A Healthier You with Kate Leinweber: Intuitive Eating Video
Intuitive Eating

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A Healthier You with Kate Leinweber: Intuitive Eating (January 2013)

Episode 6
Available worldwide

Discover eating with your intuition. Nutritionist Kate Leinweber will be discussing the patterns we form around eating. By beginning to listen to our intuition, we can start eating in a way that will benefit our body.

Kate Leinweber


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egjwillo, posted on June 11, 2013

I am so glad I watched this. I am still working hard at recovery from eating disorders.

kateleinweber, posted on April 6, 2013

@moodymcliv -- Great to hear. Keep an eye out for my Intuitive Nutrition Program coming out soon!

moodymcliv, posted on April 5, 2013

This was great. I'm absolutely realizing that I have tendencies towards orthorexia (background of anorexia when I was a teenager). The social media of food philosophies is having a negative effect on me. Everyone has an opinion on how to eat and what is right. I think I should disconnect for a bit to realign myself with my own intuitive nature and eating. Thanks!

MorninStar, posted on January 24, 2013

Very honest video. I am guilty of disordered eating. I believe as of late, I have been learning to intuitively listen to my body's cry for certain foods. If it is something extremely out of bounds with the food I eat, I will figure out what it is that my body wants and provide it in a healthier form. Sometimes however, I just let go and eat whatever it is guilt free. It is very difficult nowadays to not become caught up in dietary conformities and ideal body image. I am still learning to accept what my body is, what it wants, what makes it feel good and take care of it all at the same time while I experience change. There is a fine line between accepting and improving I think. Eating habits are a lifelong journey because we are constantly changing and our bodies will demand and need different things. That is why I love this video so much. When you learn to intuitively listen to the body, you will be in sync mentally, physically, emotionally. Thank you @kateleinweber

kateleinweber, posted on January 15, 2013

@arron - Journaling can be a great tool to understand food habits, but it can also be a tool to fuel the obsessive type-A personality. Since you are feeling it fuels your obsession, cut it out. I see this too often where clients have a supplement regime, breakfast regime, snacking regime, hydration regime, workout regime, meditation regime.....the list is endless and is really just about control. Deciding to journal about your emotions and feelings is a great step!

lavender65, posted on January 15, 2013

Everything you have said, and the honesty of how you said it, was so closely what I have been saying to myself for so long, but felt guilty for feeling this way. Amazing how listening to someone else go through the same obsession as you, can change your whole perspective and give yourself the grace to accept.

I did not allow my intuition to fully develop, because like you shared, the outside ideals came full force. Now, 6 months into allowing respecting my body, I finally see a change. I don't have to be taught how to eat, my body knows what it craves, what it needs. I just listen and follow ! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me today. Grace & Peace to you... maria

arron, posted on January 14, 2013

om guru! thank-you so much, people would always ask me if i was vegetarian because they saw me as a "healthy" eater, but i always felt adverse to completely restricting myself from anything. i was kind of punk-rock when I was a teenager and always rebelled against anybody defining my eating habits, so I totally resonate with this. However, i also have a history of anorexia and bulimia and I am secretly obsessed with what I eat and I write everything down to try and discover and eliminate the 'bad' habits that i have. what do you think about food journalling? I am starting to feel like it encourages me too much to obsess about what I eat. i am thinking about starting to journal my emotions and feelings instead...

anamaria1972, posted on January 14, 2013

@whiteowl I find very intersting your comment " I have to be off caffeine", for me is " I have to be off refined carbohidratos, it exactly the same as you. I could eat a whole bagg of white bread!

@montlake I appreciate what you said about exercise, when i found yoga for me was the percet "workout" that actually incluide the spiritual part. I never could run, no even in mi teens day (now iam 40), but i can be on a spinning bike por 2 hours in a row. "I think there is something about my body type that matches that kind of kinesthetic movement" as you said.

whiteowl_2, posted on January 12, 2013

I loved this video, it totally resonates with me, and feel like saying "yes!" For example, for some reason, after lunch everyday, I crave black tea with whole milk. I realize for some people caffeine is "bad" and so is full-fat milk, but after I drink it, I feel so calm, relaxed and happy. I could go without it, I'm not addicted to caffeine, but I feel really good when I have it... so I don't actually think it's bad for me. I think this intuitive approach can also be used to determine exercise type and frequency. I have some friends who love running - they thrive on it. Whereas I get headaches and hate it and find it rather boring. But I absolutely love to swim and do yoga and dance... so I think there is something about my body type that matches that kind of kinesthetic movement that is unique to me that I intuitively know...

montlake, posted on January 12, 2013

I tuned intot he idea of intuitive eating though a Macrobiotic cookbook called The Self-Healing Cookbook by Kristina Turner. I'm not macrobiotic, but I liked this idea of listening to my body. I do agree with one thing she emphasises that sometimes if a person gets into a food addiction, then his or her body will make them crave things that aren't good for them, and they are unable to connect with their body's real intuition. I find that if I have any caffiene at all (including chocolate) that this totally messes me up and makes me crave caffine containing foods. I have to be off caffiene. The same holds for sugar. Any time I accidently ingest something with any sugar or corn syrup in it, I crave more of that food. (Same goes with MSG). So if I stay clear of these addictive elements than I can tune into my body's intuition. If I introduce them, it throws my intuition into a prision cell, captive to the addictive food. This idea of being addicted to foods is covered beautifully in a book called An Alternative Approach to Allergies by Theron G. Randolph (an amazine, interesting book.)

Maia30, posted on January 12, 2013

Some interesting insights - thank you! I would suggest that veganism and vegetarianism are not necessarily restrictive in the sense that other diets are. I made the decision to eliminate animal-based foods from my diet for ethical/religious reasons decades ago, and so to me this has always felt liberating and positive. But, as you say, there is no one way of eating that fits everyone's needs, and so perhaps this is just mine. :-) Thank you again, and best wishes!

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