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Jane's Journey

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Jane's Journey (2010)

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It would be hard to name anyone who has had more of an impact in the realm of animal research and wildlife conservation than Jane Goodall, whose 45-year study of wild chimpanzees in Africa is legendary.

In Jane's Journey, we travel with her across several continents, from her childhood home in England, to the Gombe National Park in Tanzania where she began her groundbreaking research and where she still returns every year to enjoy the company of the chimpanzees that made her famous.

Featuring a wide range of interviews and spectacular footage from her own private collection (including her years in Gombe), Jane's Journey is an inspiring portrait of the private person behind the world-famous icon.

Jane Goodall, Mary Lewis, Angelina Jolie, Pierce Brosnan
Lorenz Knauer

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jcain23, posted on October 6, 2016

What can one say? Jane Goodall is the closest thing I can imagine to a secular saint. We simply cannot all be like her--life has placed obligations upon most of us that preclude flying around world, speaking to groups, inventing new programs, etc. But I think it is important to do whatever you can to be just a little bit like Jane Goodall. For myself, I got involved and "adopted" a baby orangutan, who lives in a rehabilitation center in Borneo. His name is Miko. To finance the adoption, I stopped visiting Starbucks every day and put the money towards Miko. That's all it took. Almost anyone could do likewise in some way that interests her or him. Look around for a good environmental charity and try it. I assure you, the feeling you get is amazing!

Sarah8_2, posted on October 6, 2014

Jane Goodall's name is so well known and I've always respected and admired what little I have known of her. Jane's Journey has enlightened me to what an incredible woman she is, how she demonstrates an essence of humanity that is rare in such capicaty, and has inspired me to want to do more to be passionate. I'm in such awe!

Erich Hunter, posted on August 15, 2014

This is an amazing documentary of an amazing woman. The world needs to know about her. This movie is powerful, moving and an amazing inspiration.

ElisabethP8, posted on February 22, 2014

Jane Goodall is so committed. It makes complete sense what she is doing. I hope to contribute more because of this movie.

MARIAD, posted on February 21, 2014

This film was so touching and inspiring. It reminds me that this planet is our home and we must love it with care and attention.

Thank you Jane Goodall for all that you do!

summersol, posted on February 4, 2014

Great documentary ... but I was shocked when while watching it brigtcove.com interrupted the video wanting me to allow them to use my webcam. That's a total invasion of privacy and they certainly didn't need a picture of me or my house in order to handle the live streaming.

chieftes, posted on February 2, 2014

I have never been more inspired in my 57 years of life, than at this moment of just having gone on this journey with Jane Goodall. I am truly grateful to you Jane for your message of Hope.

nlitend, posted on February 1, 2014

Watching this I had no idea of Jane's later environmental work and especially Roots and Shoots. Involving the youth of the World in making change is by far the greatest idea in my book.
I have an inner urging to "reteach" children, starting with mine, the true unity of ourselves and the natural world. We have been manipulated (my view) into thinking that nature is separate from us and we can just 'use it up' in a sense, without worry about the next generation. What I am learning however, is that people really do care, they just feel helpless to do anything. No more of that for me.

goldensun.leann, posted on February 1, 2014

Clearly Jane has followed her heart in life ~ what a legacy and gift she has given the world!

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