CMN: Jay Weidner on 2012 Video
Jay Weidner on 2012
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CMN: Jay Weidner on 2012 (February 2009)

Season 5, Episode 7
Available worldwide

Jay Weidner is a scholar, filmmaker and writer who has spent decades researching Gnostic texts, Egyptian mysticism and Alchemy. His most recent film is the documentary, Timewave 2013. In this conversation, Jay speaks very frankly about the times in which we are living and the need for people to be prepared for rapid change. More so, Jay is saying that we need to take a proactive position in choosing the quality of our future, rather than waiting to see what is going to be dished to us because he says it would not be to our liking.

Regina Meredith


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theadorie, posted on November 23, 2015

2015 and nothing happened. A few people are awakening but everything is pretty much status quo. It would be better if the fear-mongering would stop from the so-called "enlightened or informed" individuals, as this just feeds into the lower vibrational field. You create what you focus on.

Linda Freier, posted on October 24, 2012

Jay Weidner puts his finger on the pulse of exactly what the currents are out there. People know big change is coming, but are uneasy about it because they expect the worst. I vote for non-violence.

Alfreda Weiss, posted on August 9, 2012

I needed to hear this today, three years later.

John R Steinrock, posted on August 7, 2012

Weidner's insights are brilliant. He tells up where we are and what needs to be accomplished. Yes, men do need a new story, one build around the strength of self-empowered courage of the heart. Our song artists could play a crucial role in this regard. This initiative is needed NOW! Music/song is perhaps the most powerful way to deliver a message. HOW CAN WE MOVE THIS FORWARD?

flyer, posted on August 6, 2012

Jay, Brilliant. Thank You.

Dolores Askew, posted on August 5, 2012

Well worth listening to. His remarks are plausible. It was encouraging to realize how each of us can contribute to overcoming what could be in store for the world. He not only presented the problem, but offered some solutions. You will be uplifted, i guarantee.

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