Kundalini for Releasing Stress Video
Kundalini for Releasing Stress

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Kundalini for Releasing Stress

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We all face fears, anxiety and stress in our life. Use this practice with Lindsey Lewis to help you release them. Become stronger, calmer and more able to handle the uncertainties and unexpected outcomes that come up in your life off the mat. Tap into your deepest inner strength, and gain the ability to keep up when the going gets tough.

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maggie.preston, posted on January 18, 2016

Challenging and I'm sure I'll be sire tomorrow, but it was doable despite not having too much energy today. I recommend having a folded blanket or towel on hand, some of the seated postures require a little lift (unless you have a perfect seated yoga posture without it!).

sabineschulte, posted on April 29, 2015

Sat Nam, Lindsay! I came back to this video since I was particularly looking for a Kundalini class. I enjoyed your class a lot and it gave me exactly what I needed this morning! Thank you! The only thing I want to mention is, that I would have appreciated if you would have tuned in properly! As you know, every Kundalini Class starts with "Ong Namo, Guru Dev Namo" and gets tuned out with the "Long Time Sun". I am very much looking forward to see more Kundalini Classes with you, since you are a wonderful teacher and I hope that you keep the tuning in and out in mind. ;-) :-) Sat Nam! Love and light! Sabine (Lajpreet Kaur) Forgive me, but I am Kundalini Yoga Teacher myself and I guess that is why I am quite particular with Kundalini Classes! :-) ;-)

stelianddeni, posted on November 29, 2015

I agree! I loved this class and I do wish there was a proper kundalini tune in! Regardless, awesome class. Very challenging and very energizing.

aurelija.susinskas, posted on March 26, 2015

great video but stopped working half way through and I couldn't get it to play again.

HeidiV@Gaia, posted on March 26, 2015

@AURELIJA.SUSINSKAS - We are sorry for any inconvenience. Someone from our Customer Service department will be in contact with you.

jennifer.bonnell, posted on February 2, 2015

What a fantastic class! I love your approach to Kundalini yoga, and have been doing lots of your classes. Please do more - your voice, tone, and sequencing are just wonderful :)

Lindsey Lewis, posted on February 3, 2015

dear Jennifer. wonderful, I'm so glad it worked for you. i'm not sure when/if I'll be doing more classes for Gaiam, but you can find more from me, including videos, here: libreliving.com. xL

jennifer.bonnell, posted on February 3, 2015

Thanks for replying Lindsey! Going to check out the site now :)

Lindsey Lewis, posted on February 4, 2015

Great Jennifer. Feel welcome to be in touch if I can support you in any way. With much love, Lindsey

CuriousDoodles, posted on December 22, 2014

This was exactly the class I needed today. I had a bunch of negative emotions hanging around in my stomach. I feel much better now- Strong, open, confidant, and full of energy. Thank you Lindsey ! Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


lindseylewis, posted on July 18, 2014

@sabineschulte So glad it helped : ) I love the Adi mantra, too...please feel welcome to add it in! xL

sabineschulte, posted on July 18, 2014

Namaste, Lindsey! Thanks for that great practice! I guess what I needed most was to hear" Keep your calm, your cool, your peace"! Thank you for reminding me and hope that practice will support me to keep those feelings throughout the day! :-) :-) One little note: As a big Kundalini Fan I missed the Ong Namo Mantra to start the session. ;-) But I enjoyed the Har Har Mantra and you thought me the "Let go Mantra" ;-) which I probably needed most this morning! Sat Nam, Lindsey!

LondonYogaBunny, posted on July 18, 2014

What an amazing class, exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you :)

WPerben, posted on February 15, 2014

such a great de-stresser!! thank you, Lindsey!

lindseylewis, posted on November 20, 2013

@MrsBrainard so glad to hear it. xNamaste, L

MrsBrainard, posted on November 20, 2013

What an amazing practice! This will be my go to video whenever I am facing anxiety and/or stress. Thank you so much. Namaste

lindseylewis, posted on November 5, 2013

@olgasheean so glad : ) thank you. xNamaste, L

olgasheean, posted on November 4, 2013

Excellent, Lindsay. Beautifully done and perfect for me, with all my excess adrenaline. Love your videos. Thanks.

clyburtus, posted on August 4, 2013

Amazing! Vigorous! And relaxing at the same time!

katarinamandarina, posted on August 4, 2013

Powerful!! Dealing with lots of emotions coming out. This is the only class I could come to :) Sat Nam

lindseylewis, posted on August 1, 2013

@gayle82 you're so welcome : ) glad this class helped. x Namaste, Sat Nam, L

gayle82, posted on August 1, 2013

Thank you Lindsey! That was amazing. I have been in a horrible funk over the last few days and this really helped me to shift all the junk to deal with what's going on! I know this is a practice I will return to many, many times! Sat Nam

lindseylewis, posted on July 16, 2013

@kbou2405 so glad! sending love. xL

kbou2405, posted on July 15, 2013

Wow! This video iwas not easy for me but I did what I could and my face and shoulders have never felt more loose! I feel great! I'll definitly be doing this one again. Thank you!

lindseylewis, posted on June 11, 2013

@SnowRaven so glad this class helped! big love + namaste, L

SnowRaven, posted on June 11, 2013

Exactly what I needed! I especially liked all the shoulder opening as thats where I put all my stress.

lindseylewis, posted on January 25, 2013

@AndreaL I'm so glad this class helped! Much love, L

AndreaL_2, posted on January 25, 2013

I feel so much clearer, open... thank you!

awa4000, posted on December 29, 2012

@lindseylewis Awesome. Thanks for the help!

lindseylewis, posted on December 19, 2012

@mknight you are so welcome : ) take care of your cold. big love, L

mknight388, posted on December 19, 2012

Thanks so much Lindsey - I have been nursing a cold and had very limited yoga practice lately but completed this full session and it has cleared my body and mind tremendously. There were challenging parts because not feeling the best but I pushed through and am much better for it. You are very kind and generous throughout the practice.

lindseylewis, posted on December 18, 2012

@awa4000 Hope my answer--pasted below--helps!

lindseylewis, posted on December 18, 2012

Hey Anthony; I'm so glad! Good for you. Glad this practice worked for you : ) It's hard for me to say without getting more details from you but my hunch is you were experiencing a good ol' kundalini energy bath. It's different for everyone, but each experience tends to have the similarity of energy surging in a way that is very enjoyable. I'm glad for you! Big love, L

awa4000, posted on December 16, 2012

This practice was so good and completely effective in relieving my stress. I had an incredible experience afterward that I'm curious to understand better if you have any advice or leads, Lindsey. Afterward, I was laying in bed and this intense wave of energy began flooding my body, totally unexpected. The only way I can put it into words is that it was like a giant scanner light of energy was just going up and down my body. My hands sort of disappeared and it felt like they were replaced with limitless energy that was like balls of fire coming out of my wrists.

Sounds crazy I know but it was extremely enjoyable and I've had the same result doing this practice again. Mind blown and full of questions. --Anthony

pierceem, posted on September 2, 2012

A beautiful release!!! I cried during and after.... thank you for this healing practice!

Jonny, posted on July 1, 2012

This is very different to other yoga I've done but it was conveyed with a flowing style that matched its movements - I'm a real convert and look forward to doing this practice again. Thanks!

mrenkow, posted on June 7, 2012

The breath of fire 20+ times was exhausting and the loud white noise during savasana was so distracting that I had to stop the video, but other than that, the class was good. Thank you.

lindseylewis, posted on May 17, 2012

It's such an incredible joy to be able to help people feel better. And from places as far apart as New Westminster, Canada and Lyon, France. Thank you Gabi and Mallina for your comments. You're why I love that I get to do what I do! Namaste

MallinaCashew, posted on May 17, 2012

I did this video because I just had to see what all the rave reviews were about... and now I understand! This was such an opener, a clearer, a releaser! Thank You, Lindsey. It really made my day. Namaste

UtopiasdeBolsillo, posted on May 17, 2012

Every time that I do this class I feel that I need to thank you, is such a powerful session! It leaves me feeling light and much better, specialy in dificult days. So Thank you Lindsey, thank you so much for this lovely class.

lindseylewis, posted on April 26, 2012

so GLAD Jazzy! I love calm. Namaste L

jazzyenglish, posted on April 25, 2012

Wow this is amazing, such a release and a return to calm, thank you so much !

lindseylewis, posted on April 11, 2012

Hey Vikka; I'll do my best :) I think it's probably because breath of fire involves an equal intake of air to the exhale. In fact, you're probably taking in more air than you're exhaling. It's also not associated or correlated with the anxiety response that comes along with or can cause hyperventilation and the decrease of carbon dioxide. Breath of fire can definitely be a challenge for the first few times doing it--make sure you take it at a pace that works for you. Hope that helps! L

Vikka, posted on April 11, 2012

I am very glad, that it is gone! seriously. I just don't find words. :D the hardest part for me was "the breath of fire", don't know why, probably because I am not used to hyperventilation and hypocapnia... maybe I don't do it right. I am interested in physiology behind this breathing practice. As far as i know hyperventilation sweeps out CO2, resulting in hypocapnia and thus causing cerebral vasoconstriction, increased nerve and muscle excitability and in some cases anxiety, but I felt exactly the opposite, so there's contradiction, and it needs to be resolved. Can you help?

lindseylewis, posted on April 11, 2012

p.s. not always keeping up is totally fine. It comes with time, and resting when you need it.

lindseylewis, posted on April 11, 2012

Hey Vikka; you are so welcome. That 'sweep down' part is often accompanied by a powerful mantra in my live classes: "let go". Sounds like you got that goin' on--no nudging necessary. :) way to go. I am so glad for you. And glad to help! Much love, L

Vikka, posted on April 11, 2012

Dear Lindsey, I can't say how grateful I am.. after 17 minutes, at the 'sweep down' part I bursted out in tears. Just could not control it, I let it go, it was amazing! I was deeply surprised and relieved. I could not always keep up for the first time, but I tried my best and am sure that I can do it after several attempts. This class will be one of my favorites. Thank You!

KateMac, posted on March 17, 2012

I'm going through a very difficult time at the moment and I often revert to feeling like a victim - fighting this with trying to drive forward. Having just done this practice, I feel so much calmer and at peace. I feel more confident about letting thoughts which hold me back, go and looking to the future and believing in my abilities to do what I aspire to without letting fear, panic and the paralysis which that brings stop me. Thank you. I will continue to do this and other sessions to keep me focussed! I'm very interested to find out more about this style of yoga.

lindseylewis, posted on March 13, 2012

great! I'm so glad it worked for you...thanks for including, too. much love, L

lcossar, posted on March 13, 2012

I have been trying various Kundalini practices and this is now my fav - I am doing research and writing on the effects of stress on the body and will definitely include this in the daily practices section! Loved this!! Thank you!

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