Open Minds: Jesus in India with Paul Davids  Video
Jesus in India with Paul Davids
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Open Minds: Jesus in India with Paul Davids (May 2016)

Season 6, Episode 21
Available worldwide

Eighteen years of the life of Jesus is unaccounted for in the biblical accounts of his life. Paul Davids has explored the mysteries of where Jesus was and what he was doing during those missing years. His documentary titled, Jesus in India, reveals details of Jesus’s long journey to consult with the wise sages of the East and to seek out the missing tribes of Israel. This interview with Regina Meredith was originally webcast May 5, 2016.

Filmmaker and producer Paul Davids' films are known for controversy, beginning with Roswell. Paul attended the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies in Beverly Hills and began his career in film as a script reader for a Hollywood agent. After writing his first produced film, Paul’s career in film and television took off. He got his “first break” as production coordinator of the original “Transformers” TV show for Marvel Productions in 1985.

Regina Meredith
Paul Davids


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aafrw2a, posted on August 19, 2016

Hi Regina, this shows truly answered so many questions I had as well as validated many hunches I had as well as being right. Thank you for having such incredible topics on your show, you are truly incredible! Namaste.

navaid.ansari, posted on May 15, 2016

Hi Regina,
It was a wonderful show, really interesting to watch. Thank you!

I would like to clarify a point mentioned in your show at 0:56:18 regarding the Ahmadiyya Muslims.
In fact, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadian proclaimed himself to be an apostle appointed by God.
So the Ahmadiyya Muslims consider him as the prophet of God.
That is the primary reason the mainstream Muslims don’t consider Ahmadiyya as Muslims.

Navaid ANSARI.

scooterbeach5, posted on May 11, 2016

Please read Anna the grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong. Jesus traveled with his uncle Joesph on his boats gathering copper.

rita.sullivan, posted on May 9, 2016

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

artistsuzette, posted on May 7, 2016

This was very interesting and believable ~ ~ ~ Thank you for this episode ~ ~ ~

rosaluna, posted on May 6, 2016

This interview was all about love. You could feel it. I was struck by the personal dignity of the man who went in search of the truth of the story that Jesus had once lived and taught in India. I watched and thoroughly enjoyed the film some months ago on Amazon Prime. This interview expands my understanding of what went on behind the scenes and how daunting the task of accessing the hidden information really was. Paul Davids did a wonderful job in exploring the subject in the film and I am grateful to both Paul and Regina for offering this interview on Gaia. The precise questioning and first rate commentary by Regina always add a great deal to my understanding of any subject. Regina is simply the best of the best on Gaia!

rmeredith, posted on May 9, 2016

Thank you for your kind comments. We are fortunate to be alive at a time when deep questioning has begun and the hidden truths of much of our human history is being revealed. While a messy journey turning over stones and shining light under them, it's fulfilling to see the pieces starting to come together.

deanandwally, posted on May 6, 2016

What an important, eye-opening, invaluable and inspiring interview! I am a Jesus follower...but not the kind I was raised to be. I grew up in the panhandle of Florida where my mother would proudly declare that we lived in the "buckle" of the Bible Belt. Like Edward Martin's family, we attended church no less than three times a week where my Independent Baptist Church taught that we couldn't dance, drink, go to movies, listen to Rock and Roll, enjoy co-ed swimming (!), and above all...women should NEVER wear pants (not to mention those devilish shorts) and they should ALWAYS do whatever the man of the house demands.

From the beginning I had lots of questions but I quickly learned that my questions were not welcomed in a place where honest answers were not allowed. Don't get me wrong, though. I'm very grateful for my experience as a child in the Fundamentalist Church. Those difficult days have helped guide me to a much more compassionate, inclusive, and breathable dwelling place.

I always enjoy Regina's interviews and was thrilled to find the "Jesus In India" movie online! Programs like this one give someone like me space to think outside the box built by organized religion. I busted out of that box years ago but anytime I find information like that which is shared here, I devour it.

"Love, compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment, self-discipline...all to help humanity...there is a basis to work together and respect each other...and learn from each other." -Dali Lama

Unfortunately, this kind of living, this kind of acceptance of others, is a threat to the establishment religious power brokers who have been in place for centuries.

One more thing, when I went to and entered the website I was unable to purchase the movie there. When I clicked the link to buy it in a bundle I was redirected to which said "site not found." However, I did find it on Amazon.

rmeredith, posted on May 9, 2016

Its such a powerful point you bring up. There are many "followers of Jesus" who have known from an early age that the life robbing restrictions put upon us by the churches of the world have no bearing on the principles taught by the the great teachers - love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, non-judgment. Thank you for sharing this insight with us.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 6, 2016

@DEANANDWALLY, thank you for your thoughtful comments on this this interview. You are a great reminder of why our interview series is called Open Minds!

You are correct that the film website that Paul Davids mentions appears to be unavailable right now. His film can be found on Amazon here:

All the best,

weaverqueen, posted on May 8, 2016

I was just on the website and purchased the film, book and audio as a "bundle" for reduced price through PayPal. The postage to Australia was also very reasonable compared to what Amazon would charge.

I really enjoyed this film - in fact I enjoy just about everything Gaia produces. Keep up the wonderful work, and thanks!

mariearmstrong, posted on May 5, 2016

Anytime someone picks up the trail to a story that has been forbidden to the people that wish to know more, is most fascinating. thank you. I always knew the unanswered questions were actually the most important answers

rmeredith, posted on May 9, 2016

Indeed, our curiosity is one of our finer human traits. It propels us forward beyond the known! Thank you.

sita, posted on May 5, 2016

Thanks again Regina! Enjoyed the interview and then watched the movie, Jesus in India, which is well done. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch the movie for free.

rmeredith, posted on May 9, 2016

Thank yo for brining it to our attention that the film is available on Amazon Prime!

allunajoy, posted on May 6, 2016

I enjoyed this interview.
I am passionate about seeking the truth.
My motivation was similar to Edward Martin as I was raised in the south and attended The Church of Christ 3 times each week.
My probing questions began as early as five years old and were not well received or answered to my satisfaction.
I received a BA in Humanistic Psychology where I studied Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Abraham Maslow, and Comparative World Religions in the 1980's from a University in the South.
I have since gone in many directions in my quest for truth . I am presently writing a book about my discoveries in claiming my personal power and the inward journey to love, freedom and joy.
Thanks Meredith for interviewing Paul Davids about this wonderful documentary of truth. I am happy to know of Edward Martin and his research.

rmeredith, posted on May 9, 2016

I'm glad to know you resonated with the story as it sounds that you have taken on this task of understanding quite seriously. I wish you well on your new book!

sluzen, posted on May 5, 2016

Jesus, as told to the world, never existed. There were numerous small 'g' gods that died on the cross over thousands of years, all of which were the same person, going by many names to hide his identity. All of which were the same person, a giant that "From the Heavens Came", who lived thousands of years. One of his names was Marduk.
If Jesus had ever lived, the Romans would have some record of it. They did not. Anyone in academia who studies the ancient languages and records will tell you this.
The Bible was taken from Sumerian Cuniform texts, (not Sitchin!), if you can find them, they give a much clearer picture of the stories in the bible. And even those Sumerian texts were taken from even older texts. All of our history is a lie.

Quit looking for a someone to save you. You are the savior you have been looking for.

Regina often comes up with some really good stuff. Not this time.

suppqueen, posted on May 5, 2016

I am fairly sure there are none at this forum that are unaware of the flaws in Sitchin's work. As for the Sumerian texts I would expect to find stories from the Old Testament there. I am also sure the ancient texts do present a very good picture (perhaps better) of stories in the Bible...but that does not mean the Bible is untrue or that Jesus did not exist.

I am in the camp that much has been removed or left out of the Bible to hide truths (such as the missing years of Jesus) so I do count the other ancient texts as quite valuable - perhaps even more so than the Bible. Admittedly my Bible is a might bit dusty, but I certainly haven't tossed it out the window yet either!

While I do believe Jesus very much existed...I do not believe that his message was "I am your Savior". I believe that is more subterfuge from the Vatican and church leaders. I believe he was a highly ascended master who came to enlighten humanity the same way as other Ascended Masters had done in the centuries before him. This line of research presented by Paul David makes that point even more likely as they are saying he went to study under these Masters. He wasn't some mystical cloud of smoke, he wasn't born (in this incarnation) with this information embedded within him...he had to search and dig for the information just like you and I would have to do.

The Dalai Lama's message at the end there pretty much wraps it up for me. We have many religions, but at their core they all teach the same principles. We are all one, and as such we should practice Love, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility. If humanity would ever wrap their collective head around our "Oneness" our World would change in the twinkling of an eye. The Powers That Be know this...hence the reason they lie about our history.

deanandwally, posted on May 6, 2016

Well said, SUPPQUEEN! Thank you!

thatcrazytoaster, posted on September 12, 2016

At root & core humanity stems & is sustained by love, the one common thread in humanity. Real humanity. No other frequency trumps the Love frequency. May unity amongst the people spread knowing this truth. my 2 cents:-) xox

michaelamariejoan, posted on May 5, 2016

Amazing interview. Please have him on again!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on May 5, 2016

Thank you for writing!
We also have a documentary that touches on some of the philosophy mentioned in the interview.
You can watch The Kingdom Within here:


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