely a metaphor for previously described gate travel or does this method of linking books potentially viable?

belka--favorit, posted on January 28, 2016

Lobsang Rampa -My Visit to Agharta (to inner Earth) - he speaks about the same creatures with long nose! and he also saying that they used to look like normal human beings, but they got transformed. and that they kidnap people with the help of some ancient technology! even the book itself is questionable, or from other source it says Lobsang Rampa never wrote this book, but it's crazy coincidence in information, check it out, and make your own mind! But it's just amazing how this show speaks about the same information that i've heard before, it's like reassurance for me over and over again!! Thanks Corey and Dave!!!

pottlelinda, posted on January 27, 2016

You two look rested and well and I am so glad to see that. Thank you again for all your doing. Looking forward to all I am learning. Please tell me more about the Ancient builder race. I know very little about them and you seem to go back to them a lot. Who were they? Why are they so important?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 12, 2016

Thank you for writing! Corey and David will be covering more viewer questions on the Inner Earth in an upcoming Cosmic Disclosure episode.

Also see their previous Viewer Questions episodes here:


scott9teen, posted on January 22, 2016

lets hear about the bad guys/lower density beings and how they represent themselves at these
meetings. seems to be missing from
the discussion

rob79, posted on January 19, 2016

very enjoyable episode guys!

worthingtonmike, posted on January 18, 2016

With respect to the new inner earth or break away civilization alliance that Corey Goode talks about, Drunvalo Melchizedek is now talking about a new alliance of Hopi-Mayan-Atlantean civilizations and an inner earth type meeting experience he reports having that sounds a lot like what Corey Goode is talking about. Also, the US Congress recently consolidated H.R.1508 into bill H.R.2262 and passed it on November 17 2015. This bill provides legal protections for resource extraction corporations at their off earth facilities. The timing and similarity to Corey Goode's disclosure is very curious or possibly a correlation. Additionally, there is a "medicine wheel" SW of Calgary AB near Majorville that measures the precession of the Equinox. See work by Gordon Freeman. This clock connects First Nations peoples to an understanding and labours (to build the clock) throughout this 26,000 year cycle therefore correlating an Atlantean descendant claim with physical evidence in our time. The Freeman studies of the Majorville medicine wheel correlate to the wisdom teachings of the Blood Sioux and Blackfoot. Thoughts?

angelinabutera, posted on January 17, 2016

Lets start a WORLD WIDE meditation for TRUTH! This Valentine's Day (Sunday) at 4:44pm (your local time) help make the world a better place by starting a meditation group near you! For example, you can host it at a park, campground, beach, venue, yoga studio, preferably any public space to help get the word out. Or, you can also join us from the comfort of your home! Tell all your friends about it. ^_^ All you need is a space where you can OOOOOHM together, kumbaya and make more friends and be merry. ^_^ Dress ups / costumes / props are welcomed!! We love you! :v =D
more info at

mysmart.fraga, posted on January 15, 2016

Please include subtitles in Portuguese.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 27, 2016

Thank you for writing! These subtitles are available now.


hu, posted on January 15, 2016

Any idea, Gaia, why the purple player download is not running, please? I downloaded twice, shows as download complete. But video doesn't run at all for this one.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 15, 2016

Thank you for reporting the problem. We don't administer the Purple Player app, but if you're running into a problem downloading any individual file, there may be a problem with your internet connection, or the installation of the program on your device.

If you continue to experience issues with this, we recommend that you contact Purple Player support directly:


a.orama1210, posted on January 14, 2016

I read a book called The Smokey God that told a story about a young man named Olaf Jensen who claimed to have sailed with his father to the inner earth through an opening in the direction of the north pole and exited near the south pole. I've also read a few other sources who claim that their are openings at/near the north and south poles. My question is (for Corey and/or David), have you seen/read or spoken to anyone about physical openings existing on our planet near/at the north and south poles that would lead to the inner earth?

lldlenny, posted on January 14, 2016

Love the very end where we are given a positive way to transmute the ugliness. I would love to see more this talk. Raising vibrations.

ntclayfield, posted on January 13, 2016

Dear Corey and David
Thank you for this most exciting series! I am so looking forward to your information on the Argarthans which I presume are the new inner earth alliance that you have recently mentioned as a newly formed alliance that you visited recently Corey. This is also the group that were possibly connected to the Nazis until they found out what a lot of miscreants they had connected to!! Could you confirm your knowledge of whether this is the Argarthan/previous advanced civilizations and inner earth ET civilisations often mentioned by Sheldan Nidle that we will journey to inner Earth to visit and receive treatment in special enlightenment chambers that will advance our abilities, knowledge and consciousness? You are my heroes! Victory to the Light! Noeline Clayfield Ascension Corner

marots, posted on January 12, 2016

If you want to know if what Corey says is the truth, look to the chicago or newyork skyline from 60 miles and more, and tell me en show me were the curvature is, do your homework David and you will know what is the truth about our reality, love you man but let the facts guide you.
Hope you find your way back to reality!

bo4130, posted on January 12, 2016

............ And we could say the same to you m8 ! ;-)

turkoois, posted on January 11, 2016

Thank you again, David and Corey, for having the courage to bring this knowledge to the public arena. My experience is that you speak from the heart and that I respect. May your prayers and wishes come true.

benrdavisjr, posted on January 11, 2016

Hi David & Corey... What is your stance on the ET's known as the Pleiadian Renegades, Terran's and the Arcturians that have openly posted many websites regarding their presence here on the planet and in orbit? I seem to have been contacted by one that texted me via Facebook, was somewhat 'tested' by encoded messages and then introduced to Stagyian Ambassador Dee who is Pleiadian Diplomat Boosie's direct report based in Chicago, along with Semjase and Asket, others within this group of ET's as well. Does Cory know of these ET's and their intentions on the planet for humanity?

m.timgren, posted on January 11, 2016

Corey mentioned in early episodes that innerearth civ's posed as et's that came from sirius. But all of these Pleiadian/Sirians/Arcturians, ashtar command and similar named "groups" seem for me to be totally fake, only bringing false hope. What do I know? but ashtar command and these groups has been in the spin for 10+ years without delivering anything necessary or truly interesting, and sometimes internet people have this "wishful thinking" that they have some sort of sirian connection or whatever, but never have we read that it has actually lead anywhere. It was not always like this, (but after 10 years of reading of these things) now everytime sirius or pleiadian comes up red big lights go off. Also these "groups" are something David has never (to my knowledge) talked seriously about in the 10+ years I´ve followed his work.

butlerbrad, posted on January 11, 2016

Anyone else dying to know more about Venus and Saturn? Ever since Corey said that a lot of the information was blacked out on Venus, that is where ra said he's kind was from in the law of one.

manprayer, posted on January 10, 2016

It's amazing when the lies and secrets are torn away how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to form a comprehensive explanation of
what has been hidden from us. We have been strangers to our natural world and one another too long. This information helps us all stand together in wonder at how far the truth can take us on the journey of individual empowerment and then later group to form a cohesive force. Thank you to all who have been brave enough to hold a torch and move forward so that others may take steps behind you.

manprayer, posted on January 10, 2016

It's amazing when the lies and secrets are torn away how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to form a comprehensive explanation of
what has been hidden from us. We have been strangers to our natural world and one another too long. This information helps us all stand together in wonder at how far the truth can take us on the journey of individual empowerment and then later group to form a cohesive force. Thank you to all who have been brave enough to hold a torch and move forward so that others may take steps behind you.

KWRIGHT2024, posted on January 10, 2016

Do you all have any information on the admiral bird story ,is it a true story ,plz add any other knowledge u have on this case

Josepharato, posted on January 10, 2016

David...please give an update on Corey and the blue avians !!!

jsfojsf, posted on January 10, 2016

Assuming that those in this forum are familiar with the apps like Google Sky Maps or SkEye that give you a planetarium on your smartphone, do any of you know of any near real-time satellite images/videos available on the web of the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies taken from telescopic, near-earth, orbital camera platforms with a wide field that could cover the 360 degree view of the sky from zenith to nadir? Or would these be highly classified by the NRO or other three letter agencies for what it might divulge about the secret space program?

diana86, posted on January 10, 2016

Hi Corey & David,

Question for Corey:
Did you ever come across actual visuals of planet Earth from the same perspective that we are fed through Nasa? Also, during many of your travels outside, did you ever look back at Earth, and if so what does it actually look like?

Thank you.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 27, 2016

Thank you for posting your question! I'll share this with David and Corey for their upcoming Q&A episode.


scottlynnd1, posted on January 10, 2016

Thank You.

spwarman, posted on January 10, 2016

A while ago I sent you a drawing of Carlos Castaneda with his sketch of the ET's he saw. I saw the same ones, and have the same shocking response Corey had.
I am certain this individuals are friendly, I cannot explain why I know this, perhaps they transmitted these vibrationally to me. They also said they were working with me.
That I needed to be open to it, not to be afraid. And that they were going to save me from some disease to come.

naccychester, posted on January 9, 2016

Are the oceans saline, fresh or both?
Do they have fish, crustaceans, plant life?

erik_ramark, posted on January 9, 2016

In future episodes, it would be awesome to present some practical information on developing higher consciousness and avoiding lower vibrational situations trough love and compassion. Good meditation methods, harmonizing one's energy field trough practise and rising it's vibrational frequency.

c.rensink, posted on January 9, 2016

What about gravity, temperature, oxygen and so on, inside the caves?

jerrylaufer, posted on January 12, 2016

What do we know about the 4th and 5th density air, temperature etc. requirements?

sarahs03, posted on January 9, 2016

I have a question do you know anything the secret of Enoch tribes. Obviously the White House painting have murals the rainbow body and the knowledge of Enoch. If yes I will by happy you can share this knowledge. I have blue print vivid dreams memories me been Enoch tribe living advance city underwater they are training students to later come to earth.
Basically all this is planned by God for human to have knowledge of love, fear and expanding our abilities.

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