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Kymatica (2009)

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We may be quick to blame secret organizations, greedy corporations and corrupt politicians for the state of the environment and economy. The harsh truth is that the world is in its current state because humanity, as a world-wide population, is evolving and taking the world with it. We all now stand at the precipice of the greatest disaster mankind has ever known or it can be a great moment of mass awakening.

From the legends of ancient shamanic tribes through the annals of organized religion, subtle clues of our salvation have been left for us to discover. Quantum science and metaphysics are confirming what these ancients knew all along, and these secrets to mankind’s salvation are just beginning to be revealed. Will you make the tough choice to make personal changes for the benefit of all or allow the collective end of mankind to pass with a faint whimper?

Ben Stewart, Bruce Lipton
Ben Stewart

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moodysh, posted on September 25, 2016

I was interested and wanted to watch, but once I saw in the comments that there are scenes of animal torture, I knew that I could not watch it.

ecan-mcan, posted on July 3, 2016

Such a fascinating program. Why does the screen go blank after 35 to 40 minutes. The same happens with other interesting series, like Regina Meredith and her wonderful series. Her programs go for over an hour and I loose the program after 35 to 40 minutes. Can you tell me how to remedy this?

gramig, posted on July 3, 2016

Wonderful documentary, amazing information

rhonda0202, posted on April 29, 2016

There was some enlightening food for thought. The quotes were esp good. The background "music" was annoying, in fact, really irritating but I wanted to hear the message so I tried to ignore it. Lastly, what's up with the animal torture. I had to turn off the movie when that never saw the ending.

sligotoo, posted on April 25, 2016


rayracine, posted on April 24, 2016

compiled into this documentary. Excellent work!

Lanishots, posted on April 15, 2016

I agree with ZENTZEL, I had to turn away in shame and felt sick to watch even a few seconds. Other wise this was a wonderful film.

sprake3, posted on January 8, 2016


zentzel, posted on January 4, 2016

cut out brutal images to animals... this I can not watch. People can understand what you are saying without those images...

elena.keegan, posted on December 6, 2015

It all sounded very enlightening to me.

dadadadunt, posted on October 18, 2015

The greatest act of bravery that any of us can do is confront what lies within. If you want to see these evil leaders disappear and be brought to justice, start with yourself first. Give them love, peel back your layers of ego and unconscious behaviors to make healthier decisions, beginning the journey to the discovery of yourself. Ultimately you come to find that your are soul, you are love, and you are more powerful than you have ever imagined.

anitalago2, posted on August 14, 2015

We can change the world by changing ourselves - how?

jfreeman, posted on July 9, 2015

But having a group of experts and sages both dead and alive write and talk about how the cultures they live in are under mass delusion and hatred - except presumably themselves who see through the veil - is a bit odd, don't you think? Otherwise the movie is well done and thought provoking in the main - although the Black Legend of the Spanish Conquest is accepted without comment as to its veracity. (Some file clips are repeated and the background music once you notice it get annoying.)

byrdnestv, posted on August 8, 2014

All I can say is that was the most profound hour and a half ever. This film pulled together so many threads in my mind that I wish I'd put down on paper prior to viewing. At least now I have a good reference point to start my own journal. Animal cruelty, yes a very small portion of a beautiful message that was a little too long.

Zandie, posted on July 23, 2014

A bit confusing... Bottom line ...We are Both , dark + light ? ? Or... Be aware We are both,,, and RID ourselves of the dark parts by becoming Aware of them,
through 'Knowing' Our Unconcious mind ?? ... AND.. choosing differently ?? .... Not sure exactly what the Movie was suggesting the Answer IS ?
Love Bruce Lipton 's piece....However,,, Did NOT like the Graphic Animal ABUSE... It was a very small part of the whole... Yet I was YELLING at The movie+ makers..., To STOP it... and I could still hear it..... REALLY ????? ! :( .... That Was Very Distressful .... !
Besides AWARENESS of Self and Others which IS Key... for Change and Sovereignty ... The movie offers Much Information and that is a big Part of BEING
Aware ... of the Collective ......
The Divine learning/ Being Humanity ... and All that entails ?

PattyCa103, posted on July 18, 2014

This Documentary was very good in explaining so many, many different things. Animal cruelty, which I could not watch and I detest, was only a very small segment of the whole Document. I am glad that I watched it. It is an extremely lot to absorb in one viewing. It sounded like a lot of thought and research had gone into the explanations. I was impressed with all of the knowledge imparted.

newcenturion13, posted on June 22, 2014

As far as the animal cruelty, that darkness is in all of us. Ignoring it or pretending it doesn't exist is a mistake. Not accepting what we are. As far as what we are supposed to do.....look inside. You might be occupied for the rest of you're life just exploring that.

Zeonsuki, posted on March 28, 2014

I suppose that is the aim, but the animal cruelty shown was horrible. I know it goes on and did not need to see it.. What can I do about it besides having it terrorize my psyche? There should have been a warning.

wilhelm, posted on June 21, 2014

Thank you for the comment on the cruelty to animals. I have decided not to watch this program at all because any images of cruelty or violence to any sentient being, haunt me for months. I therefore support organizations that are dedicated to alleviate or prevent such suffering by my donations, but I try to avoid any images of cruelty. For me, it is more than enough to be psychically aware of what is going on on this planet in this regard.

morningsun, posted on June 19, 2014

The documentary was just beginning...I had a bad feeling....decided to look down at comments and immediately saw yours. Thank you very much for saving me from a couple of sleepless nights with horrible (I'm sure) images in my head that I didn't ask for and wouldn't be able to shut off. Bless you.

indieartist, posted on June 23, 2014

The footage of animal cruelty will haunt me and is a part of me now. I am a vegetarian and it really shook me. It will help me to be more steadfast and thoughtful in the future so that they did not die horribly without witness or a lesson for the so-called higher species that we are supposed to be (yeah right). HOWEVER, please do not cut yourself short by not watching the film. The harsh stuff isn't until the very end and is the last piece of the film. As soon as he starts talking about the animal cruelty just stop watching and you won't miss much else, rather than not watch Kymatica at all. I encourage you to watch with an open heart and enjoy it because it is super satisfying and helpful otherwise.

interloper5, posted on March 21, 2014

I agree we are evolving and we cannot seem to stop. Like when we develop weapons we can't go back before we invented weapons because some person will always know about the weapons and we all will have to use the weapons or we peaceful ones will be slaughtered, Does that make sense? I should do some Giam Videos seems to make as much sense as they do!

taldendifer, posted on March 20, 2014

Brilliant documentary. A lot of information in the film, but the beauty is you can go back and watch it again and again. Take notes. Do research online (not wikipedia silly ;). Let your intuition guide you. I feel that much of what they say in this film will make sense after you unplug from the matrix and look within. We soon realize there are dark sides of each of our subconscious minds which we project into the collective unconscious mind . You can read much more of this aspect of psychology from Carl Jung. The solution is provided in the film: look within, reconnect with nature; stop allowing the parasite of false ego to steal your life force by making you afraid (in other words stop allowing the media and others around you to make you live in a world of fear). How do you combat fear? Find the Love within yourself and share it with everyone you meet. It starts with you. Let the deprogramming keep rolling. Thanks amigos!

kmoorin, posted on March 19, 2014

Very confusing show without clear explanations. They assume that I accept and believe all their information as absolute facts, when they may not be. I always think it's a good idea to question any authority, including this theoretical documentary. I do believe in going within to find spiritual answers.

yael1, posted on March 19, 2014

THank you for literally supporting my personal journey from the mind to the soul; from living with mind making chaos to the inner knowing of love and peace.

borsello.lmt, posted on March 17, 2014

In reading these comments, I overwhelmingly agree this is a brilliant film to awaken to, It cannot give us answers b/c by its very message, it abjures us to find our own. I appreciate the awareness it brings to me - also the "be-ware-ness" & "wariness" of slipping into unconsciousness as a default state. I read of a man who went to the guru and asked if he was enlightened b/c he perceived suffering. The guru answered when he had the same compassion for the torturer as for the tortured, he would be closer to it.

Recognizing my inner language & what I choose to hear as well as listen to in my viscera will become a guidance system. And I think the fear factor can be mitigated by conscious happiness. So I choose that. Until every other cell (human) also chooses this, however, I intend to pay my tax bill... I also hold the intention & the space for this change to occur even as I do both. We do need to rescue ourselves but have an awfully long list of heroes in front of that personal prime directive & the mythos that heroes are here to save us is a powerful deterrent to taking the time & trouble to do so. There is also the matter of redirecting attention to the truth which sets us free but it is hard to pull back from the bread & circuses offered as distraction. I doubt cancer cells are thinking higher thoughts while scrambling to reproduce.

I am glad & grateful for this information & perspective. It will influence my decisions and choices and inform how I now choose to live.

An amazing & timely collection of thoughts: a (r)evolutionary perspective. Thank you!

fortysix.too, posted on February 2, 2014

Ok, great movie, but, what exactly do you suggest we do, then, to truly be free? I guarantee you if I just stop submitting to the system, I definitely won't be free. I'd be in a jail cell. I agree with the points in this movie, but I feel like it should have ended with more answers... Maybe make a sequel with some personal solutions we should each start implementing...

myroom315, posted on March 4, 2014

What we are to do is up to each of us. The answer lies within. You need to stop, pause, breathe, look inside, look at your life, your choices (as do I, as do each one of us). We need to Wake Up!! What each one of us has to wake up to is different. I think this movie is really saying "Own your Shit' ... oh, "and don't deny you've got it, cause we all do....and stop looking at, talking about, pointing to someone else's shit, or the system, as causing your shit and somehow all this being NOT YOUR FAULT'. We are all victims - Lets own this, and lets own the fact that we ALL also have the ability to become more conscious than we each are in this moment. We have Potential, Self Responsibility, Commitment, Choice.
Become aware of one thing in your psyche that is of a 'dark' nature, and transform it by looking at it, owning it, reflecting on it, and then transcending it. Then do it again...and again...and....
Through this process we are no longer victim to these forces.

Tessadionnestokes, posted on November 16, 2013

floydan, posted on November 5, 2013

This video is so genius! Play it often, you'll hear something new every time. Kymatica is not a word. That's the beginning of it's genius-it's entirely new. Look it up on dictionary . com and you'll see a link to this video.

kerri888, posted on October 30, 2013

deidradancing, posted on October 19, 2013

this has been the most impactful piece i've witnessed thus far on gaiam. thank you for the ground zero perspective to grow forth from.

jeaninemack, posted on September 25, 2013

Thank you Ben and Daniel, I have viewed this many times with family and friends since 2009. In my being, the epitome of heartfelt intelligence.

suejbull, posted on August 11, 2013

This is the second film I have enjoyed by Ben Stewart. Esoteric Agenda was also excellent. I would recommend for anyone new to this information as a good taster to get them started on their own journey.

irina2868, posted on July 15, 2013

very interesting film....informative. thanks a lot .
Just....had a disire sometimes to swithch off the music that accomanies the speaker.

mbettsmaurer@gmail.comm, posted on June 26, 2013

Very interesting and I would recommend. Yes, a bit dated....

kim147, posted on May 21, 2013

Everyone needs to see this......EVERYONE!!

rluquias, posted on May 21, 2013

I really loved this. I'm always seeking out the hidden hands that influence our culture and society.

genmobiii, posted on May 17, 2013

A must watch AND reflect on

Tigerrose, posted on May 9, 2013

I love this guy's films. Esoteric Agenda is also great! They are filled with great info and have a positive message about how to change ourselves in order to evolve.

Jimirod, posted on May 7, 2013

At this point it seems a bit of a rehash but there are some valid concerns expressed here for mankind.

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