Open Minds: Intergalactic Ethics with Ted Peters Video
Intergalactic Ethics with Ted Peters
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Open Minds: Intergalactic Ethics with Ted Peters (March 2014)

Season 4, Episode 11
Available worldwide

Astrobiologists and UFOlogists do not necessarily agree about the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth. But they do agree that intelligent life could evolve throughout the cosmos. The time will come when we will encounter such life and must face certain theological and ethical questions. Ted Peters explains the moral and religious dilemmas we will face when mankind finally openly encounters its first extraterrestrial intelligence in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast March 25, 2014.

Ted Peters, is a professor of systematic theology at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. He has authored, co-authored, edited, and co-edited more than two dozen books with topics ranging from sin and evil to the future of God and to points where science and religion clash and cooperate. His new venture as an author is a series of espionage thrillers with an enigmatic heroine, Leona Foxx. Ted will publish a new book--UFOs: God's Chariots?--in April 2014 with New Page Books.

Regina Meredith
Ted Peters


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Puptart, posted on March 26, 2014

I give high marks to Mr. Peters for his relaxed conversation and apparent attempt to see common ground between various types of thinkers. I enjoyed the interview and the time seemed to pass quickly.

mauionecreations, posted on March 26, 2014

Animals are NOT inferior. In fact, scientists have recently discovered that many cetaceans are actually more evolved than humans, with larger cortexes. This being said, all animals are here for a reason - and have a right to live without fear, abuse, and exploitations from humans. There are major ethical issues which require genuine compassion and realization regarding animals and they are not lower than so called human life - so didn't agree with Mr. Peters there.

Puptart, posted on March 26, 2014

Ditto, I aspire to be as good a Earth creature as my dog.

zamatua, posted on March 29, 2014

He stated that that viewpoint was not his own personal one, but what seems to be the general consensus on earth

bclaman, posted on March 25, 2014

He brings up an interesting thought with the survey he did of how people's religion would or would not be affected by the confirmed discovery of ETI. I would like to see someone ( crowd source maybe??) do the same thing with a percentage of the US population but not specific to religion. Instead the survey questions could be geared more towards '...would you run screaming in the streets if ETI was discovered/confirmed?' ... or similar. There would just need to be a few questions and someone to finance the distribution of the survey and collection and evaluation of the results.

Claudettehuber, posted on March 25, 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the many ethical and moral aspects to the human race going out into the cosmos. Incredibly insightful and I am grateful for such scholars who are bringing this to the forefront. I am looking forward to the day we can attend a BBQ where there are vibrant, intellectually stimulating conversations amongst an incredibly diverse group, of not only the laymen searching for answers, but the scientific community. I am RSVPing!

Ann.darnell, posted on March 25, 2014

How comforting to hear from a religious leader who informs us that there actually are religious leaders who recognize and understand that all of our "God's" creation is not limited to our planet and our humanity. Perhaps, our religious belief systems are capable of climbing outside of the proverbial religious box after all!

martinebeland, posted on March 25, 2014

What a great subject. To me, this episode is full of hope and good questions to ask our self about the ethic with others beings and I did learn a lot. As usual Regina gave us some sparkling, humorous and so intelligent comments in this very interesting interview with the charismatic Mr Peters. A much watch !!!
Thank you Gaïam t.v. ! :))

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