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Kumaré (2012)

Episode 1
Only available in Canada, United States

A provocative social experiment-turned-documentary, Kumare follows American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi as he transforms himself into a wise Indian guru, hoping to prove the absurdity of blind faith. He heads to Phoenix, Arizona, to see if he can build a following.

In the end, though, he finds himself forging profound connections with people from all walks of life – and wondering if and when to reveal his true self. Will his followers accept his final teaching? Can this illusion reveal a greater spiritual truth? Winner of South by Southwest's Audience Award, Kumaré is an insightful look at faith and belief.

The Making of Kumaré - Regina Meredith's exclusive interview with filmmaker Vikram Gandhi.

Kumaré Bonus Segments:
INK Talk with Vikram Gandhi
Deleted Scene: The Pastor and the Rabbi
Deleted Scene: The Magician

Vikram Gandhi, Purva Bedi, Kristen Calgaro
Vikram Gandhi


Kumaré Video
Episode 1 Kumaré
Kumaré (2012)
Episode 1
, 84 minutes
The true story of a false prophet: this provocative social experiment-turned-documentary follows American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi as he transforms himself into a wise Indian guru, hoping to prove the absurdity of blind faith.
Only available in Canada, United States
Kumaré (Bonus) – The Magician Video
Episode 2 Kumaré (Bonus) – The Magician
Kumaré (Bonus) – The Magician (2012)
Episode 2
, 3 minutes
Deleted scenes: Sri Kumaré meets with a magician, and they discuss the nature of illusion and belief and also do some magic tricks.
Only available in Canada, United States
Kumaré (Bonus) – The Pastor and the Rabbi Video
Episode 3 Kumaré (Bonus) – The Pastor and the Rabbi
Kumaré (Bonus) – The Pastor and the Rabbi (2012)
Episode 3
, 3 minutes
Deleted scenes: Sri Kumaré meets with a pastor and a rabbi in order to learn more about their respective religions.
Only available in Canada, United States
Kumaré (Bonus) – INK Talk with Vikram Gandhi Video
Episode 4 Kumaré (Bonus) – INK Talk with Vikram Gandhi
Kumaré (Bonus) – INK Talk with Vikram Gandhi (2012)
Episode 4
, 10 minutes
Vikram Gandhi gives a talk at the INK2012 Conference in Pune, India, about his experiences two years earlier as Sri Kumaré and the making of his documentary.
Only available in Canada, United States

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linnyla23, posted on August 20, 2015

This was an incredible teaching! Everything we need/want, we already have.

3triplegoddess, posted on December 9, 2014

I kept an open mind throughout the whole movie. At the end of it all I found myself asking what did he really prove except that faith does transform and positively support you through your journey towards enlightenment. Yes we all have the answers already within us but not everyone has the tools to access them. I understand his point that there are those that take advantage of people and keep them dependent upon them but that doesn't mean that every guru, guide, teacher is a fraud. I feel like he was one of the frauds. All he had to do was to aproach people with the idea that they have the answers within them and then allow them to approach him. Instead he pretended to be a guru and created fake meditations In which someone who was a yoga teacher even incorporated into her teaching practice. He prayed on vulnerable people and publicilly humiliated them on camera. I hope that he has learned that when you do anything with an intention that is not of pure love and compassion you can really hurt those around you.

igor3, posted on January 6, 2016

I think movie is exploring how and why people trust too easily when it comes to spiritual learning. What makes them so ready to believe that guru will save them?
"Trust but verify" is a better approach, and it's not just because there are many fake gurus, I believe there are more gurus who a honestly believe what they are teaching is the answer and mislead people unintentionally . "Road to hell is paved with good intentions"

sehweil1982, posted on November 23, 2014

I would like to watch Kumare, I don't understand why I cant watch it, I paid for the membership and I deserve to watch it

MichalL@Gaia, posted on November 23, 2014

We completely understand your frustration. When we license rights to a film we try our hardest to negotiate worldwide availability; sometimes we’re successful, other times we’re not. We constantly strive to make our viewing experience a satisfying one to our customers worldwide, and make every effort to do so in each film we license. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and hope you will continue to enjoy all of our worldwide-available content – including all of our original programming.

The Gaiam TV Team

digitalwellbeingsolutions, posted on August 28, 2015

How come I can watch movies on Food Matters that are not available on Gaiam TV? For instance, Lottery of Birth. Im not having a go, but super curious to know what is it that enabled them to get the full rights? They paid for it?

MichalL@Gaia, posted on September 14, 2015

Yup, if it is available worldwide they must have the rights to stream it worldwide (rights are usually granted by territory). We will look into that film specifically to see if we can extend our rights. Thank you!

manticore, posted on November 9, 2014

Kumaré taught a simple but profound truth that our power for spiritual growth lies inside us.

thisiskellyheo, posted on November 9, 2014

Amazing. In the sense that he had a message to the world, he was a teacher.

joxyjules, posted on November 8, 2014

One of the most interesting and powerful journey's I've ever seen. From the beginning I had such mixed emotions, being in the know of what he was doing. watching the innocents who wanted so much for him to be who presented himself to be... then the unveiling, that proved he 'had become' the teachings he gave, which resulted in him becoming his own best student. Wow..

ZamRich, posted on May 7, 2014

Wow this is so powerful, I don't know where to start !! Did you create a religion or did the people create you??? This is amazing... I was so stress for your unveiling for you... but you did it beautifully.. and the weird thing about it all is that you were actually being truthful through it.. Teaching people they are their own gurus. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing.. I am thoroughly impressed.. Wow... You did a wonderful job of the whole process... Thank you, both of you Vicram and Kumare ... Hugs... Amy

brandi.l.eckert, posted on February 5, 2014

A real eye opener on too many levels to count!

jpdenco, posted on January 31, 2014

Wow!! Puts the power of the Creator where it belongs. I loved this movie on so many levels. It wakes up my inner GURU in a big way1 Those who don't appreciate the method are not ready to accept and take responsibility for their own creative, spiritual and dynamic nature. AWESOME JOB!

lauraburnell2681, posted on January 25, 2014

Great film that reaffirms that we don't need external gurus and teachers. We all have the divine within us. Loved it!

cm, posted on January 24, 2014

From another comment here it says that Regina interviewed this guy. I'm going to have to watch that. I'm disturbed by this film yet its got me thinking - riddles within riddles here. I am impressed by the loveliness of the people who opened up to him (and the results that they created ... because they put good faith energy into play and focused/implemented in their lives). Impressive, kind, thoughtful, open hearted, lovely people. The three fakers ... well, they have their lovely moments also. I don't know what they think they 'proved' here though. To me, they proved the premises that I hold very dear and the 'followers' in the film do too. They didn't disprove faith, or the silliness of the ritual layer of things, they proved it even deeper (its all about the energy underneath not the surface stuff). Just cause he was in costume doesn't mean the deeper wisdom of what got activated was in costume. That was genuine. My condolences to the folks who got hurt - I hope they are finding a way to deal with the complexity of what happened (what they attracted) and that they don't give up their faith or succumb to negativity. I hope he (and his sidekicks) go deeper in their understanding of the dynamics they played with ... don't just stop with patting themselves on the back. Must have been a heck of a photo/film release they signed - wouldn't the context of it being used under dubious means make it null and void?!

bragg, posted on January 20, 2014

Amazing film, I loved it. He is teaching us that all we need is inside of us. We must learned to love ourselves so that we can love others. Great message for all of us to learn. Do not look outside of yourself to find peace, love, joy or happiness. Thank you Vikram Gandhi (Kumare')

nancyn, posted on December 21, 2013

As a person who specializes in treating trauma, I was saddened and disturbed by the shock experienced by the people who followed Kamari. For me, it would have made a more authentic ending to interview some of the people who left after his unveiling, and it's hard to imagine how these people managed the distress that may well have been caused by the continuing deception expressed in this movie. While the teaching about the inner guru is an important one, to be able to lie to people's faces in the guise of spirituality and connection is so distasteful and disheartening. The primary feeling I was left with was that all these people had been used in the service of one person's curiosity. They touched into important internal resources, but at what cost?

lharcrick, posted on November 23, 2013

I have signed in as a member and clicked "watch now" but the movie won't start. The little wheel in the middle of the screen inside the silhouette figure keeps going around and around.

jlbunch.7, posted on November 3, 2013

This was a great thing to see. I adored it. We expect so much from others and see so little in ourselves. Vikram was the ultimate canvas here, beautifully illustrating the "guru inside". I hope that many people can weather the feeling of deceit and the see the very valid message that all of us are capable of transmitting.

thinkdeep, posted on November 2, 2013

Haha... This is brilliant! I was in public and had to pause it because I was cracking up so hard. Thank you for conducting this "experiment"!

sunbinder, posted on September 8, 2013

.. and then leave them out of the picture at the end.

How convenient this paradigm of deception in this materialistic film. The ones that walk out are the ones that should have been interviewed. But the ones that forgave him were extra-ordinary.

MIRELAN, posted on January 17, 2014

The ones that "forgave" him ARE extra-ordinary. They actually understood the message to stop giving their power away.
The real gurus are the one that empower their followers, that help them to help themselves. These are the teachings of the greatest
teachers in all religions and philosophies.

rosaluna, posted on September 2, 2013

There's a lot to like in this movie if you are a newbie to spiritual intimacies. If not, you will probably believe either the best or the worst that this film conjures up within you. Your need to either believe or disbelieve will rule the day and influence your viewpoints. For me, I just think it is a bunch of crap. Too funny to be believable. To necessary to be disregarded. How do you know who you are. You just do -- always!

britnyd, posted on August 10, 2013

I loved it. Worth watching.

david76, posted on July 21, 2013

When there is complete honesty a whole other world can open up where people can truly experience even a higher level of universal love and oneness with the universe -- from which all personal power is innate. Dishonesty keeps us in the illusion of separation. On the other hand, this movie has done a dis-service to all of the teachings and techniques that are truly powerful -- those that truly helped empower the people in the movie. His apparent peace of his being, the tone of his voice, the chants, even the blue light meditation, and especially the teaching of the guru inside (not to mention the piece on sound healing, which is so amazingly effective). It is a shame that some people might not get that there is true value in these teachings and techniques -- and throw out the baby with the bathwater of deceit.

fridley, posted on July 12, 2013

I really like this documentary. It wasn't until toward the end, when I thought about how these people are going to feel. I don't know if he antipated the full effect he would have, but it seemed that he really did have such a postive effect on this group and for himself as well. Also I saw his interview with Regina Meredith on Gaimtv.com as well and it was very interesting.

samadhi.quandry, posted on July 10, 2013

I have mixed feelings. I feel like that was a really crappy thing to do to people. People are very trusting of religious leaders and a lot of the people are looking for ways to deal with their suffering. He didn't have any intention to actually help anyone. He didn't teach them any kind of real spiritual method. So I think it is wrong to dupe people like that. But it is true in the west pretty much anyone can put on a robe and say they are a teacher. Because in America we are taught to accept people that look different and to have an open mind. And people are basically good inside, and we all have this naive trusting heart. And to play with people's naive trusting heart is just wrong.

cellularken, posted on June 13, 2013

I cried... i loved it... I was so scared at the reveal and I am happy that most of his students understood and still remain in contact with him...

roslyn17, posted on June 4, 2013

is essentially what this movie is about. I loved it...loved it...loved it. It is fascinating to see how easy it is for all of us to give our power away. We are our own guru. We don't need a bishop or preacher (my own Christian background); nor do we need a swami, guru, and master of this or that. When you give away your power the only person you empower is---the other person.

marlamartenson, posted on June 2, 2013

Loved this documentary. He was so believable as the guru. Wonderful experiment.

JCS-MFW_love, posted on April 2, 2013

I do not believe that the point of the film was to help people differentiate "true" gurus from "untrue" ones, but to show that a guru can only guide someone to their own wisdom, point to the door, yet it is always up to the individual to step across the threshold and become empowered to make their own choices (there is a little Buddha in all of us). Vikram doesn't seem to fully realize the value of his own teaching! Focusing on a blue light is calming, peaceful and could help one to embrace the light of peace within. He taught simple and timeless wisdom free of dogma or doctrine. To me, the most telling and truthful moment is when he talks about the other spiritual leaders having the answer...he never claimed to have, or to be, "the" answer. Instead, he teaches that you don't need a guru, you simply need to be honest with yourself about who you'd really like to be and how you can move closer to that being. Perhaps that is the differentiation which was not stated explicitly: if the "guru" wants/needs/requires anything from you (attention, $, etc.) then their motives are questionable, but if the "guru" simply wants you to be happy and become a person living happiness, that intention is pure and full of heart. May the love and joy of connection shown in this movie inspire all who watch it and may the 4 estranged students come to know their compassionate selves.

usmanov.seyitbek, posted on March 31, 2013

This movie does not help people identify true swamis from untrue ones. It does not provide any tips or ways so that people can avoid "swamis" like himself. I feel like this movie was just made to make fun of belief and be the "Borat" of spirituality.

Don Kanis, posted on March 30, 2013

I consider Vikram one of my newest and best guru's just for doing this.When is the last time any of our own personal guru's had such a positive impact on so many people?
Guru Vikram.......??? You BET !!!

KEVINR, posted on March 23, 2013

i loved this movie because it specifically states when he went to his friend before his coming out, that Buddah said to kill the "buddah" we should have NO IDOLS! i meditate at Self Realization fellowship TEMPLE IN PHX and people think it's idolizing GURUs, but if you really read the teachings, no one is worshiping Yogananda or his gurus on the wall! IT is all about meditating correctly and being at one with your own highest spirit! yourself alone!!! IT ALL SAYS TO LOOK WITHIN, THE KINDGOM IS WITHIN, NO ON E CAN HELP YOU BUT YOURSELF!!! YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE EFFORT EVERYDAY! BE IN THIS WORLD BUT NOT OF THIS WORLD.
as for the 4 people that feel betrayed and don't talk to the dude after he came out. i understand their inner issues with betrayal and my family betrayed me, but i think they should get over it and really look at themselves and thank him for revealing a flaw within themselves.... to correct. i forgave my family but i will not forget it and not allow them to betray me again. Lesson learned the hard way, ,,,, believe the 4 people that will not respond to him have deep issues and if they want to get over them --- they should email or write him and then burn it or give it to him. but i do believe they need a cathartic healing done my themselves to themself. KNOW THYSELF! hope you supply us with great documentatries like these. it was so cute when the young girl that wanted to be the yoga teacher was the first one to hug him at his comming out party. that shows she is open and will be an excellent teacher. thanks for these movies to the spiritual cinema people. i really love them!!!! YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT AND WHAT YOU GIVE YOUR TIME TO & ACTIONS, SO MEDITATE AND GIVE TIME TO YOUR OWN GURU WITHIN YOU EVERY MORNING & NIGHT!!! HAVE FUN AND PROSPER!!! sincerely, DALIA.com

Victoria Crystal, posted on March 20, 2013

and this is mine: Someone willing to humiliate his or herself for a belief they hold true... One that ultimately gives power to the ones who are giving it away... is far braver and more worthy of respect than those seeking power to bolster their own. What you did is brave. I've often been upset at not being able to follow another's seemless path, and yet I have also known... My life IS my OWN! Thank you

RedcatMac, posted on March 18, 2013

I loved this movie. It truly connects with the most vulnerable and the most powerful parts of us all. I will be watching this one again.

drgerstman, posted on March 16, 2013

I absolutely loved this movie. Vikram you are indeed a gifted and special man with or without the beard!

peacekeeper, posted on March 16, 2013

Am I the only one who cringed in my chair as these wonderful folks shared their deepest intimacies to someone pretending with ulterior motives? And then to see the faces of those whose vulnerability was marketed. Yikes... And yes, I get the lesson pertaining to guru/external-worship but using 'deception' for an educational outcome? I dunno... The jury is still out on this one for me. On the other hand, there are no random moments in my world, so perhaps this film was timely for many to shed their seeking... their dependencies on outside/greater spiritualists. It was a well-done film.

steedb1, posted on March 23, 2013

i even laughed at some of his crazy yoga. but not long into the movie, i realized he was teaching truths anyway. this movie is exactly what it pretended to be. that's what made it so great (in the end)

Ann G, posted on March 15, 2013

I loved this film! So fun and so true. I have a few wonderful Gurus, but in the end, it is truly the guru within that has to lead the way. Now my Gurus are also my friends and I do what I can to help them. Love goes around. Thanks for the great film.

debilg, posted on March 15, 2013

loved it!

Brenda, posted on March 12, 2013

Great film! I couldn't wait for the end and I loved it! Thanks for such a well done documentary exposing the Truth about Truth . I hope it wins a lot of awards.
Also check out Swami Beyondananda, the "Cosmic Comic." and Wake up Laughing.

As the Swami, Steve is the author of Driving Your Own Karma (1989), When You See a Sacred Cow, Milk It For All It's Worth (1993), Duck Soup for the Soul (1999) and Swami for Precedent: A 7-Step Plan to Heal the Body Politic and Cure Electile Dysfunction (2004).

Melody W, posted on March 11, 2013

Absolutely loved this documentary. Probably the most profound guru-type message I've ever experienced. Wow.

Don Kanis, posted on March 30, 2013

I agree with you Melody. I have a new Guru and his name is Vikram.

uragreat12, posted on March 11, 2013

Entertaining,Innovative, and insightful. Excellent presentation about the new paradigm.

cybarra, posted on March 11, 2013

Loved this documentary. Every moment, every person is the guru. What a great lesson for us all.

Christel P, posted on March 11, 2013

Loved this movie. We are all teachers and students. We are all our own Guru and aspire to be the change we want to see in the world. Kumare is a reflection of us all, without selfishness, we have to have that inner knowing. Thanks for sharing this movie.

tuvi, posted on March 11, 2013

I LOVED this! Thank you Kumare :)

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