CMN: James Martinez on Cold Fusion Video
James Martinez on Cold Fusion

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CMN: James Martinez on Cold Fusion (January 2012)

Season 8, Episode 2
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For decades we’ve been reading about the progress of cold fusion technology, which is considered a stable source of nuclear fusion at room temperature. Many view it as the holy grail—the future energy source of humankind. Others have consistently sought to denigrate the potential of this technology. Regardless, it appears that cold fusion may now be quietly emerging into the global marketplace beginning this year, 2012. No longer some faraway dream of providing people with clean, cheap, limitless energy throughout the planet, the emergence of cold fusion promises to fundamentally change the way we live.

Regina Meredith


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kerri888, posted on November 20, 2013

What a shame this doesn't get more press, just like anti-gravity and hydrogen fuel cell generation. Self interest belongs in the past with 20th century cronies practicing 19th century politics and greed. Why not vision a future whereby we each digitally download our own cold fusion generator? Surely any new technology must be sustainably designed to be retrofitted to existing infrastructure and it needs to be crowd funded and freely available. As for the comment below, plastic is a curse to Mother Earth and the life forms she supports. Being oil derived, it's also unsustainable. But we now live in an age where bio plastics will complement the new world paradigm. As for the jobs and wealth debate, resources will be the new economy including food, art, entertainment and creative design. There is now no reason each child shouldn't be born with a 'bank' credit and income that negates the necessity of work yet promotes "contribution" as an opportunity for 'genuine' participation. Alternative education structures such as Steiner are creating today's participants and tomorrow's reality. We merely have to vision that manifestation in all of our meditations, consciously.

Jimirod, posted on February 20, 2013

I have heard about this before and as James said no one can own the process.
It will of course be produced if it has not already, and most probably be installed to replace all oil and gas burning generators world wide, to be followed by hydro dam facilities. The maintenance of all will still be required as well as lines to carry power to homes. In the future this could change.
It would be best to fully publish this Cold Fusion devise on the internet with a working model as it appears-as manufactured. This will validate the concept to the public. Show the breakdown of the devise and how it works.
Anyone who can manufacture this devise safely should have access to the concept.
International oil markets will still make plastic and other products. They will invest in cold fusion to develop products in this arena. Aircraft will possibly become electric powered and of course cars and ships will use this technology. Diversification will be the prime focus of cold fusion. Stock will do well with this as a commodity.

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