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Interview with Judith Orloff
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Omega: Interview with Judith Orloff (1998)

Episode 23
Available worldwide

Have you ever wanted to develop your psychic connection? Do you doubt that you even have one? Judith Orloff, psychiatrist, clairvoyant, and author of Second Sight, reveals that everyone has innate psychic ability, and the secret is how to awaken it. Clairvoyance, to Judith, means to be able to look into someone and see certain things about them with great compassion, to see their inner workings in order to help them heal.

Psychic empathy, for example is a way of literally feeling what others are going through simply by being near them. To use this awareness, this second sight, to serve the healing process requires a deepening of your own healing skills. You must begin with healing yourself. Meditation, accessing the stillness, connection to the divine, and trusted guidance by those familiar with the psychic realm, will all serve your intuition and connection as you become a clear conduit.

Penny Price
Penny Price


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MARNELIM, posted on March 26, 2013

this sounds more like an infomercial

mariaknows, posted on March 12, 2013

Excellent interview, very informative, thorough, truthful! Thank you Judith and Omega!

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