The Good Life: July 10th 2007 Radio
July 10th 2007
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The Good Life: July 10th 2007

Episode 294

With guests, Jesse Dylan discusses body image, weight loss and health, The American Heart Association's Choose to Move program, building a brand with television, moving beyond old habits, the art of communicating, and change.

Jesse's guests are model Rachel Hunter, psychologist Dr. Denise Martz, entertainer Marie Osmond, cardiologist Dr. Jennifer Mieres, television and media strategist Marta Tracy, transformation expert Debbie Friedman, Dianna Booher, author of The Voice of Authority: 10 Communication Strategies Every Leader Needs to Know, and professor Wolf Richards.

Jesse Dylan
Rachel Hunter, Marie Osmond, Dr. Denise Martz, Dr. Jennifer Mieres, Marta Tracy, Debbie Friedman, Dianna Booher, Wolf Richards


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