CMN: Kim Carlsberg on Abduction Video
Kim Carlsberg on Abduction
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CMN: Kim Carlsberg on Abduction (January 2011)

Season 7, Episode 4
Available worldwide

Kim Carlsberg wrote her first book, Beyond My Wildest Dreams, from her own personal experiences as an abductee. It was a life changing event that happened at her Los Angeles home overlooking the ocean. Kim went through personal and professional life changes from peoples' reactions to her book and years of continuing abduction experiences.

It is only now that she has decided to come back out into the spotlight to present a new book called, The Art of Close Encounters, which is a beautifully published book of other people’s artistic renderings of their own close encounters. Listen to Kim’s story and decide for yourself.

Regina Meredith
Kim Carlsberg


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richardcombs742, posted on December 16, 2014

This is a very good interview with Kim Carlseberg and her experiences seem very genuine and powerful. Abduction experiences can be very horrifying or beautiful. It was mentioned that Kim believes that this hybrid breeding program would be an ¨upgrade¨to humanity´s evolution. Yes, in intelligence, psychic ability, technology, and ecological ethics it would be. However, these alien beings are much more advanced than we realize. They are especially more advanced mentally and thus have mastered the art of persuasion and mental manipulation. They can induce all kinds of positive emotional experiences and spiritual insights, and as these are genuine experiences to the abductee, they are not for our highest interest. These experiences serve to emotionally manipulate abductees and others who hear of their stories.

I know of all this first hand. I know beyond any doubt that they are not who they present themselves to be. They are not here in humanity´s best interest. They are here for their own reasons. What seems like an evolutionary ¨upgrade¨ of intelligence and psychic perception is at the cost of our freedom. Our spiritual freedom. Their genetics will eventually cripple our spiritual freedom so we may become smarter but we will genetically close down our spiritual connection. They think they are here to help us, to upgrade us, to stop us from destroying the planet. There is some truth to that. However,THEY ARE TRULY HERE TO ENSLAVE US. It is an enslavement that is very subtle and will seem insignificant but within just a few generations, we will be genetically and technologically enslaved to their empire. Do you not see that they are playing us? They have been manipulating our history and our minds for thousands of years all for this moment in our evolution. All so we will welcome them with open arms as our saviours. This will be the biggest mistake humanity will ever make. They are here to enslave us. This is not fear mongering. This is spiritually wise discernment. They know how our mind works, so they know our weak spots and they know how to manipulate us very well. Do you think positive beings who are here to help humanity would abduct people in the darkness of night, usually against their will and violate them with all kinds of procedures? Wake up! Please use your discernment! Do research to see other people´s experience and perspectives.

Here are the best resources to start with in my opinion:
Any of these books:
Great video on the subject:

There are positive aliens who do have humanity´s best interest in mind. However, we need to grow up spiritually if we are to save our own race and also receive their help and guidance.
This is in no way an attack on Kim Carlsberg. She seems like a wonderful woman and genuine. Just that her abductors are not who they say they are.
Please use your discernment!

FIDELC, posted on August 27, 2013

What a precious woman and beautiful interview, bless her soul.

kylelbond4, posted on October 2, 2016

I do not know 444? but I see it every where?

kylelbond4, posted on October 2, 2016

yep that happened to me with the virtual reality .. the white little grays did that to me it was like a test to see want my reaction world be if I watched my brother being killed,,, it seemed real...

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