Inspirations: Joe Dispenza on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself  Video
Joe Dispenza on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

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Inspirations: Joe Dispenza on Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself (2012)

Season 1, Episode 12
Available worldwide

When you try to change an old habit, do you wonder why it’s so difficult to change? Do you want to learn how to be more positive or resilient, but don’t know how? In this eye-opening and potentially life-changing interview with Lisa Garr, Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, chiropractor and author, explains how our habits are wired into our brains and what we can do about them.

He notes, “Nerve cells that fire together, wire together.” There is something of a feedback loop at work: As you repeat your activities, the brain’s pathways stay wired to repeat that activity, and so it becomes even more difficult to change. Repetition reinforces brain behavior, and by, say, age 35, our identity becomes a set of memorized behaviors.

Change is possible, but it takes some effort and stepping out of our comfort zone. But every time you have a new thought or new activity, the neurons create new pathways (and there is dramatic video showing this happening). Dr. Dispenza explains the steps you can take to change your life, how it works and why it can be beneficial beyond your ability to imagine. Don’t miss this astonishing conversation.

Lisa Garr
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Doug Moldawsky


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Missburntumber, posted on August 11, 2016

Well that was pretty mind-boggling! In a good way ha ha, loved it, going to practice this, thanks! Xx

judiecollins2012, posted on May 28, 2015

I have read/studied/watched a great deal regarding neuroscience, mind over matter, manifestation, etc. I believe this lecture by Dr. Joe is, by far, the best I've seen. He speaks in such a manner that anyone can understand him - one doesn't need to be a rocket scientist - and delivers in a very compelling manner. I have referred several of my clients to this lecture as it explains this much better than I can. Great lecture!

wcollier, posted on February 14, 2015

Holding the space of positivity. I love Dr. Joe. No matter how much of his stuff I see or read, I always come away with more inspiration.

It would be nice if Gaiam TV would carry People vs The State of Illusion, which was demonstrated in this show. I can't seem to find any way to purchase or view it in Canada.

mareybishop, posted on January 2, 2014

I really think that Joe Dispenza has a lot of knowledge and insight to offer, but I'm wondering why he never mentions "Ramtha's School of Enlightenment" as a major source of his knowledge. I new of him first when he was one of the teachers at the beginning retreat in Yelm, Washington. I know for a fact he uses a lot the knowledge from there and makes it sound like he came up with it on his own. I think he should acknowledge some disciplines etc that came directly from Ramtha's teachings.

mariangain, posted on December 30, 2013

Mark Waldman "Faculty, College of Business, L... (Coaching, Research, Training: Malibu/Los Angeles California) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (Hardcover)
Sorry Joe, you teach wonderful uplifting messages but as a neuroscience researcher who was vetted by the Dean of the University of Pennsylvania as an Associate Fellow of the prestigious Center for Spirituality and the Mind, I must tell you that your brain science is wildly distorted (and shame on you for calling yourself a neuroscientist since you don't have a phd in that...even I don't delude my audience by claiming that and I'm considered the world's leading authority on spirituality and the brain). I listened to your recent classes sponsored by Hay House and of the 70+ comments you made about the brain, only about 7 of them were accurate. You even quoted findings from my and Andy Newberg's book How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist and you got that wrong as well. But your message is so important that I hope you'll call me...I'd be delighted to help you improve your science, as I've done with many leading motivational speakers.

Chellius, posted on May 13, 2016

Dear mister Waldman,

Just a quick note to say that the way you are commenting on Dr. Joe (either here or elsewhere like on Amazon) is not helping your credibility in my humble opinion. Joe Dispenza is a very well respected scientist. I have met him on several occassions and I can tell you from experience that he is one of the most inspiring and wise human beings walking this earth. And one more thing: you don't have to have a Phd to be a great neuroscientist.

I wish you well.
Tanja Ortmans,
Integrative Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist from The Netherlands.

Alchemist, posted on December 21, 2013

I've always liked Dr. Dispenza's explanations on his hypothesis. since I began to know of him in 2006... He puts it in a layman term so that we can understand. I dig it....totally. It's not easy to re wire our set neuro-net, but we can do it Consciously, if we put forth a tiny bit of effort.... He rocks. I love the way he explains it. You will LOVE this excerpt.

Miriamperkins, posted on November 20, 2013

Beautiful explained! I would love to share this video with all my loved ones. Is it possible to have Spanish subtitles? Dr. Dispenza is an extraordinary and knowledgable person. Thank you for sharing such valuable information. Many blessings.

drmljg, posted on July 27, 2013

Dr. Joe Dispenza shows us that our hopes and dreams truly can become reality. He does not offer simple (but ultimately empty) inspiring words. Nor does he offer temporary and quick healing potions which give us false hope while emptying our wallets. Dr. Dispenza goes beyond any motivational speaker, and offers concrete methods as well as clear, specific steps to create permanent change in our lives. Believe it or not, we really can change. And Dr. Dispenza has the photos of human brain cells actually rewiring and forming new connections. We need no longer "settle," fearing that our hopes and dreams are unrealistic, impossible and silly. Why? Because the brain is not a static organ, as was once taught, and what I learned in school. Dr. Joe introduces us to something called neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity. Neuroplasticity refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses. The fulfillment of our dreams and hopes is to be found in the physical changes we make. Dr. Dispenza here is referring to our becoming aware of all the choices we make. He is talking about something direct and powerful - changing our behavior and our thoughts. Our task is to create change in our inner and outer worlds. When we make small changes in our behavior, in our environment, and perform daily "rehearsals" (visualizations) and meditate, our brains physical re-wire. Our painful and difficult past disappears. How wonderful is that! Do you really want change? Have you, like me, tried almost everything out there, but nothing has worked for you? Dr. Joe Dispenza tells us that our hopes and dreams can indeed become true. We no longer have to be ashamed for "reaching for the stars." Dr. Joe Dispenza brings the stars within our grasp! And you don't have to lose the shirt off your own back, to learn his secrets. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a wonderful visionary and guide, helping us to attain the life that the world and sometimes many of our friends, tell us is only "wishful thinking." If we make the new choices he suggests, the universe is going to surprise us with what we were beginning to fear was only our childish imagination. A new world can begin for us starting right now. We can dance in the sunshine and under the moon and the stars.

asiadc83, posted on July 18, 2013

I really enjoyed the information given. I feel so empowered now that I know that I can align my body and my mind as one.

DALIA1, posted on May 4, 2013

thank you for the neurological brain synapsis videos they really clearify what is going on with our brain. unless we see these videos we really cannot understand what you are talking about, what amazing footage to ehlp the world evolve!!! please have more videos of Dr. Dispenza and more of his explorations and knowledge!!!

Estelle, posted on February 7, 2013

And makes me feel enlightened!

Ida-Helene, posted on January 28, 2013

Simple. amazing

Candrews, posted on January 27, 2013

I loved his thoughtful explanations of the physical manifestations of our beliefs and how and why we can alter our experience. Thank you for this great interview!

motherearth, posted on January 26, 2013

This interview will teach you how to make the changes that you want and understand our connection to the greater whole that helps in this change. Wonderfully enlightening.

KSHD7, posted on January 22, 2013

This was so worth my time. I am grateful for this interview.

Ester, posted on October 11, 2012

Is absolutely amazing! I LOVE this guys work.
"Think greater than you feel" works in getting you out of a negative mindset.

ppathak, posted on February 26, 2012

v good

Tommi, posted on February 20, 2012

In all senses of the words, this most clear explanation of the neuroplasticity of the brain inspires. Conscious awareness, experiential and emotional connection affect change. We can choose to change. If you wish to transcend your old self, this is a must see.

lifecoacheva, posted on September 4, 2016

x-ing this discussiom box doesnt covers half of screen.please fix.

paristainui, posted on October 1, 2016


paristainui, posted on October 1, 2016


paristainui, posted on October 1, 2016


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