Jungle Dogs - Brazil's Hidden Hunters Video
Jungle Dogs - Brazil's Hidden Hunters

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Jungle Dogs - Brazil's Hidden Hunters (2007)

Only available in United States

In the Brazilian rain forest lives a shy and enigmatic creature, the bush dog. Little is known of the private lives of the bush dogs. Deforestation and disease is destroying the bush dog population at an alarming rate.

Charles, a gregarious dog by nature, finds himself marooned on a patch of forest without a mate. Biologist Dr. Cleyde Chieregatto befriends the lonely dog and decides to search for his perfect mate. She introduces him to Olivia, a captive bred dog. Tune in, to see if the experiment is a success.

Donald Arthur
Andrea Rüthlein

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RussG, posted on July 29, 2012

Fascinating creatures presented in a well-made documentary. I'd never heard of Bush Dogs before this, now my ignorance is gone. Beautiful photography!

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