Inspirations: Larry Dossey on Using Premonitions for Health Video
Larry Dossey on Using Premonitions for Health
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Inspirations: Larry Dossey on Using Premonitions for Health (March 2012)

Season 1, Episode 15
Available worldwide

Have you ever thought of an old friend only to have her call you moments later? Or just know something would happen before it did?

Dr. Larry Dossey, author of The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape our Lives, explains how to tap into your premonitions for better health. In this conversation from a live webcast on March 14, 2012, Dr. Dossey and Lisa Garr discussed the science behind premonitions and revealed five ways to cultivate your intuition.

Dr. Dossey is responsible for changing the way the medical profession and the world look at prayer in medicine. His groundbreaking book Healing Words: the Power of Prayer and the Practice of Medicine is used by 80 medical schools.

Lisa Garr
Dr. Larry Dossey
Matt Fazzi


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runswithduck, posted on June 27, 2015

YES! Good presentation!
=It's the inner urge that's hard to override.
= It's more focused, Real, urgent, strong, detailed, etc.
= Often like a picture or movie documentary.
= May have full sensory awareness the goes with the scene, but as though observed from an outside perspective.
= Feels emotionally charged.
= It often will repeat a number of times leading up to the event.
= Others may also have the same or similar dreams.
= It might start out as a dream while you sleep, then start repeating as a waking dream.
= The premonition can sometimes be like a message from a dead loved one.
= It may also have someone speaking information about it.
= It's an advisory, a warning, or a heads-up clue; visions never tell you to do bad things to yourself or others [if they do, it's likely related to mental imbalance, or difficulty working through life events]
= Some dreams are just for you; others are meaningful for others.
= Not everyone wants to actually know what's coming; many say they do, but if someone tells the stuff that's about to happen, and it does, they can become scared of the person telling them.
= It may feel it has an expanded context; like the vision has larger meaning or impact, as if the event you perceive is a part of the whole fabric of all of creation or a broader expanse of events. It can be tricky to try to tell someone of premonitions...sometimes it might be best to ask the person questions that cause them to rethink what they had planned, or talk them into doing something else, or making sure to take a different road or do something different.
= If the premonition is of something bad, you can talk with God to ask what's it going to take to avoid this event, to learn the lesson without experiencing trauma.
= One can interact with dreams...can direct the scene's perspective, can continue it the next time you sleep or focus on the dream's contents. Can communicate with or ask questions of the dream, or the guardian angel that sent it.
You might encounter fearful people who worry you might be taken over by demons or such---don't worry!! Know that you are part of God;
= Visions never tell you to do bad or dangerous things to yourself or others; if they do, that's not a vision, it's more likely you're having trouble processing life events, or need mental health help. I repeat this, because it's important!
= If you've never consciously experienced a vision, you will probably have still had something like it on subconscious level, directing you via 'gut feelings', etc.; you can learn to increase awareness, to 'see' more clearly, with practice over time.
= Each person receiving visions, only gets them filtered through their personal layers of life experiences, knowledge, awarenesses, biases, or preconceptions, which can cloud reception and scramble meanings.
= Visions of something eventful, may simply be advising you of something happening, such as: someone you are close to, who is at a mutually familiar location, might think strongly of you at the time of something happening there, and you are far away, and get the picture as in a could feel as if it's a warning for you, where you are, until you get news that the event happened to your friend or family member at the other location.
= You might be drifting off to sleep, and 'something'- a feeling, an urge...gets you to get up to walk down the hall to investigate, where you discover something happening which might be a catastrophe you can then prevent.
= A vision may only be advisory, not necessarily that you are needed to act upon it to warn or advise others of.
Bottom line? Pay attention!
Question the truth of them.
Practice at it. Pray on it. Pray/meditate for guidance and clarity.
Find others who are comfortable talking with you about it. Learn more.
Love is the strongest power in all of Creation, once we understand more fully how that works.
We are all connected, as part of The Whole of Creation, part of the whole fabric.
When something happens to any of us, all of us can be affected to some degree. The fabric cannot be moved in one place, without the entire fabric being touched by it.

wellnessweavers, posted on July 21, 2016

RunswithDuck, you obviously are a wise person with access to the Internet web. I believe that it can be used in real time to align events and healers.

This message to you is also my prayer and lamentations. I deplore wasting time and resources and that is exactly what it appears that I am doing.

Grandmother Spider has many babies and it is up to us to weave quickly to connect all Earthly network. Cisco WebEx is a HIPAA Compliant tool with 100 polling chat box seats. We can adapt to use it for great wisdoms and action plans to come forth from the group.

I believe that we can use it to work with the people that do want to become the new Civilization of Humankind.

I also feel a sense of urgency as we get closer and closer to the November elections in the U.S. It seems that people in the reality of my world think that my vision is too Pollyanna and that they are much too busy to help. They also want to poison the land with chemicals instead of work with the land so that sets me apart.

I believe that God is aligning people to weave the alternate reality like the Dream catcher.

The fact that I have used costume characters for health edutainment that was enjoyed by many in health care settings, childcare settings, school settings, senior centers, churches and community organization years ago was good and I kept getting more scholarships for my work.

The mood changed when I moved to this little town in 2010 with too many ideas for the way to engage and play with all people and clean up the built environment of historic at-risk buildings that were for sale...and critical of the systems that were robbing people of their health.

My health edutainment and provocative characters that pick up the historical and mythical stories with Kansas threads made me an odd duck.

I do not run around in costumes all the time. With the right team, we could make things much shorter, more fun, and more effective. "Ad Astra", is the sculpture of the Native American on top of Topeka Capitol dome with arrow drawn to link to the North Star. The Kansas motto, "Ad Astra per Aspera"... to the stars through difficulty.

I believe that everyone has STAR power with Skills, Talents, Attitudes, Resources that shine the path and leaves a string for others to follow. So much chaos and stress is being woven to keep people from effectively using their STARS as that would inform us that we could stop manufacturing a lot of things and stop being in debt.

Thus, I have used my STAR to be in service "planting seeds" and "weaving" with "Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East"...that gave her life so Dorothy could get home safely, "The Tooth Fairy with Bee Wings that granted Queen Priscilla Buzzoo's (from "Show Me the Honey" from the Cat-in-the-hat Knows a Lot About that Series) wish to get out of the hive and find out why the bees' health and quality of the honey declining, "Sister Sioux, Grandmother Spider", "Amelia Earhart, the Time-Traveler" still working on her "finest work"...inner peace, peace in families, global peace with flying into action for fun adventures on the ground or in the air.

God told Abraham that his descendant would be more numerous than the stars. We are all descendants and we need blended family therapy to restore peace and joy and to make sure that everyone has the abundance of just enough...just in time.

I believe that we can use the Cisco WebEx to offer blended family therapy sessions until such a time as the world has one great big day of global forgiveness in a way that actually sticks and causing a complete healing for all that do want to be well. I guess the others will just pass through the dream catcher.

Most modern people prefer their, sodas, Styrofoam, organized sports over active play, agricultural chemicals, and the convenience of packaged and fast foods with supersized portions and their TV shows, movies and video games, tobacco and drug use... "to relax" from working so hard to keep up with debt. They seem to prefer talking about those things and of course there is also the actual care and concern and busy schedules of their families and friends, mixed with the usual dramas and gossip of daily life. They like to associate with people that live the same way and seem to think that their current lifestyle is a sign of affluence and freedom and that the politics is something to complain about but with little too be done.

With seven years of overfunctioning and loads of photos, interviews with people that gave me interesting historical information, tons of emails, and a website to keep trying to explain the Wellness Weavers concept has left my life in mess of information overload and a campus of buildings that I put sweat equity and all my STAR power into...and most of them sit completely underutilized. The town waits, like vultures in the trees, for me to burn out, go broke and give the buildings to them.

This is meant to be a safe base campus for those that want to heal, live in peace and be bountiful with the arts and sciences applied for good...with fun for function!

I only have access to Gaia until the end of this month...unless more weavers of wellness align so that I have balance and help keeping things organized so there is time is for viewing and discussions built into the day.

TED Talks are shorter and free and I learn from them as well and the overload of information from good courses that I have taken from Humanity's Team, the Self-Care Revolution also go unleveraged for the good of the tribe...the tribe that isn't here and that has not aligned in real time via the web.

The Gaia tribe and network would be good but we need real time access for unified actions and a vitally live Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative.

I got us through the hoops to be listed as a start up in the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperative, so that we just need to find the right core team of founding members to view the orientation, determine our infrastructure, member benefits, fee structure, sweat equity plan, and get us to launch.

I even joined efforts with a "new emerging MAN", and we are "the new emerging WOMAN", the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network though the other seven pilot projects and "the Main MAN" board are too busy with their own projects to simultaneously work on building the infrastructure and getting the WOMAN functional for everyone in the new MAN that really does want to be healthy and well.

Their Board likes their "Go To Meeting" webinar platform and use it well, except that it is not HIPAA Compliant and it doesn't have the 100 polling chat box feature that will allow collaborative consensus work. We could actually teach tax payers how to use the Cisco WebEx system and then call for a law that will hold city councils, public libraries, public schools, and governmental agencies and institutions, including jails to be places where people can participate on innovative think tank teams and come up with the laws for the people, by the people.

Imagine how those 100 polling chat box seats would multiple when that many Cisco WebEx accounts were joined. We need children on the collaborative think tanks. Public education and all public buildings need to be places for school and citizen engagement and the school buses need to include mixed generations. The teachers, librarians, and police officers, nurses and EMS are active helpers engaged with the learners. That would finally be a network marketing plan that would benefit everyone!

I made a deal with Cisco so that everyone that wanted to be in the Health and Wellness Cooperative WOMAN would be able to get the best account price as part of the Wellness Weavers Enterprise far I have no one that even wants to meet to flesh out the policies and membership benefits for the Coop.

Pilot projects in Hull, UK and Providence, RI and Allentown, PA pilot projects are the most open to my system but still do not see how to integrate it into their systems and do not have a person to help dedicate time to collaborating.

This is huge but it is worthwhile and the components of the system exist for the most part. It justs takes the right mix of STAR power!

I have tried social media, because that is real time. I invite people to meet and collaborate though no one is taking me up on the offer. A few did but used phones to call in so that is a waste of the technology.

Creator God and Grandmother...align my STAR and put me on the right trajectory to make the path straight. The path that will allow those that can train, work, play our way better together with fun for healing and optimal function. Send me the people that will care for what you have entrusted me with. Help us to grown food again. Breath life into the people and the buildings and the land. Show us how to detoxify and heal.

This campus of buildings and garden land that I secured for those that do want to be the change and break free of the enslavement of alcohol, drugs, the free flowing supply of health robbing foods. They are all completely underutilized and more than one woman can physically all the computer work that must be done to weave the infrastructure that allows us to connect the tribe of Humankind that must still live by the current laws on the books. If we got to live by the laws of the Land...the Earth and the people would be healthy.

August 1, 2016 the one house that makes a good co-housing place for like-minded people that want to also be stewards of Victorian buildings becomes available again.

I let a nice young couple that were still finishing college, newly wed rent it and now they will be moving...that gives 3 private bedrooms with their own bathrooms and the rest of the two story common spaces good for neat, clean, respectful people that are weaving wellness in their own ways.

This town was built on sacred land starting in 1868 that was on migratory paths of the Great Plains followed by animals and Native Americans. I secured them for people that would also want to be involved in the true work of stewardship of people and the Mother Earth...a place in time that also connects us globally for the reconciliation and healing and reclaiming of ways to live in harmony with our diversity.

Since we must also live in the modern world of local, state, federal government rules, taxes, "insurance", utility bills , we can apply technology for as much good as possible.

The reality of mainstream TV and politics is that Big Money, big chemicals and the industrial FDA, medical, and prison complex convince people that things must happen their way for the good of people. The stress they create is to control people with fear so they will continue to race around as pawns whose relationships with people and the Mother Earth continues to be fractured, creating more stress.

Runswithduck, and all people that see and hear my words and Creator God and Grandmother Earth...hear my prayers and align us to live and work and play in the new and healing ways were all are free from enslavement. Recharge our STARS and align us to be effective leaders to weave the new pathways that honor and heal all of creation to be in peace and joy with the abundance of just enough, just in time. Amen.

Sunniva, posted on April 6, 2012


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