Beyond Belief: Inner Workings of the Federal Reserve with G. Edward Griffin Video
Inner Workings of the Federal Reserve with G. Edward Griffin
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Beyond Belief: Inner Workings of the Federal Reserve with G. Edward Griffin (May 2016)

Season 6, Episode 5
Available worldwide

For many people, getting money from nothing would seem like an impossible dream. For a few private bankers, who hold a stake in the Federal Reserve, this is a dream come true. G. Edward Griffin peels away the layers of obscurity to expose the inner workings of America’s most secretive banking institution, the Federal Reserve. He also explains that we are not powerless before this financial tyrant. This interview with George Noory was originally webcast May 4, 2016.

G. Edward Griffin is a writer and documentary film producer with many successful titles to his credit, including, The Creature from Jekyll Island and World Without Cancer. He has dealt with such diverse subjects as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations.

George Noory
G. Edward Griffin


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enkido1, posted on September 6, 2016

Between the extremes of Ubuntu's zero money and the Fed's unbacked funny money, there is the prospect of a Federal currency based on the one, primal value that everyone understands: human labor time. What we need is what Bob Blain has already suggested: "hour money." In this scenario, the money supply would be tied to and delimited by actual productivity, measured by the number of hours of human labor expended nationally during a particular measurement period. As a measure, one could start with the GDP as a measure, then modify it to include productive labor time in enterprises it does not currently include. Our one hour bills would include the statement: "Pay to bearer upon demand one hour of honest and competent labor."

peanutbutterfunk49, posted on August 30, 2016

This is what I think needs to happen and that is to get rid of the monetary system period! If people think we can't live without money, they need to research how we got stuck with this money system to begin with. This is nothing but a system of control. We don't need money. We need to live in a system of cooperation. Research the Ubuntu movement. The Ubuntu movement is the way to go. No more competition, but collaboration. NO MORE MONEY, PERIOD! This would solve so many other problems in return! Think about all of the things that are ruled by money, not to mention the people! It would all be gone and there would be a lot more peace on this planet.

alex09, posted on June 14, 2016

I believe that what is taking is place is just the first phase of creating a one world order. The first step which is taking place is the synchronizing of international markets into one global market. Evidence of this is currently seen in how the FED keeps pushing back raising US interest rates. Raising rates right now would further aggravate the other major world economies that are currently in or very close to negative territory. This delay tactic is somewhat unprecented in that the FED is not taking steps to ensure the economice health of its own country out of the fear of further destablizing the economies of other countries. They are simply sitting back and waiting for these other countries to catch up which is a strong suggestion that we have gone from an economic interdependent market to a dependent one world market.

I also believe that eventually the system will collapse and be replaced by a single world currency called digital credits. One such denomination of a digital credit that is currently being tested is the bitcoin. The peculiar thing about the bitcoin is its popularity considering it has no governing oversight, appearing out of no where all of a sudden with its creator being a guarded secret. The architects of the one world order know that the best way to get people to drop to the knees and cry uncle is to hit them where it hurts the most, in their pockets. Take a look at the financial systems around the world including the US. Are we close to that? The incredible part of all of this is, it's being done in plain sight. So the question now is not if, but when?

dancecyn, posted on May 9, 2016

I heard that rampant inflation will begin by end of may. Greece the bird in the mine, is borrowing just to pay interest. student loan defaults this summer. china yen recently is backed by gold. OPEC no longer willing to trade dollars for oil. Putin has military out mining for gold. hey check out this site in Utah ,that buys gold with your dollars and issues you a debit card. they store the physical gold in their vaults. Utah state law prohibits the fed from confiscating their gold. take a look at it was set up to keep seniors from being defrauded. they hope to eventually open up state wide . stay hopeful and prepared

bvb10, posted on May 9, 2016

Using the money. UBUNTU

alysha.kammer, posted on May 6, 2016

While Sanders did appear to be in favorof auditing the Federal Reserve, he actually did NOT vote in favor of Rand Paul's Audit the Fed bill.

akamai9999, posted on June 5, 2016

typical politician

picadillydoc, posted on May 5, 2016

George, another disappointing interview. A shallow interview. What about the attempts to audit the Federal Reserve banks. The president of the U.S. answers to the chairman of the Federal Reserve banks. The chairman dictates to POTUS who to appoint as the Secretary of the Treasury. What about the role of the Federal Reserve banks in the 2008 economic meltdown. So many questions left unanswered about how the private Federal Reserve Bank corporation, which is owned by global elite banking families, and how they control the government and the economic direction of the U.S. One could get far more accurate information in a couple of UTube videos.

updoglife, posted on May 5, 2016


loveteeth36, posted on May 5, 2016

A society without money is not a problem, the problem is a totalitarian government wanting the people to act as slaves and that is happening now and has been happening for decades with a monetary system in place. We can live without money and we will be perfectly fine if the people is free, growing spiritually and there are leaders guided by the Divinity, the world can be s better place and we need to fight for it, we need to pray every single day for it, we need to visualize that world and focus on the light at the end of this tunnel.......

mkeller, posted on May 4, 2016

Really an excellent interview. While most likely anyone watching this already knows any of this, it would be nice if this interview could be made available free to the sheeple.

taovag, posted on May 4, 2016

The clear choice is Ubuntu. It's a very clear choice once you understand how removing a monetary control system completely solves the majority of social ills revolving around economic inequality. It needs to be mentioned money of itself does nothing. NOTHING. People do everything and will continue to do everything that needs to be done perfectly fine without money. Ubuntu addresses all of these issues beautifully. Please watch Michael Tellingers videos here on Gaia tv about this solution.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 5, 2016

Thank you for mentioning that! Yes, we have many videos available with Michael Tellinger, and those can be found here:

All the best,

akamai9999, posted on May 4, 2016

I second that....Michael Tellinger is the only practical solution

echome56, posted on May 9, 2016

I'll third that as well.....Michael Tellinger episodes should be available and free to all.

vlmanos, posted on May 4, 2016

Great show thank you

jbrand1997, posted on May 4, 2016

Thank you both for trying to wake people up - not just in the U.S. but elsewhere. Knowledge is power! Please have more programs on this incredibly complicated and insidious topic.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 4, 2016

@JBRAND1997, thanks for commenting on the interview!
We had had several interviews in our Open Minds series that also cover the financial industry. You may be interested in these:

All the best,

annie99, posted on May 5, 2016

Great Idea to provide related links, Suzanna

surely it's not practical on all other videos - but it's great to be able to find these right off thru your links!


SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 6, 2016

No problem, Annie, I'm happy to provide recommendations! :)

All the best,

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