Intermediate Advanced Neck Therapeutics Video
Intermediate Advanced Neck Therapeutics

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Intermediate Advanced Neck Therapeutics

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This class from Ashleigh Sergeant is not for beginners. A strong therapeutic class that focuses on using perfect alignment in progressively more weight-bearing poses to help heal neck and shoulder pain. Must have a strong working knowledge of spinal biomechanics and headstand away from the wall.

Contraindications: cervical herniations.

[A side note from Ashleigh: Excited (and a bit apprehensive) to share this video on yoga therapeutics for the neck. I've been wary to offer a class like this on video because it really is for advanced practitioners, and anyone practicing it should be open to being humble and cautious. We use weight-bearing poses, with precise alignment, in order to create strength and curvature in the cervical spine. It is a potent and extremely healing class – when done with impeccable alignment. It can injure if done without care and alignment. Please practice with reverence and extra care if you have an injury. Enjoy!]

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pauline.chow, posted on July 10, 2016

good tips with creating strength and tone in he back of the neck, which has been severely neglected

Nzend, posted on January 16, 2016

I sometime have very severe neck pain and headaches, and this routine seems to help a great deal. I've used the video often, and am really grateful.

sharonanne, posted on January 8, 2016

Ashleigh, over this last year I have been suffering with herniated disks in both my back and neck.

Since July I have been following your classes and find such relief from pain by carefully obeying your instructions. Your care and precise alignment to details have given me much freedom to find the joy of life once again.

I have recommended your videos to many friends and each day I look forward to whatever video I choose for the day, always a blessing ... and that is huge considering it is a workout.

There are two words that I would like to say to you. Thank You.
Bless you,

SheilaModglin, posted on December 23, 2015

I just did the 2 videos back to back for neck therapy done by you ... so helpful!!! I thank you for putting this video out for our use in spite of your apprehension. I have been in such pain for a long while and you make me feel confident that my intelligent body is back on the way to healthy whole and complete! much gratitude and love, Sheila

julie.milinazzo, posted on December 8, 2015

I loved this practice. It was exactly what my neck needed. You have an incredible way of breaking up the poses (when you explain) which makes it a lot easier to follow. I will definitely do this one again.
As a side note, I have been following you on Instagram and I really like your posts and you seem to post exactly what I needed to hear - I recently joined GAIA and been practicing yoga with you everyday :) I choose a different video depending on my mood at that moment so Thank YOU for posting these amazing videos.

yogini73, posted on September 27, 2015

I come again and again to this practice, especially when I get a kink in my neck or shoulder blade. If you follow her instructions specifically around keeping the tone in neck during the poses, you gradually feel the release. Love this! Thank you.

marapenrose, posted on March 1, 2015

after this lovely practice. I will be returning to this twice a week at least! I too have a lot of pain in the upper body and I'm a dancer. This works.

Magically I also felt a connection between the release in my shoulder and neck with my jaw and hip on the same side. An increase in inner space everywhere. Thank you so much! Helping where massage and chiropractics couldn't.

justineadlong, posted on January 10, 2015

I am very thankful that Ashleigh shared this video. It's helped me to stand up straight and align my spine better than 15 years of dance. I'll be doing this video at least twice a week for quite some time.

(I'm probably going to make my snowboard instructor boyfriend complete this practice, too! He often comes home from work with neck pain, and I believe this will help him heal.)

Thank you, thank you for sharing.

ashleighsergeant, posted on January 11, 2015

I love it! Dancers and snowboarders alike can totally benefit from this practice! Thanks for sharing and connecting.

stacymarek, posted on January 2, 2015

I have problems with neck and shoulders. This is just what I need. I want more.

Scales15, posted on September 17, 2014

For many reasons this was an amazing therapeutic series. I initially sought out a neck and shoulder practice to relive tension from my first high intensity workout I've had in ages. I'm certainly feeling more open and spacious in those areas now, though I did want to share that during shavasana was the first time I truly felt I was able to perform reiki on myself. I was just thinking how I'd like to express myself more and perhaps my 5th charka needed opening, and I think this class helped to do that. Feeling very excited and empowered! - and aligned :) Love your classes always, Ashleigh. Thank you so much!

ashleighsergeant, posted on January 11, 2015

Thank you for sharing your experience of this video. And performing reiki on yourself in savasana sounds amazing! Definitely a powerful 5th chakras practice. Thanks for connecting and celebrating yoga with me on this beautiful site!

yogini73, posted on September 13, 2014

After suffering from a pinched shoulder blade, related to poor neck posture, I tried this practice and am amazed. I was afraid since I still have some pinching that it would aggravate it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the strengthening encouraged in the poses for the neck muscles actually released the pinching sensation I've been having. It made me more aware of my neck posture, more likely to avoid forward neck positioning and more pain free. Thank you!

mrsdoos, posted on April 28, 2014

AMAZING! Ashleigh does it again! I have had recurring neck pain for years. I woke up this morning with neck pain, so I popped some ibuprofen. Later, when that wore off, I decided to try this yoga practice. I couldn't believe it! My pain was gone, I felt so much energy through my neck and shoulders! Ashleigh is the best! She helped my back, and now my neck! Thank you so much for all you do! You are amazing!

casaslack, posted on January 24, 2014

Wonderful. Went at my own pace, given my neck and shoulder limitations at the moment, and it was perfect. Thank you.

RubyDiamond, posted on November 15, 2013

Great therapy for the neck. Thanks Ashleigh. Love it!

Vaninna, posted on November 5, 2013

Thank you so much Ashleigh, this felt amazing! I have quite a long neck so it is a sensitive area for me. This practice is very gentle and powerful. I really felt the clearing of the mind and the meditative state at the end of the practice. I can really the strengh building in my neck and upper back. Managable for intermediate when you skip the tripod headstand

Laroy90, posted on November 3, 2013

Directly after the class i felt open, long and spaceious. In my sitting meditation it felt as if i was sitting against aware of the back of my body. I slept wonderfully. In the morning my neck muscles felt as if they worked, but not too much....feeling the urge to do the class again! A small hesitation...How often can i do this class withouten overpowering my neck muscles? Recognizing my tendency to enthousiastically overdo....

ayami, posted on October 31, 2013

This practice melted and softened my neck and heart too. Thank you :))

ashleighsergeant, posted on October 31, 2013

@TresPoser Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, weight-baring as therapeutic is an interesting concept, isn't it? The idea is that, when we do postures with proper biomechanical alignment, they can be healing for the body by helping to imprint positive patterns and heal imbalances by increasing the muscle memory with good alignment. That being said, if the poses are non weight-baring, they are easier to hold proper alignment, but less powerful in realigning the musculature. As you increase the weight-baring nature of the posture (only as far as proper, safe alignment can be maintained, you also increase the work on the muscles. You may only be able to hold a more weight-baring posture for a few seconds at first because of the old patterns in your body. Yet, as you practice over time the musculature can begin to realign and hold a more beneficial alignment.
Does that make sense? I hope it helped. Please feel free to write back with any other questions that come up. I certainly feel this is worth clarifying!

Mew2014, posted on October 31, 2013

I am reveling in the spaciousness, thank you so much for this practice today. :D

TresPoser, posted on October 30, 2013

Hi Ashleigh - I am wondering if you could elaborate a bit more on having weight-bearing poses (headstand and shoulder stand) to be therapeutic for a cervical spine pain? I am a bit confused by this and I would love to hear your insight on how this works anatomically? Do you have a neck injury? Thanks!

ambermaechler, posted on August 18, 2014

This video gives me relief from a year of shoulder and neck pain that physical therapy never helped with. Thank you for providing this unique approach to healing.

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