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Inner Earth: Into the Hall of Records
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Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth: Into the Hall of Records (February 2016)

Season 3, Episode 7
Available worldwide

Deeper into the library Corey Goode comes across the hall of records. It is less about the contents of this room, and more about the activities taking place here. What he learns will send ripples throughout the secret space alliance and may cause you to question information received from telepathic connections allegedly made with extraterrestrials and ascended masters. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast February 16, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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chadstiteskw, posted on September 30, 2016

I think the main difference in the agenda of the sphere beings vs an agenda as they see perpetrated by other say, 4th density beings is the level at which oneness is acknowledged. When oneness is fully acknowledged, service to self becomes service to the one. They abide by the principle that what you do for others you do for yourself /what you fail to do for others you fail to do for yourself. There can be a balance point reached between the two because ultimately you can't be service to others oriented to the point of being to the detriment of self. I've heard it said that betrayal of self is the highest form of betrayal. It ultimately boils down to a balance of these polarities. I think what they don't want to foster is anything predominantly polarized toward the illusion of separation.

amccracken, posted on July 29, 2016

In watching the two episodes on The Library visit, I have to say I was not blown away by the revelation that the galaxy, solar system and planets and lights therein are sentient beings. This is accepted knowledge of astrologers. Also, it is revealed in Alice Bailey's book "Esoteric Astrology". Would love an episode that connects the intelligence of the Cosmos to Astrology. Thank you. I am enjoying both you, David, and Corey. Thank you for your work and passion. Would love to see your charts! :-)

Brandora, posted on July 26, 2016

I came back to this episode just to make a retraction of my previous statement, doubting that this information about Sitchin could possibly be true. Yes, I was one of those wide-eyed believers in Zachariah Sitchin. After backing away from these episodes for a while, while I did some more research of my own and meditated upon this problem, I have come to the conclusion that Corey Goode is totally telling the truth as he sees it, and that David Wilcock would not be backing up his testimony unless he had some really good correlations from other whistle-blowers, plus what the Law of One has to say. After all, who is one going to believe? The person who is indoubitably the reincarnation of the ineffable Edgar Cayce, or the relatively unknown person who had apparently given his alligiance to the so-called Illumiati? Well of course, my idol, David Wilcock, whom I totally love for the intellectual he is, as well as being totally in love with the man. Of course, I would like to state that I have a very big heart, and I also love Corey Goode for his courage in coming forth, and I am also tototally am attracted to and in love with Michael Tellinger, not to leave out my Twin Flame, whom I met in the local health food market, not to leave out the man I am married to, even though he is still under the illusion of the scientific community, of which he was a part of, but who is beginning to come around to a spiritual way of thinking.

I'd also like to state that I also still believe that there may have been a true Anunnaki people, who were were the Gods of the Sumerians, who came before these inner Earth Agarthians, but may be subject to revision, givien enough evidence. I cannot imagine the Agarthians impersonating, for instance, a personage such as Thoth, who must have been one of the Blue Avians, or even Thoth, ore Osiris and Isis, or the Anunnaki gods in Sumeria themselves. There truly must have been another group that 450,000 years ago, took the evolving species and manipulated them to become us, but that is subject to revisionn also. Considering how these Agarthians are about their lineage, how can they say that they donnated their genes to mix with an evolving primate species, if indeed we did come from primates? So there are still many questions to be answered, and I am happily reunited with my beloved David Wilcock and in total attunement with what he is trying to accomplish. So I say thank you to both Corey and David, and I look forward to many new episodes, which I have already really gotten into with awe and delight.

ba.lazsptm, posted on July 18, 2016

Yes, there are fake channelings present, but why discrediting channeling in general? Now You guys telling that even Ascended Masters are not real? Some people are much more psychic than you, and this is a profession, which is one of the most important ones on the world. Some people are channeling Ascended Masters throughout their lives and writing books about their teachings. I believe they could decide for themselves who are they connecting to. Humanity needs encouragement about the subject of channeling, not negative marketing to it.

solomannivasa, posted on July 12, 2016

I had a spontaneous Enlightenment experience in 1990, at a time in my life that I had no real knowledge that this kind of thing even existed. It was so amazingly profound that it forever changed me. Knowing very little about anything spiritual other than my Southern Baptist indoctrination, or brainwashing, I became a seeker of Truth, and in the mid nineties had formed a small group (5 people) and started Table Tipping, which morphed into channeling. I channeled entities that I believed were St. Germaine, Jesus, the Archangels, and even Metatron. I was introduced to Reiki and all of our 5 group members eventually became Reiki Masters. We didn't charge anything for Reiki sessions and invited people to come and experience it. By about 1998 we had a group of Reiki Masters approx. 30 members strong and growing rapidly, when I realized that we had come under psychic attack because of the free Lightwork we were doing. This eventually caused our group to disperse and go our separate ways. I quit channeling and became very distrustful of the so-called Spiritual Hierarchy. Our group had become deeply confused and we were basically nullified as Lightworkers.

Fortunately for me I had bought and read the Law of One series around 1997, and even though I didn't understand much of it at the time, I was struck by Ra's definition of the Law of One, and resonated deeply with it. I used it to center myself and continued to meditate and practice Unconditional Love and eventually regained a foothold on my path. I think we may have been in contact with one of these underground groups.

If so, I wonder if they realize how much damage they did to the cause of Spiritual Awakening in the deep South where almost everyone has "drank the Kool-Aid" and become so deeply rooted in religious dogma and the status quo, that Lightworkers are ridiculed and basically shunned.

Brandora, posted on July 26, 2016

I noticed your comment when I came back here to restate my comment, and I just want to express my feelings that this happened to you and your group. As a person living in the South, I know how destructive these fundamentalist groups can be, who call themselves Christians, but know so little about the two basic commandments that Jeshua gave to us, to love God above the Self and to love others as the Self, not just those who believe as you do. It's very frustrating to me, because one of my best friends was like that, but I think she's expanded her thinking as she has aged. I also consider myself a Seeker, and of course, that is why I am so interested in what David Wilcock has to say, as the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. It's also so sad about your group because there are so many people who need both spiritual healing as well as physical healing. Such as moi, who has been chronically ill for over two decades, and I believe it is from the chemtrails and poisoning of our food as the result of that. Perhaps you could get in contact with some of your group, and encourage then to start practicing again, even if it is as individuals and more privately, so as not to attract such negativity from the mainstream and fringe groups under illusion. Good luck to you in your search.

meniyka, posted on June 29, 2016

It's splattered everywhere. This is what I call 5th gen nuclear material...

This episode really got me thinking about a cult out of India with a medium who channels an entity that considers itself to be the Supreme Soul God Shiva. This entity encourages loving thoughts and positive thinking but says that there will be destruction soon and only those souls who become pure and detached from their bodies will ascend to the 'new earth' golden age. The problem is the entity encourages the same kind of genetic purity type of attitude as these inner earth beings. A lot of the knowledge explains Hinduism from a very symbolic cosmic perspective (which is both fascinating and seriously f'd up at the same time.) I wonder if the entity is one of these inner earth folk? I have seen this entity in person many times before I got out although I must admit I had countless euphoric experiences with them. I eventually separated from them completely after reading the Seth Material and the Law of One. Because even though the entity preached love, it also fostered separation and hierarchical systems via promises of a high status in the Golden Age. Many of the followers succumb to the intoxication of their 'specialness' and status. It's kinda sad that even in 4th density entities can be so manipulative.

linahipps, posted on April 23, 2016

We need to make a full length feature film on this. Whether it's 100% real or not, it's entertaining as hell! And the script is all in this guys head. Its this entertaining watching these guys talk, imagine the story told with a team of people creating computer generated graphics out of it!

Shyann1, posted on April 8, 2016

Either Corey is the best fantasy writer ever....or he's telling the truth. Now, i am discerning in general, but this is beautiful stuff !!
I enjoy listening to both Corey and David. David is funny and kinda snarky lol And Corey is a cool customer lol God Luv Um !! \m/

lisabethfauble, posted on March 27, 2016

Hi, I would like to know where/how to enter a question to be answered on the next Viewer Questions segment.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on March 17, 2016

I feel that their intentions in making the pyramids was benevolent. They do not strike me as having any "service to self" type "agenda" but I could be off. I will takes what serves me on my journey for now. Also, it's not fair to categorize all the inner Earth people along with the Cabal but correct me if I"m off on this. My understanding in collecting this data is that there are those inner Earth beings that are friendly towards humans (service to other oriented) and others that are not. Please comment. Thanks.

paigerogers45, posted on March 15, 2016

I LOVE these videos, I am 18 and I have been so lost !!! So confused so mislead by media, school and who knows what else, Cosmic Disclosure is making EVERYTHING in my life make total sense, I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about all this, the TRUTH and learn the true potential of LOVE and LIFE. I just recently created a tinychat room, specifically for talking about these topics called Spiritual Evolution, I would LOVE to hear all the different views on life and learn from others, as a child I was ALWAYS in nature, I LOVED nature, so so much, I got mislead in middle school off track and everything started to go wrong, in 2012 I got extremely ill and saw no light I was in complete darkness until just a few months ago, I finally remembered and saw the light I had forgotten, and I want to go back to living the life of love, light, and mystic, Please join my tinychat if you have time, I have been posting links all over gaia, youtube channels, like gaia planetary station and others hoping souls who understand and are conscious will see, I haven't seen anyone on sense I started it, Please I would LOVE to conversate and learn from others, I know so many of you are ahead of where I am now and I would love to talk and learn from other like minded souls, Please join, I am a artist so often times I will draw for very long and leave the site up while I am drawing hoping someone will join so far no one has, I hope someone sees this and joins at the right time.Also I am not PaigeRogers that is my mom. Much LOVE to ALL!!

vlmanos, posted on March 5, 2016

David thank you Keep up the good work

ildiko5, posted on March 5, 2016

Love the information provided. Would love to know more about the crystal. Reminds me of the Neverending Story II, where the boy looses his memory with crystal balls as he is being tricked and each crystal/glass ball holds a memory of his. So much stuff we have been shielded from. So nice to put some puzzle peaces together.:) Love & Peace

paigerogers45, posted on March 3, 2016

I LOVE these videos, I am 18 and I have been so lost !!! So confused so mislead by media, school and who knows what else, Cosmic Disclosure is making EVERYTHING in my life make total sense, I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about all this, the TRUTH and learn the true potential of LOVE and LIFE. I just recently created a tinychat room, specifically for talking about these topics called Spiritual Evolution, I would LOVE to hear all the different views on life and learn from others, as a child I was ALWAYS in nature, I LOVED nature, so so much, I got mislead in middle school off track and everything started to go wrong, in 2012 I got extremely ill and saw no light I was in complete darkness until just a few months ago, I finally remembered and saw the light I had forgotten, and I want to go back to living the life of love, light, and mystic, Please join my tinychat if you have time, I have been posting links all over gaia, youtube channels, like gaia planetary station and others hoping souls who understand and are conscious will see, I haven't seen anyone on sense I started it, Please I would LOVE to conversate and learn from others, I know so many of you are ahead of where I am now and I would love to talk and learn from other like minded souls, Please join, I am a artist so often times I will draw for very long and leave the site up while I am drawing hoping someone will join so far no one has, I hope someone sees this and joins at the right time.Also I am not PaigeRogers that is my mom, and I am now posting this comment on almost every gaia episodes I watch. Much LOVE to ALL!! - See more at:

andrewgoodall1971, posted on February 29, 2016

you guys all know the perspex pads these beings are using are, are humanities, ipads above so below, the technology being given to humanity regarding computers came from annunaki. the annunaki are the builder race. the manipulate this world via the steve jobs and bill gates etc. Jobs intention was to create people friendly computers....colour and creativity.

ceez38, posted on February 29, 2016

Stop believing what Sacharia Sitchin wrote. He was a deceiver. Read Anton Parks books, particularly EDEN, so you can understand who the Annunnaki were. The Genesis of the Bible was written based on this Sumerian tablets, and Anton Parks does a great job at the translation.

danielcontar, posted on February 25, 2016

I'm watching the program from the beginning and 80% of what Corey said a brazilian writer has written in his books.
On the subject Tiamat there is a book that the author speaks as was the explosion . In this book Tamat is Maldek . The author's name is Rodrigo Romo ! Rodrigo Romo has many published books and is respected in Brazil and other countries. Thanks

tracey.shug, posted on February 22, 2016

I had to watch this episode twice to grasp all of the information. As an empath/intuitive, I sat for three days questioning the information I receive on a daily basis from what I perceive as contact with higher realms only to hear that it's potentially coming from inner Earth beings?! It sounds like their intentions are to raise human's vibration on this planet, but I find it deceitful and unsettling and disappointing. I wish they were able to just show who they are without veils or shadows.
Thanks to Corey, David and Gaia for presenting us this knowledge of cosmic information! It has really enriched my life as well as so many others with giving us more questions than we will ever have answers for! Happy to be spinning on this karmic wheel along side you. Thank you.

arw575, posted on February 22, 2016

Really disappointed with the deception of the subterranean groups. They seem to think we are barbarians on the surface; however, if they had shared their technology with us many years ago, we would now be living in harmony with nature. When people are living in constant fear, starvation, or slavery of course they cannot evolve as they would otherwise (if their needs were met). The priestess does not seem to understand that the Guardians have access to the original plan that is not consistent with their own agenda. They appear to be elitist, racist, and selfish and are not as evolved as they think they are. They are not superior to anyone. We are all ONE.

galaxus3000ad, posted on February 22, 2016

My main concern is not the content my main concern is that the only way that one can access this info is by joining GAIAMTV this apparent info is so important that it needs to be free and needs to be on Wilcocks Divine Cosmos site and on You Tube and approach RT news as I am sure that they would do a feature on this....and many other outlets.
I am fed up with Wilcocks Divine Cosmos site where he keeps putting reviews from the public of how wonderful he is and his music come on Dave put some crap reviews on there why don't you its become so anal and ego centric its untrue....

analisa12, posted on February 21, 2016

I am wondering what the average life span of each person is there? I have heard that the inner earth people will use a special computer to read "akashic records" or some people call them etheric records, of all the past lives, so that they can use them to refine the development of consciousness, and this is one of the more important tools we can also use on the surface earth. Also, is that crystal they had different from other types of crystals? How can we help them to be protected from the Cabal and help to preserve this amazing information and records they hold for the future. Will the Guardians help all of us so we no longer need to live in fear or under tyranny? It is true that some people have no regard for life, and others will do anything to save it.

I think maybe Corey is waking up his gifts from this contact, and also we all are in this similar process to develop more empathy and connection so that we can become peaceful. I just really want to go in there myself. It is more like a Hobbit adventure movie- all this..

I found this song called "What IF" by Five for Fighting and ironically , they use a cute little robot that traded hearts with a little boy. But if you listen to the words it is very prophetic, and I think sometimes they may be sending us lyrics to songs too.

sraes45, posted on February 25, 2016

thanks for the link to WHAT IF... I was drawn to watch other youtube tunes on that site and really enjoyed it.

ventia8, posted on February 21, 2016

Had fallen behind 2 weeks with this info & DW's info and wow! I have a friend whom really believed they were connecting with ascending masters back in the 90's for the purpose of being in service whom is really upset by this major inner Earth being's deception Cory is now bringing to light more clearly. Lucky, I had a teacher (whom refused to teach) whom kept telling me to kill "the buddah" if met on the path, so I have kept my own journey explorations focused within. And never channeled anything from within either, thank goodness never suddenly becoming a psychic etc!

Not feeling very happy the Guardians do not want to connect with the inner beings, as the inner beings do not want to directly connect with us . . . as it feels like a major stalemate for things to move forward for humanity . . . that I find very frustrating. And if anyone out their thinks humanity is not ready yet, then when the H when?!?! . . . ALL while they are not all not talking with each other and getting along is all very disturbing.

But again, so deeply appreciate your still bringing more info to light (despite being told to shut up) and David, your inter leaving all your research with it is wonderful!


jessefrancis83, posted on February 22, 2016

Hi Ginger,

I Believe this may answer a few of your questions in your above post. It's from CG's official Website.

It was posted just over a month ago.

Enjoy :)

lucidchi, posted on February 21, 2016

Cory , I could only imagine how much that would be effecting you, you may even have had her cleared out of your space already sense this tapping.... I personally like to run my energy (Earth and Cosmic) turning town the lower chakras to (10% 10% 70% for women 50% for men) to bring awareness & more clarity into the upper Chakras while running my crown at gold (neutral vibration) so that I can discern what My truth is with out being programmed ....on all shows . Anyways what I was see is that shes still in your 6th Chakra , How I clean out matching pictures, people, energies etc is by Creating and destroying Roses (why a rose...we all know what one is, even if we are blocked our knowingness -5th Chakra or Intuition 2nd Chakra can and will give the information...why create and destroy? life is about creating and destroying , you have to clear out to make space)Create a rose have it start to pull the priestess out a magnet pulling her energy out of your space, be aware and amused where ever you see or feel or know it comes from then place a firecracker, bomb and explode it... hell you could use a bubble & pop it like the ancients did by doing this you're creating new neurological path ways in the brain..( can see its your 6th and 7th) but that's me looking at your energy from the time of the taping, Now do the same for yourself , create a rose, call your energy back from her, or where ever you were and destroy it. I see and have experienced that fear of letting people go.... its actually the best healing and will not create new Karma by giving e someone back their energy. (we all know we have our own from many lifetimes , the last thing id think we all would want is more..haha . You'll still able to communicate, probably a lot clearer now
anyways this is for all, in any situation. Its amazing how things can change for the better by this little exercise. That works best in meditation. :) Thank you Cory, David, and the cosmic D team., posted on February 21, 2016

guardians = ancient builder race = sphere being alliance

Wow! That's kinda cool. :-)

askblackwell, posted on February 20, 2016

I'm so impressed that people below seem to get this easily! I got so lost during this interview (first interview to completely and utterly confuse me). I had to keep watching and taking notes. If anyone can please verify I got this right. I'd love to fully understand this. Or if you can cover this in the next episode quickly going over facts of the this episode. I've watched five times to get what I have so I can follow along. I've always avoid people or the topic with people who say they see/speak to the Masters and Religious figures so this topic really intrigued me and I'd really love to get it. I get the message, but the source never felt right.

Ancient builder race from Billions of years ago. They were powerful and protectors and no one would cross them. They had energetic barriers. Others native to our Solar System brought down the protective field through some Massive ....happening... these other groups from our Solar System came to Earth which was no longer protected and they were genetic farmers. They took survivors from other uninhabitable planets near by and moved them to Earth and that is where all of the problems came from.

This information is coming from Inner Earth humanoids who pretend to be Jesus, Buddha, the Masters etc... to protect their home from these violent humans.
Everything changed after the Guardians came back, the Sphere Beings, are the Guardians. The Sphere Beings/Guardians are ignoring them Inner Earth Beings? Yet communicating through Corey? Inner Earth beings wanted to know why they were being ignored by Guardians.

There are many ET groups here that are positive, but there is still some that is service to self with agenda's... so the Guardians are also here on an agenda. They have direct access to them... but aren't talking.

(Confused here) The higher frequency beings (Sphere Beings/Guardians?) They can't go forward until we all go forward (I think). They have to help us progress to progress. David - says "They have to help us because of mistakes they made (Inner Earth Beings? Or Sphere Beings?) Is everyone held back or just Inner Earth Beings?

Wheel of Karma - Inner Earth Beings didn't fully accept Karma? If they can't move forward wouldn't that be evidence of Karma? Cause and effect?

Moving right along... these Inner Earth Beings are channeling to us humans, getting communication from human reaching out or waiting for some type of communication. So now they are going to start lying to Humans and giving disinformation to cover up with Corey is sharing with us? (Needs clarity)

Why would Corey share where they live if that puts them in danger in the first place? It would makes sense to hide and lie knowing what the human race is capable of. We are trying to protect our own privacy these days... You wouldn't give serial killers your address, so why would you give violent human beings your address? Corey has been threatened and asking for protection, why do we think they would be any different. They only admitted to keeping their identity safe. That is more than fair.

lmn1955, posted on February 20, 2016

Maybe you guys would like to take a look at what Dan Winter has to say.

chnswam, posted on February 20, 2016

We still have much to know about the true structure of planet Earth, according to these inner Earth beings, and I guess they might well disinform Corey or anyone from the SSP on this. Corey said in one of the earlier episodes that we know very little of this honey combed part of Earth.

David Wilcock seems perhaps a bit disdainful on believers of Hollow Earth theory, but he has to remember that is the exact attitude of the mainstream scientists. So when David, you are sounding so mocking of the hollow Earth theory, please remember that you are making the same mistake as mainstream scientists, i.e., making up your mind on a subject and being almost religious about it, even if it means rejecting alternative ideas/research/concepts.

Let us please wait! Not write off something because we believe it is ridiculous.... we still do not know the full Truth! Don't you agree?

Granted, I have read your book on portals/vortexes, and how in the polar regions, people may be going into another reality a.k.a the time-space and mistaking it as the Hollow Earth. That is a valid point, I agree, but something still not settled as truth, and as being applicable in people's accounts (since the portal/vortex may not be always active, and gets active only on certain astrological occasions, according to the Source Field Investigations, if I'm not wrong). What is the odds that the time-space vortex was open when people traveled through the North Polar region or South polar regions (as in Byrd's case)? Is this portal always open? According to your book, if I remember correctly, it is not so.

There is big chance that even the SSP is not fully aware of the true structure of Earth, due to the same misinformation tactics, obfuscation of truth as the inner Earth beings from beings who have given SSP the information about Earth's innards. The security of the inner surface dwellers (if Hollow Earth is true, that is) may be of such paramount importance that the Agarthans may well be helping them remain secret, or may be obliged to.

This concept of Agartha - it was always a part of the belief systems of the Central Asian, Mongolian and Tibetan Buddhists, though mostly kept secret.

I'll just reveal a few details here I have learned from authors who have written over a hundred years ago (Ossendowski, Saint Yves, Olaf Jansen, to name a few) about Agartha, that vary slightly from what these inner Earth beings claim:

Agarthi or Agartha is a subterranean kingdom, ruled by someone known as the King of the World (according to Ossendowski's sources and Saint Yves's astral travels), seen with great respect among the Buddhists. His name is Brahmatma. A few Buddhist monks disclosed with Ossendowski on diverse occasions, some of the fantastic details of this realm, that its ruler is the real King of the world, and would come to the surface after a period of great upheaval and wars.

George Emerson in 1905 claims that Olaf Jansen gave an incredible story for him to publish on his death bed, fearing till his death that he would be sent again to a mental asylum if he opened his mouth, where he had already been for 30 or so years, for talking about his unbelievable story. If this account is true, then this opens up a whole new avenue for research, because in this book (or mini-book), George recounts the splendid experiences of Olaf, during his entrance to the land of Odin and Thor, i.e., to the Hollow Earth via the Northern polar entrance, his stay with gigantic humans (I guess 10-14 ft tall) in the Earth's inner surface, of the smoky inner Sun (thus the book's name being Smoky God), who the natives worship as their god or so I remember, and coming out of the South Pole some 2 years later.

I emphasize that, until we know for sure, we must not rule out the Hollow Earth theory.
It may well be that Agarthans and the other inner Earthlings may be inhabiting the region between the outer and inner surfaces, which may be of a honeycomb structure, i.e., sandwiched between we surface dwellers and the inner surface dwellers. The inner surface dwellers may well be the people that Olaf might have met and stayed with (i.e., if Olaf Jansen's account is to be believed).

This is just the gist of what these various authors talk about in their books (Beasts, Men and Gods by Ossendowski, Smoky God by Emerson). Saint Yves talks about the same King of the World, and of Agartha as being the greatest secret that he hoped would come out one day (sometime between 1880-1900).

So, we are talking about really things that were researched about a hundred years ago, but quickly pushed back from people's imaginations by time. We need to understand how this ties in with the current accounts of Agarthans from Corey.

On a separate note, the hollow Earth theory would rule out a crustal shift type of cataclysm, since there needs to be holes/entrances/gates between the inner and outer worlds, which would prevent such a possibility.

A few reasons for me to consider the Hollow Earth theory seriously are these:
1. Ice bergs are not made of salt water (even in North Polar regions), but of fresh water.
2. Mammoths and fallen tree leaves, twigs are found frozen in near the North pole (may not be due to crustal displacement - see below)
3. Corey mentions Sun as being essentially hollow, granted star is different from planet, but can the structure be similar?
4. Look at all the spheres in our Earth, the oranges, apples, lemons, grapes, etc., all mimic the torus - north and south pole, and central seed(s).
5. Perhaps an inner feeling about it.
6. Olaf Jansen's story
7. Admiral Byrd's account (and the high odds that the portals at the poles must have been open for both Olaf and Byrd, exactly during there arrival into those areas)

The fresh water rivers of the Inner Surfaces, as it flows out through the polar openings, might be getting frozen and turning into these huge ice bergs, while also washing away twigs, fallen leaves, and dead mammoths that still apparently live on the inner surface. This might explain points 1, 2, rather than a crustal displacement.

Looking from this perspective, there's still a lot of dots to connect - who is this King of the world Bramatma? Perhaps, we need some Buddhist sources to be part of interview? Are the Inner Earth Agarthans that Corey met belong to the same group as the King of the World led Agarthans? Will they tell us about the true structure of planet Earth and of other planets? How to permanently resolve this question about Hollow Earth in an acceptably scientific manner (using SSP technologies and truthful reporting)?

I shall re-post this message in the new video to help spread awareness, and to hopefully put the message across to David and Corey.

rosaluna, posted on February 20, 2016

CHNSWAM, Thank you for this post. You've given us all a lot to think about regarding the true Agarthans and their link to Tibetan Buddhists, who have long lineages descending from accomplished master teachers. I like to think Buddhists know who they are in both planes, the surface earth and the inner earth. They have clearly mastered sentient life on earth and their ideas about the root causes of pain and suffering have been releasing a lot of our deep (hidden) karma. They know the spiritual path so well and have demonstrated their agility (as adepts) in dancing between the inner planes and their outer lives on planet earth. Someone who is not from this time dimension obviously has been teaching them for millenia. I suspect that has been the Agarthans. I would like to know more about them if possible and how they fit into the story of mankind on the outer earth, so keep on spreading awareness.

mariposando, posted on February 21, 2016

I believe you might be right, there are so many secrets upon thousands of layer of more secrets and even when you think you reached a point where you know something you realise theres another secret, so it sounds reasonable to think that there is a hollow earth world type....our greatest chalange will be to decide what level of " truth" we really need and what sources will tell us that "truth"....dont get to caught up in finding the truth people, learn all you can and improve your selfes, there is so much secrets and truths in our solar system that you"ll nedd 1000 years to learn it all and by then you will only know the truth but you wont know yourself...the creator...all there was...all there is....all there ever will be....THATS THE SECRET...LEARN IT...PRACTICE IT....good luck

chnswam, posted on February 21, 2016

You're welcome and thanks much :)

premilana, posted on February 20, 2016

Corey, What is the name of this library ?

dodo7, posted on February 20, 2016

I would like to see David Icke join your discussions - would be interesting to have our boots on the ground again!

Pladderkasse, posted on February 26, 2016

Me to, I'm sure he would throw a few spanners into the machine, he he. I love David Icke because he never goes "New Age" on anything, there's no hope, in his view, unless WE the people do something.

danscranton, posted on February 20, 2016

I guess I can feel good about my lack of confidence in my work for the very first time :). Don't think I'm special at all. Never been told that I am by any of the beings I've connected with either.

I love this show, btw.

info877, posted on February 20, 2016

Fantastic loved it. My birthday is on the 16th Feb 1972 so i enjoyed this episode.
I would like to ask about the telepathic part. Are we all capable to connect with the inner earth beings?
Thank you
Robert Parmakovski

andrewgoodall1971, posted on February 20, 2016

I think that cleansing ceremony is a joke being played on you Corey.

andrewgoodall1971, posted on February 20, 2016

Any being that claims a section of space as "our zone" is coming from a "possession" Empire consciousness.....All the Earth is a lower frequency reflection of many space races.

nc-gruete, posted on February 19, 2016

Just - wouw. Increadible - excellent information. I appreciate it!!!

blue_skies, posted on February 19, 2016

Now that I've settled down, I realize I forgot to say how much I'm enjoying Wisdom Teachings and Cosmic Disclosures and all the information available on I totally agree with Tonia.....Corey and David are to be commended for their 'bravery and diligence'. Just hope that in future interviews, Corey will clarify some of what was presented in this episode.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on February 19, 2016

@BLUE_SKIES, thanks for writing! We appreciate your kind support of our programming--the interviews with Corey will continue!

Many thanks,

tonia.mora, posted on February 19, 2016

I have watched David Wilcox's programs like Wisdom Teachings and now Cosmic disclosure. It really shook me up when Corey was explaining how in reality our belief system is wrong. I cried and became emotionally distraught, but I continued to watch the program. I knew in my heart there has to be some truth to what is being explained. I have to commend you both for the bravery and diligence that your are putting out for us that want to grow in our knowledge of the truth of how we came to be. Please continue; don't stop. I will continue praying for your safety, so you can continue to provide the knowledge that we all need. I will try to keep and open mind, for it is a lot to take in.

blue_skies, posted on February 19, 2016

When I first watched David's interviews with Corey re: the Red Planet, I thought that the folks at the SSP were in bad shape. Lots of tech-savvy but zero sensibility and even less true Intelligence. And clueless about the misery they have created with yet another slave race on Mars. As if the one on Earth isn't enough. Hey! Let's move it to Mars and see what we can do without the interference of nosy Human Rights Watch-type organizations. They're like kids in a candy store with no one to rein them in.
Now I watch David's interview with Corey re: his visit to Inner Earth and meetings with beings who get their kicks sending us Surface Creatures on wild goose chases thanks to their ability to lock into those of us who are sincerely trying to connect with a 'higher consciousness'. Yikes! They have reached a nice, comfy state of evolution....but they, too, seem to be clueless about the fall-out from their activities.
Between the SSP's sociopaths and the Inner Earth's cool, clean detachment....I'm feeling really uncomfortable. I wouldn't cross the road to meet any of them.....except maybe to pick their brains and find out why they are behaving in such strangely Inhumane ways.
Gotta admit that I'm mad at all of them. Seems both the SSP and Inner Earth Beings have a whole lot of contempt for us Surface Dwellers. And as for the Inner Earth Beings who sit around and 'fish' for opportunities to deceive and discourage.....I want to tell them to Quit It!! Go find your own entertainment that doesn't involve messing with our delicate hold on sanity......

pottlelinda, posted on February 21, 2016

David this one is for you. If in each one of us is the ability to recreate the entire universe. If all that information is in each one of us and that it's true that, what is above is as it is below meaning, that basically the same principles at the 3rd level of choice and free will, apply to each and every other level of density. In each level of density there is Karma. Karma being the teaching tool that evolves the soul or spirit. If I am correct, you have to be in a level of density for Karma to work. That each time you are between incarnations you're aware and have to agree to be, or, if unaware do to the lack of education you are auto-incarnated, incarnated into that density to repeat karmic lessons. This tells me that there are other densities of beings that have not learned that there is an illusion attached to every decision to enter into a density level. That illusion being that we have to go through 3 grade to get to 4th and so on. This illusion must be what is perceived at the time of choice to go into that next level. Once entering that level they have jumped back on the Karma wheel and are incarnated over and over until the lessons of that level are completed. Example Blue Avian beings having us attached to their karma. Once a being has chosen to go on into another density they are locked into that density and have to work their way out through karmic deeds that evolve the being. At each level there has to be choice "Free Will" to move on. With in each level is a choice of learning "Love and Light" or "Light and love" and so on, to be learned all within the rules of Karma. Now even in this lowly 3D level we are taught how to stop the wheels of karma and get off the ride by learning the rules of karma. It seems to me that it is the rules of Karma that gets lost, if learned, upon agreeing to enter a new level of density, ex; 4th density inter Earth being high priestess. That being said, " what is above is below" (in every density) and that "each one of us contains all the knowledge to recreate the universe" then taking the knowledge of a collective conscience, the rules of Karma and how to stop the ride that we have learned, along with our free will, at the time between levels of incarnation, would a being choose to loose all that and jump back on the wheel of Karma if it wasn't an illusion that they had too? Some people have to go through each grade at school some don't. My free will tells me that I don't want to be told where my soul can or can not go and what I have to learn. I have had quite enough Karma both good and bad thank you very much, and I would like to choose my own if that's possible. Thanks David and Corey you have given me so much to think about. Great job

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on February 19, 2016

A very disturbing act of TREASON in Corey's home-state of Texas took place this week and was reported in the national news. A man who allegedly owed $1,500 from a 1987 student debt was arrested by seven US Marshals. He was then jailed and forced to sign a repayment plan in open court by a federal judge.

Few seem to understand the significance of this. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery and also prohibits "involuntary servitude" for anything but a criminal offense. That means there can be no "debtor's prison" in the US. You cannot be arrested or jailed for failure to pay a debt. Period. It is interesting this open and notorious violation of the 13th Amendment involves an African-American man.

Exceptions to the 13th Amendment have been established, but that has been in criminal actions. The idea being that since the fine is a criminal matter the 13th Amendment does not apply. Then it was stretched to failure to pay spousal support, under the "dead-beat dad" laws, which were suspect but supported by popular sentiment. But even when concerning criminal fines, the US Supreme court clearly said: the court must consider if the person has the ability to pay the fine in criminal matters before jailing. [Bearden v. Georgia (1983)]. In the Bearden decision, the Supreme Court did not even consider that a person would be jailed for a civil bank debt because that is so obviously in violation of the 13th Amendment it would have been ridiculous to consider in 1983. Important: the exception in the Bearden case involved *CRIMINAL* activity, NOT A CIVIL ACTION. Repayment of a student loan that was properly used for educational purposes is purely and without a doubt a CIVIL matter.

The thought of using federal police to arrest a US citizen for failure to appear at a CIVIL hearing is outrageous!!!! In civil court, if you fail to appear, the other side takes a default judgment, which they then have the right to collect by whatever legal means are available, such as garnishing wages or bank accounts, putting a lien against owned property, or forcing the surrender of personal property, such as jewelry and cars. BUT, under no circumstance should the power to arrest and incarcerate ever come into play in civil matters!!!! EVER! Let's ignore the question of incarcerating for criminal fines, although that is still highly suspect.

In the news article from Fox in the link below, you see the wording is such to make you think this is a normal activity and should be accepted. They explain it was not for the debt he was arrested, but for failure to appear at the hearing as ordered. Again, remember this was a CIVIL hearing, and the penalty for not appearing should have been, at worse, a default judgment against the party who failed to appear. Even if the person knew all about the alleged debt and refused to pay. That's his right to contest the civil lawsuit by refusal to appear in court. In the American court system, the term "civil law" generally connotes the penalty of jail is not involved.

But my research lead me to further news that rocked my world: In 2013 New Zealand announced they would begin arresting people who did not pay back their student loans. I do not know if New Zealand has any constitutional protections like we do in the US, but the banks are making a statement world-wide.

THE FUTURE: while this involves a student loan, it could have been any bank debt, such as a home mortgage, personal, business or car loan, etc.

This is so over-the-top wrong it is alarming.

In friendship,

David Bush, Esq.
California State Bar No. 154511

Link to Texas story:

Link to New Zealand story (no year is given in the story but I think 2014 is correct):

Link to story involving fraudulently obtaining a student loan for non-learning purposes (opening a beauty salon).
This is a very different situation as in the recent cases there is no charge of fraud in obtaining the loan:

chandira2012, posted on February 23, 2016

We need people to wake up far and wide all over the country and the world and the negative Cabal can then be brought to justice and lynched in public! Then that would be celebration of grass-roots glory and victory to humanity!

Dr. Dave 4D, posted on February 26, 2016

Chandira--thanks for the reply. I am a peaceful person so public lynchings are not part of the agenda I would promote, but I like your enthusiasm. While punishment for crimes is definitely a part of justice, there are two other components: 1) making society a safe place from the acts of the violators; and 2) rehabilitating the violators with the goal of making them a viable part of the new community. Justice should be practiced by the group, not the individual, and should weigh all three objectives. We are all in this together!

in friendship,

David Bush

hotpot, posted on February 20, 2016

That is absolutely unbelievable Dave.

It must be very frustrating in your line of work to see the law constantly manipulated by the cabal. Think yourself lucky that you're not a barrister in the UK. Here, they have to wear those pretentious wigs and robes in court. Costumes of Justice, I call them.

Surely there is something that can be done to combat this in a legal sense?

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