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Journey of the Soul

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Arcanum: Journey of the Soul (August 2016)

Season 2, Episode 13
Available worldwide

Each one of us is on a journey of self-transformation which could culminate in the ascension of the soul. In many ways, this path of transformation mirrors the Hero’s Journey, as described by Joseph Campbell. William Henry delineates the twelve phases of the Hero’s Journey which he uses to explain the Hymn of the Pearl, a Gnostic text which depicts the descent of Thomas into the earthly realms and the ordeals which lead to his ascent back into the heavenly realms. This presentation was originally webcast August 25, 2016.

William Henry


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dbgate, posted on September 8, 2016

Thanks, William, for once again sharing your vast knowledge and incredibly rich perspective! I thought there was going to be another episode . . . I guess not! Still, given the amount of info in each episode -- going back and watching them again will have to do until next time . . .

coleloveskamping, posted on September 7, 2016

Mr. Henry's The Awakened Soul is a treasure. Beyond words, I am feeling richly fortunate discovering this series, perhaps like the awesome auspicious vibration Charlie must have experienced when he opened a Wonka Bar with a Golden Ticket inside.

Thank You & Namaste Sir William

alkimia2012, posted on September 6, 2016

No words other than... THANK YOU~

Puptart, posted on September 1, 2016

I couldn't say which of this season's episodes I favor. They are all terrific. I'm having withdrawal symptoms this morning, the first Thursday without a new Arcanum episode in many weeks. I thank you so much for the series and look forward to further offerings of your excellent programs.

myschoolpath, posted on September 4, 2016

both series are terrific. I am looking forward to more :-) Thank you so much William for the amazing work you do.

kdflyz1, posted on August 30, 2016

Thank you!

mackintoshmargaret, posted on August 29, 2016

Hi Paige,
We just spoke by phone this afternoon. You said the problem was fixed and that all comments I wrote have now been posted but i am looking here and my comment to William and to Gaia is not posted? Please look into this and hopefully you are able to fix this problem!

Thank you, Margaret M.

marilynmar88, posted on August 29, 2016

jbrand1997, posted on August 29, 2016

William - thank you for all your research and sharing of your journey. I have been moved and inspired. There is so much to learn in this series that I know I will watch it again.

chandira2012, posted on August 28, 2016

Love William Henry's presentations!!

jhershierra, posted on August 28, 2016

This Episode is my favorite one of the series William. I can relate... insightful commentary on the Heroes Journey. We have to prepare ourselves that these challenges continue well into our senior years. We never reach a place ' in our life' where we can sit back and coast to the finish line- yes some people can decide to ' coast' when they reach a stage of comfortable habits and patterns.... but then... the Heroes Journey has not been completed.

I Love your ' souls journey' view of the Heroes Quest and sharing the Hymn of the Pearl. Many Blessings on your journey ~

In Love,
Jhershierra "Up an Arise from thy Sleep".....

todboyd, posted on August 28, 2016

In the West Coast Heidi culture, humanity came ashore in a cockle shell

qualteam, posted on August 27, 2016

We have to deal with the unpleasant memories in our own life and previous lifetimes in order to ascend to a higher state.
No pain, no gain.

Robin_hedstrom_7, posted on August 27, 2016

This series has been really heart opening, we are truly on a journey together and we are helping defeating the dark with our light and love.

many blessings and joy and happiness to you all.

Love and Light

from Sweden!

vomitlauncher2007, posted on August 26, 2016

My journey started long ago as a young child who dreamed over and over that The Moon was coming out of the sky to take me. This still happens, only now, I understand a bit of "what they are!" My journey has always seemed like more than one. Now, to discover this series Arcanum, it has begun to guide my focus on ALL of my interests... GAIA is a welcomed Miracle for this vessel that so wishes to understand why, and how I know some of the things I naturally understand, and those interests that I do not understand... Beautifully done in every regard!!! I LOVE GAIA WE=mc2 Ron F.

louana, posted on August 26, 2016

Merci beaucoup pour cette série nécessaires pour tous et chacun.
I hope this is not the end of the serie because you make my day everythime I watch your presentations.

My warmest thanks and regards to you and Gaia.


JOLA17, posted on August 26, 2016

Love, peace, and blessings to you and yours aswell. I am grateful for you and wife's research. For being you, with this wealth of understanding thru the amazing research you both do, on one hand a blessing but also a burden. Connecting on a global level is what is needed right now. That is the key to it all, IMHO. We need to simplify in order to reach those who were not given the right to evolve in this setting... For they also have a soul deserving of ascension. So many circumstances, which for many makes it impossible to awaken... It would be a sham not to ask/pray/meditate for a way to achieve what would benefit all...

sonya.girard, posted on August 26, 2016

These episodes are an incredible "light line", or information thread, as I undergo this huge transition in my hero's journey from identifying as an individual singularity , "I AM" towards a light that is in body to serve the collective consciousness "I AM THAT I AM".
In deep gratitude for William's many years of seeking wisdom and sharing it with us in such a humble, eloquent way. When I hear truth being spoken, I have electric shivers that go up and down my spine (kundalini energy..) and this happens to me throughout every episode.
We are on our way, the light is getting stronger and stronger, the darkness is losing its power over us so let go and let God - enjoy the journey brothers and sisters! namasté

whitelotuss, posted on August 26, 2016

The shows are deeper, richer and more evolutionary. I am always uplifted and feel gratitude you are enlightening us on so many levels.

pavitrax, posted on August 26, 2016

Thank you so much This video touched me very deeply at a soul level

cool_hka, posted on August 25, 2016

Awesome episode!

dv8ed, posted on August 25, 2016

I was raised Catholic, studied with the Jehovah Witnesses, born again Christians and then some Buddhism. Then I became an Agnostic and then an Atheist for quite a while. For the last 2 years I've had an awakening. I started watching video's by David Wilcox and then Corey Goode. Believing they had more to do with physical ET revelations than an actual spiritual journey. I was completely wrong.

This lead me to The Law of One.

Suddenly while reading and trying to understand this information it all became clear to me. The confusion from this density now made sense to me. How the act of free will and suffering is a refinement of the soul.The frustration I had with organized religion was that it seemed so unnatural. It didn't seem like an all knowing infinite intelligence would make life that confusing and then institute so many rituals and rules.

I didn't plan on watching this video today but felt compelled and it shocked me because I had just read some of this same information in the Law of One that you detailed in your segment without even mentioning it. Also, I was always fascinated with Joseph Campbell. When I was younger I watched the hero's Journey on PBS every time it came on. But I took the information incorrectly. He wasn't saying these stories are all made up, but saying all these stories have a root of truth..

In any case I thank you very much for your very succinct explanation of the journey of the soul. I just hope my clock is past 6 pm. :)

nadaela, posted on August 25, 2016

thank you so much hope you wil continu

elizabethkgarten, posted on August 25, 2016

I loved this episode and I hope to see more from you. Thank you!, posted on August 25, 2016

Thank you, everyone, for joining me on this journey. I am truly honored by your presence and deeply grateful for the soul work you are doing. I hope you have enjoyed this series and I will look forward to continuing our journey together…"The Ascended Soul?".

Love, Peace and Blessings to you and yours.

William Henry

earlymorning, posted on August 27, 2016

Thank you William Henry for your inspiring work, it has been a joy to take part in the magnificence of the journey of the soul.
I'm trusting the journey will continue on Gaia.

mackintoshmargaret, posted on August 26, 2016

I wish to thank you William for this really wonderful and awe inspiring series you have created! You have offered teachings through words and images that I am now working with every day. I feel that my prayers for spiritual guidance have been answered.

I absolutely love your work! Many blessings of peace and love to you and yours!

Margaret Mackintosh

arparker1965, posted on August 26, 2016

Beautiful William, I can't thank you enough for this series and all the other work you have done on Gaia and elsewhere. You are one of those Soul Guides sent to Earth to help light the way for the rest of us. A true Soul Brother like Jesus was to Thomas and the other Apostles. We are all on the Hero's Journey inspiring each other to the greatest Soul Ascension that's ever occurred on this planet. We are so lucky to be alive at this time. I feel my ancestors cheering me on! God bless you William!

markdesign14, posted on August 25, 2016


There needs to be a 3rd season all about "Light Body Activation".
This can't be the end.

lharcrick, posted on September 13, 2016

I was so glued to listening to this the whole way. I love this and want to listen to this again. It is beautiful! Thank you!

mj100s111, posted on September 18, 2016

Thank you William & Claire Henry for sharing. This is incredible and a joy to watch, informative and friendly-teachings made this a favorite. One Love.

nicole68, posted on September 29, 2016

fascination and resinates with me!!

dstpierrecharles, posted on September 19, 2016


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