InnerYoga for Reducing Stress and Anxiety AM Video
InnerYoga for Reducing Stress and Anxiety AM

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InnerYoga for Reducing Stress and Anxiety AM

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This gentle practice is designed to be grounding and nourishing for those of you who are challenged by stress and anxiety. It will support you in calming the nervous system and quieting the mind, and invite you into a clear and delicious sense of embodiment. You will be guided through mindful breathing, Yin Yoga, a slow flow, and a subtle body energy practice called Jin Shin Jyutsu to soothe and awaken your whole being and prepare you for the day ahead.


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nadine.westover, posted on August 23, 2016

This was perfect. At first I was concerned that "being" for the longer holds would aggravate my anxiety, but in the end I found a wonderful state of peace... ready to begin the day from a place of calm. Thank you!

confiante, posted on August 25, 2016

Hi Dina, could you tell me the name of the breathing technic ( how do you write that name ) you did at the beginning of the class: breathe out 2/3 by the nose and 1/3 by the mouth. Thank you so much for everything. Lots of xxxxx NB : I'm french, sorry for the mistakes if there are some!

NicoleUrdang, posted on January 19, 2016

This actually switches me nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic with the Taoist breath I can practice anywhere and the Jin Shin Jyutsu.
I also liked the thumb hold to allay worry.

I am a huge fan and would love more practices from you.

cewells, posted on August 8, 2015

I love every single one of your classes - they are so healing and gentle. I can do them any time, even when I am not feeling so well - I always feel better. Thank you!

celiaa07, posted on June 6, 2015

This was a more active yin than other classes I have done, but very enjoyable.

susie0884, posted on May 30, 2015

Great Backdrop. Loved the routine. I will surely come back to this one!

elena.rego, posted on April 4, 2015

This was perfect. Gentle, slow and nurturing. Thank you. It was exactly what I needed to start the day on a quiet and fully embodied way.

carolinegarhart, posted on February 20, 2015

I did this practice for the first time after doing some work around forgiveness for myself (and by extension others) This practice completely supported my studies, leaving me filled with the spaciousness to forgive. Thank you.

luciarose, posted on January 13, 2015

Thanks.. what a perfect set

carolg0, posted on January 5, 2015

Perfect way to start the day, watching sunrise while listening and actively doing. First day going back to work in 2015, bring it on!

JessyH, posted on November 28, 2014

This is wonderful. I'm suffering from chronic anxiety at the moment and this took me from stressed out to blissed out. Thank you so much for introducing me to Jin Shin Jyutsu, I think it's amazing. The energy lock in this practice I found particularly powerful. Namaste.

jdegen, posted on November 20, 2014

Just what I needed to start my day and give back.

pcmisao, posted on August 2, 2014

Thank you Dina.

rwalker, posted on August 1, 2014

Thank you for this beautiful and grounding practice!

boyce, posted on July 27, 2014

feeling blessed thank you

diamondgirl, posted on July 1, 2014

Thanks for including the Jin Shin Jyutsu; it was new to me. This is a great sequence at a relaxed pace. It reminded me to set my intention for the day, which was patience, compassion and comfort for myself and all around me. I feel like I can successfully face my day now! Namaste!

candiddy, posted on May 24, 2014

Absolutely wonderful and calming. Thank you!

spiritdancer_2, posted on March 25, 2014

I did this at night and it was fantastic to wind down. Fabulous!

diagur, posted on March 22, 2014

Perfect before entering the rush of the morning!

AWady, posted on February 28, 2014

Thank you thank you.

mindbodymft, posted on February 15, 2014

Very transformative practice. I am taking a course on Whole Medical Systems for a PhD and it focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. I appreciated this practice as it referenced concepts from both systems. What a nice surprise for me today...I thought I was taking a break from studying but actually reinforced my learning while getting incredibly relaxed and centered.

RubyDiamond, posted on January 29, 2014

I enjoyed getting into a calm zone within. Your practice helped me get there. Love it. Thanks Dina. Sat Nam.

marnster1, posted on December 14, 2013

This was so lovely, I'm so glad I took the time this morning to do this practice.

zensationalsurvivor, posted on November 25, 2013

Clean pure bliss! Thank u Dina

nbitunjac, posted on October 12, 2013

Beautiful Dina. Thank you

MyMichele237, posted on October 4, 2013

Just what the doctor ordered :-) You're narration was soothing and smooth, and the flow of this practice really let every movement sink in for me. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this. Definitely a favorite. <3

dinaamsterdam, posted on September 27, 2013

@mishakitty78 I am so happy that this practice is supportive for you. Sending you so much compassion for the challenges you and your husband are facing right now. Love. Dina

mishakitty78, posted on September 27, 2013

Just wanted to let you know this helped me so much. My husband was in a terrible unexpected accident and I have been caring for him for the past 2 days. I did this practice this morning and it helped me so greatly. Thank you so much.

dinaamsterdam, posted on September 25, 2013

@NicoleUrdang Hi nicole! Try the practice I just released in the morning series. It includes some jin shin and keep an eye out for the InnerYoga Immune System Booster practice that will be released in the coming months. It includes a sequence of Jin Shin Jyutsu for the immune system. Be well! Dina

NicoleUrdang, posted on September 14, 2013

WOW! and Namaste.
Thank you for this beautiful and rejuvenating, sweet, centering practice.
More Jin Shin Jyutsu, please.

dinaamsterdam, posted on September 13, 2013

@Lorilia It makes me so happy to hear that!!! Warmest to you, Dina

dinaamsterdam, posted on September 13, 2013

@JuliAnneM I am glad you are enjoying this practice ;-)!

dinaamsterdam, posted on September 13, 2013

@sugrdmge98 You are so welcome!

dinaamsterdam, posted on September 13, 2013

@reikikitty Thank you for your kind comment. i hope you are continuing to benefit from the practice. Warmest, Dina

dinaamsterdam, posted on September 13, 2013

@phoebedubar @phoebedubar You are so welcome. Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed it! xo

phoebedubar, posted on September 12, 2013

Absolutely beautiful pratice. So grounding and peaceful. Thank you so, so much Dina! Xxxxx

reikikitty, posted on July 19, 2013

I can't even thank you enough for this.

sugrdmge98, posted on July 9, 2013


JuliAnneM, posted on July 3, 2013

Wonderful, Dina! Thank you so much.

librarygrl, posted on June 30, 2013

Beautiful, calming and soothing. Thank you...

missbgreen, posted on June 24, 2013

Just what I needed on a very anxious morning!

Lorilia, posted on June 3, 2013

I am new to your classes and I feel like I have found what I have been looking for! In this busy world, this practice brings such peace and calm. Thank you!

catorr2, posted on May 27, 2013

Dina, I love all of your practices. I always feel like I am a renewed person.

donnamariet, posted on May 2, 2013

Thank you Dina. Was a perfect mid morning interlude while studying.

Travlynqt, posted on April 21, 2013

Beautiful practice with perfect flow. I love the mix of modalities. Absolutely perfect for this Sunday morning. Thank you!!

AmandaRuffini, posted on April 5, 2013

Exactly what I needed this morning. Namaste!

joannspewak, posted on March 24, 2013

after a week of traveling that was just what i needed! thank you!

houseofseven, posted on February 24, 2013

very calming and beneficial, thank you:)

AnneLiv, posted on February 18, 2013

Thank you.

veda, posted on February 10, 2013

Fantastic...delicious...warm calming...thank you~

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