Inspirations: Larry Dossey on Using Premonitions for Health Video
Larry Dossey on Using Premonitions for Health
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Inspirations: Larry Dossey on Using Premonitions for Health (March 2012)

Season 1, Episode 15
Available worldwide

Have you ever thought of an old friend only to have her call you moments later? Or just know something would happen before it did?

Dr. Larry Dossey, author of The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape our Lives, explains how to tap into your premonitions for better health. In this conversation from a live webcast on March 14, 2012, Dr. Dossey and Lisa Garr discussed the science behind premonitions and revealed five ways to cultivate your intuition.

Dr. Dossey is responsible for changing the way the medical profession and the world look at prayer in medicine. His groundbreaking book Healing Words: the Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine is used by 80 medical schools.

Lisa Garr
Dr. Larry Dossey
Matt Fazzi


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runswithduck, posted on June 27, 2015

YES! Good presentation!
=It's the inner urge that's hard to override.
= It's more focused, Real, urgent, strong, detailed, etc.
= Often like a picture or movie documentary.
= May have full sensory awareness the goes with the scene, but as though observed from an outside perspective.
= Feels emotionally charged.
= It often will repeat a number of times leading up to the event.
= Others may also have the same or similar dreams.
= It might start out as a dream while you sleep, then start repeating as a waking dream.
= The premonition can sometimes be like a message from a dead loved one.
= It may also have someone speaking information about it.
= It's an advisory, a warning, or a heads-up clue; visions never tell you to do bad things to yourself or others [if they do, it's likely related to mental imbalance, or difficulty working through life events]
= Some dreams are just for you; others are meaningful for others.
= Not everyone wants to actually know what's coming; many say they do, but if someone tells the stuff that's about to happen, and it does, they can become scared of the person telling them.
= It may feel it has an expanded context; like the vision has larger meaning or impact, as if the event you perceive is a part of the whole fabric of all of creation or a broader expanse of events. It can be tricky to try to tell someone of premonitions...sometimes it might be best to ask the person questions that cause them to rethink what they had planned, or talk them into doing something else, or making sure to take a different road or do something different.
= If the premonition is of something bad, you can talk with God to ask what's it going to take to avoid this event, to learn the lesson without experiencing trauma.
= One can interact with dreams...can direct the scene's perspective, can continue it the next time you sleep or focus on the dream's contents. Can communicate with or ask questions of the dream, or the guardian angel that sent it.
You might encounter fearful people who worry you might be taken over by demons or such---don't worry!! Know that you are part of God;
= Visions never tell you to do bad or dangerous things to yourself or others; if they do, that's not a vision, it's more likely you're having trouble processing life events, or need mental health help. I repeat this, because it's important!
= If you've never consciously experienced a vision, you will probably have still had something like it on subconscious level, directing you via 'gut feelings', etc.; you can learn to increase awareness, to 'see' more clearly, with practice over time.
= Each person receiving visions, only gets them filtered through their personal layers of life experiences, knowledge, awarenesses, biases, or preconceptions, which can cloud reception and scramble meanings.
= Visions of something eventful, may simply be advising you of something happening, such as: someone you are close to, who is at a mutually familiar location, might think strongly of you at the time of something happening there, and you are far away, and get the picture as in a could feel as if it's a warning for you, where you are, until you get news that the event happened to your friend or family member at the other location.
= You might be drifting off to sleep, and 'something'- a feeling, an urge...gets you to get up to walk down the hall to investigate, where you discover something happening which might be a catastrophe you can then prevent.
= A vision may only be advisory, not necessarily that you are needed to act upon it to warn or advise others of.
Bottom line? Pay attention!
Question the truth of them.
Practice at it. Pray on it. Pray/meditate for guidance and clarity.
Find others who are comfortable talking with you about it. Learn more.
Love is the strongest power in all of Creation, once we understand more fully how that works.
We are all connected, as part of The Whole of Creation, part of the whole fabric.
When something happens to any of us, all of us can be affected to some degree. The fabric cannot be moved in one place, without the entire fabric being touched by it.

Sunniva, posted on April 6, 2012


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