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Kent School

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Photo Xplorers: Kent School (2009)

Episode 6
Only available in United States

The Kent School site in Hostert, Germany, was originally established by monks in the 14th century. The Order of the Franciscans of the Holy Cross from Waldbreitbach/Wied arrived in 1909. Their activity ended in 1937 at the outbreak of WWII. The place has been abandoned since 1987.

Claude Barnes


Hasard de Cheratte Video
Episode 1 Hasard de Cheratte
Hasard de Cheratte (2009)
Episode 1
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An abandoned coal mine in Belgium.
Only available in United States
Sanatorium Bezancon Video
Episode 2 Sanatorium Bezancon
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Episode 2
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Only available in United States
Central Thermique Video
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Only available in United States
Château de Noisy Video
Episode 4 Château de Noisy
Château de Noisy (2009)
Episode 4
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An abandoned castle in Belgium.
Only available in United States

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