Labyrinths: Their Mystery & Magic Video
Labyrinths: Their Mystery & Magic

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Labyrinths: Their Mystery & Magic (2006)

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Found in many cultures world-wide, labyrinths can be one of the most profound tools for connecting with the gods, bringing balance, healing body and soul, and embarking upon an inner journey. Patterns and proportions as found in nature are reflected in the various forms of labyrinths. It is as if the meandering lines become temples honoring the very forces that create and sustain all of life.

In this documentary, we explore the history of labyrinths to discover the evolution of patterns as different cultures adopted their use. Though the final product is complex, simple construction techniques for laying out a design on paper and making a rope labyrinth are presented. In addition, various techniques are outlined for meditation, chakra balancing, self discovery and more. There are no limits for construction designs or use for versatile and transformational labyrinths.

Ilfra Halley, Richard Feather Anderson, Jeff Saward, Robert Ferre
Penny Price

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rosemarycreations, posted on July 8, 2016

will research what design will fit in my small backyard. love this info.

lynn19, posted on July 6, 2016

entering from the east through seven circuits in the middle of a forest of old growth trees surrounded on three sides by a natural lake in the Adirondack Mountains. The large stones are blue granite delineated by an outside row of tall ferns, and some of the paths are portioned into flower beds . Currently, purple, pink & white foxglove are in full bloom - the bee balm needs protection every summer because the deer eat dessert first.
This labyrinth was built, with ongoing help, after coming home from my first VT dowser's convention in the early '90s , and its subterranean water dome doesn't have a great distance to flow in order to arrive at center. Just this past Easter I used its gentle encompassing power to alleviate my considerable stress and derive inspiration in a desperate ice rescue of my beautiful young Samoyed, Gundar. My feeling after the walking meditation was one of calm accepting confidence that my dog would come home. This insightful comfort that I emerged with began to bear out immediately, and the pup got safely home through brave acts of many folks.
Such good info in this film. I'm happy to have the refreshing reminder. And ever so grateful that I was dedicated & strong enough in my middle years to give this blessing form.

ginamae, posted on January 19, 2016

I built my labyrinth on a whim, just wanted a labyrinth, so built one. I walk it regularly for all kinds of reasons including some that have been mentioned here. I had absolutely no idea there was so much more about them...thank you.

stusmith, posted on August 23, 2014

"You don't have a soul (light body, spirit). You ARE a soul. You have a body."

allanbruun, posted on October 15, 2013

Despite of the "old" look in this presentation, I will recommend this as worth your time to watch. I look forward to making my own garden labyrinth ;-)

chrisma19, posted on July 31, 2013

Stunning information for anyone looking to expand, balance and connect.

lturner, posted on July 13, 2013

This documentary totally caught me by surprised. I'd never heard anything good nor bad about labyrinths so I went into this with 0 expectations. Now I'm trying to find one to walk. I never knew the importance of labyrinths to spirituality so I'm very glad I watched this.

floydan, posted on June 23, 2013

I resisted watching this for some time, thinking that it was probably inconsequential. But I'm really glad I did! It offered another step in my search for fulfillment and meaning from inside myself. Now I've got to find one to walk!! It's profound, in a subtle way, just drawing one.

wayne, posted on June 21, 2013

Thanks for the great video. I enjoyed it a lot and will watch it again. I didn't know anything about labyrinths, but this resonates with me and I believe there is something important here.

eve11111, posted on September 26, 2016

This box takes up half the iPad screen and won't close. I wish u would fix ur website. So I could watch the shows again. Also can't switch back. So glitchy. Please fix!!

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