Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga: Extended Video
Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga: Extended

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Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga: Extended

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In this extended version of Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga, Kino MacGregor goes into more detail regarding the practice of Ashtanga Yoga before delving into the practice.

Yoga is an inspired path of health, well-being and inner peace. It is a time-honored tradition that opens your heart and increases your feeling of happiness. Join Miami Life Center owner Kino MacGregor to begin your journey into Ashtanga Yoga. One of the world's leading Ashtanga Yoga instructors, Kino will kindle your spiritual fire and set your mind of the eternal journey of yoga.


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flavia.buchmann, posted on May 31, 2015

I've watched the other ashtanga series for beginner with Kino and found it very hushed to follow (for a beginner). Now this 1:30 is fantastic! Super clear and with the right pace even for a beginner to follow and for everyone to enjoy the time for breathing right. I want to watch it every day until I can lift my leg straight holding on my toe ; )

taldendifer, posted on April 9, 2015

New to Ashtanga and am super stoked for this video. Just what I needed. Perfect workout for body/mind/spirit. Thanks Kino. You rock :)

energiayoga, posted on March 17, 2015

I wish all Ashtanga classes (intro) could be so precise. Perfect instruction. Thanks!!!!

nbruczko, posted on January 3, 2015

Love the video and managed to do 1 hour for the first time, but this is definitely NOT introduction to Ashtanga, either not Beginner video. You need to have a great flexibility and strength to do this. The title and description is confusing!

tamarasmith04, posted on October 27, 2014

I LOVE KINO!!!!! She is one of my favorite online yoga instructor. I love the way she explains each posture great practice!, posted on October 4, 2014

I sing up and every time I try to star my practice ,is imposible for me . I don't no wath to do Help me !

martariba, posted on March 31, 2014

Some people are eager to find something wrong in what others do, really. A yoga instructor doesn't have to have the voice and singing technique of an opera singer, you know...

BlissAngel, posted on October 14, 2013

Felt in the mood for some Ashtanga this morning- this practice gets better each time. Thanks again!

xitsox, posted on July 31, 2013

I had great experience with this class :) Thank you Kino for all the things you do to share the ashtanga vinyasa method not only in your studio but around the globe with all the videos you make. Namaste :)

BlissAngel, posted on July 26, 2013

I took the full class again yesterday and I have to say that this time around I was able to fully resonate with the instructor, through the chants and all! I like the softer touch that Kino brings to Ashtanga as after taking several others on MYO, I'm coming to appreciate her teaching style more and more. Thank you again for sharing your vast knowledge of this practice and really taking the time drive home the message that yoga is more than just the physical postures. Namaste~

LyliaM, posted on July 22, 2013

I can't recommend Kino's teaching highly enough. I'm a 53-year-old with scoliosis who has practiced various forms of yoga (on and off) for years. I recently committed to learning the Ashtanga primary series. If I hadn't found Kino's videos, I'd never have gotten as far as I have (free of injuries, and feeling excited and happy each day to undertake my practice). Thank you, Kino.

kinomacgregor, posted on July 18, 2013

@Halesiadesigns Yes, I'll be there later this year :-)

Halesiadesigns, posted on July 18, 2013

Kino, you are great! Do you ever do seminars in Las Vegas?

elleanalisedel, posted on June 23, 2013

Amazing class!!! I love the variety, its very fun to follow this video.

BlissAngel, posted on June 15, 2013

What a wonderful class! Ive always been intimidated by Ashtanga yoga, but the way this class format was laid out was very similar to the set of postures used in the Babtiste & Bikram styles, only held for much longer. To my surprise, I was able to do the entire video with ease. I do appreciate the call and response chanting but the instructors voice cracks a lot and she has trouble hitting the notes so that makes it slightly more challenging to follow along with that part. This instructor definitely know how to instruct a class with concise detail and explanation- guiding the asanas was perfect, the chanting or call & response portions I had a hard time resonating with the words because of the way she broke them up and calls them out quickly and it's all a little choppy and off key or out of tune- however, I still give this video a 5 star rating, it's added to my favorites and I encourage everyone to give it a go- don't allow yourself to be intimidated on the onset, like I was, otherwise you'll miss out on this amazing class! ~Namaste~

jaya.j, posted on April 24, 2013

Thanks Kino ,,, your class was excellent, I am relatively new to Ashtanga and I enjoyed every last second.. Om Shanti ,, hope to see you in Edinburgh ,,

Michaelotus, posted on January 5, 2012

@Forest88807 ... My advice is practice everyday, but don't try so hard :) If too sore to practice, then do less and grow your practice over time... Another approach is do every second seated vinyasa and stop at Janu Sirsasana B then do the finishing postures.. And yet a simple approach is only do 10 Sun Salutations on days where you are too sore to do more. Consistency is the key.

DreamOcean, posted on December 21, 2011

Loved the reverence to the teacher-student lineage traditions Kino shared and exudes. She has a lovely and encouraging presence- very refreshing to see the philosophical side when many people devote their practice to predominantly achieving beautiful/difficult asanas. I can definitely see how Ashtanga is much more of an in-class experience vs. DVD/video. Namaste!

forest88807, posted on November 30, 2011

Hi Kino, I have a question about every day Ashtanga practice. I really like practicing every day, but because I am new to Ashtanga, I get really tired, especially my arms! The next day my arms are sore, and if I continue with my every day practice, I seem to get more and more tired and sore. I wondered if its a good idea to have a break between practice to let your muscles recover? (I'd really like to keep practising every day.) Does anybody else have this problem and what is the traditional approach? Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks, Helen

DSReskin, posted on September 10, 2011

Great workshop, the insight and the asanas are well paced so there's no "down time" or awkward transitions. Definitely worthwhile.

swanie444, posted on July 2, 2011

I took that class and I was amazed how great Kino was. Her speech in the class helped me technically and spiritually . suwannee

amberleo, posted on June 16, 2011

Excellent Ashtanga sequence. Kino's guidance is perfectly articulated and motivating. I would love to see more Ashtanga videos; and in particular, the entire Primary Series with more seated postures. Merci et Bravo!

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