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Killer Algae

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Killer Algae (2009)

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Death lurks in the sea. It took 10 years to identify a completely unknown algae species which caused an outbreak of seafood poisoning in 1995. In 2009 German and Irish scientist embarked on an expedition, to study how fast this algae is spreading - and it is not good news.

This documentary reveals the global impact of killer algae and how the problem is becoming bigger year after year. We investigate the famous red tide in California and Florida’s coastline. Near Stockholm we join a group of scientists who are recording how algae are killing the Baltic Sea. Finally we travel to the Philippines, where a dramatic increase in algal blooms has led to hundreds of deaths in recent years.


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mrockgtv, posted on October 17, 2016

hmmm, this is interesting hadn't thought about algae like this deep before....

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