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Business Shrink: International Business

Episode 22

Peter Morris interviews Kenneth Dam, author of The Law-Growth Nexus:The Rule of Law and Economic Development. He speaks about the importance of of establishing a legal and economic system in countries all over the world and what US companies need to do to operate in other countries. Niti Bhan founder of The Core 77 Design Directory speaks about communicating a companie's values internationally and defines 5 key issues that come up when companies try to communicate cross borders.

Peter Morris
Kenneth Dam PhD, Niti Bahn


Episode 1 Leading a Values Based Business
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Peter Morris talks to Mark Albion and Antonia Juhasz.
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Peter Morris speaks with Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tale, about the benefits of being a unique business and giving a full customer experience.
Episode 3 Stress Free Performance Appraisals
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Episode 4 The Culture Code
The Culture Code (9/2/06)
Episode 4
Peter Morris speaks with Clotaire Rapialle, Connie Moran, the Mayor of Ocean Springs, Mississippi and Anthony Patton.

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