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Waking UP with Carolyn Craft: The IQ Answer

Episode 49

Chief psychological content adviser of the Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of The IQ Answer, discusses recent research that shows that you can nurture your brain and become smarter.

Dr. Lawlis has served on five medical school faculties in the departments of psychiatry, orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation medicine, five graduate psychology faculties, and has pioneered new studies and approaches in the care of patients with chronic and acute pain, cancer and psychosomatic issues.

Carolyn Craft
Dr. Frank Lawlis


Episode 1 The Passion of Music
The Passion of Music (2/2/2006)
Episode 1
Micah Rubenstien, discusses his training in the world's classics, his journey, the passion of music, how music crafts and evokes emotions. He also discusses the spiritual text, In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message.
Episode 2 Anxiety and Mindfulness
Anxiety and Mindfulness (2/9/2006 )
Episode 2
Dr. Jeff Brantley discusses the benefits of mindfulness meditation as a solution to anxiety.
Episode 3 Vocal Vortex Training
Vocal Vortex Training (3/16/2006 )
Episode 3
Dr. Dan Watson, Ph.D., discusses healing through medicine, psychology, sound, and vocal vortex training.
Episode 4 Mind Body Spirit Balance
Mind Body Spirit Balance (4/6/2006 )
Episode 4
This week, guest Laura Dunham, certified arcing light healer, discusses the importance of bringing the mind-body physical and spiritual connection into balance. Arcing Light is a powerful energy of the divine feminine.

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