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The Last Avatar (2014)

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The Last Avatar centers on the arrival of Kalki, the final avatar of our current age, who comes to rescue humanity at a critical time of Earth history. In this esoteric, mystical adventure story, Jack, a young man confused about his life, leaves Hollywood to pull himself together, little realizing just how far that quest will take him.

As he gets close to magical Mt. Shasta, Jack meets some who are trying to help him fulfill his remarkable destiny and others who are out to stop him at all costs. It is urgent for Kalki to learn the astonishing truth, and equally urgent that he find a way to share that truth with humanity, that people might awaken to their own destiny.

Alexander Polinsky, Adey, Neale Donald Walsch, Sharron Rose, Monique Trinity Rose, Doug Warner, Bob Jackson Miner, Roy Von Rains
Jay Weidner

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rgdykes, posted on October 15, 2016

Nice sentiments in this movie, but highly speculative. Ignoring facts that are already recorded concerning Lord Kalki 5000 years ago by Srila Vyasadeva (Another Avatar of Lord Sri Krishna).

The Truth is always much grander than fiction. Check out Sri Kalki Purana, Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam. These will take you
the next step into concrete experience of the Truth!

Lord Kalki is the last Incarnation of the Supreme Truth, Lord Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is recorded in the
commentary on Vedanta Sutra, the Srimad Bhagavatam Canto Twelve. Here are the events of Kali Yuga recorded, including the
past times of Lord Kalki - who will come at the end of Kali Yuga to destroy the illusion of duality and to establish the next golden age of Sattya Yuga (Age of Purity).

Lord Kalki is in no way an ordinary human being. He is the Supreme Being. The Supreme SELF of all selves and the Super-Soul of all souls.

We are all inconceivably both One with and distinct from Lord Krishna, aka Kalki. When Lord Kalki arrives there will be no mistaking. Every Living Being will recognize Him as the Supreme Truth, the Supreme Truth of our Own Being.

Please read: Bhagavad Gita - As it is. and Srimad Bhagavatam (Commentary on Vedanta Sutra by Srila Vyasadeva, another incarnation of Lord Krishna)
Both recorded 5000 years ago, they contain the Science of the Self for this age of Kali. Prior to the age of Kali, these things were understood by ALL, with simple intention and as a result of Self Realization. Same as today!!! But the vast majority of us are asleep in this Age of Kali. The writtings, therefore, function like a window into the Heart of Being - The Truth of the Self!!

Hare Krishna

Rasika Siromani Dasa

christina-d, posted on October 12, 2016

Hello at Gaia,
Although I love your channel, I don't like the many technical nuances or difficulties such as:
-no on screen pause, so one has to refer to the very small pause button to pause whats playing
- sound doesn't match up to the picture most of the time and always after pausing the program
this is to name a few issues since having a shot at it for about a week period.
I managed somehow to get the old version back and am sticking to it so I would appreciate if you could stop reminding me to switch to the new Gaia as i don't want it.
Christina K.

DANIELLED6, posted on October 12, 2016

This is my second time I see this film and I enjoyed it even more this time. Thank you . :-)

timbrazzell, posted on October 10, 2016

Loved it what great information for our time!

VIOLET.CYA, posted on October 8, 2016

What a great movie! ! Everyone needs to post this to their facebook... Gaia is here awakening us to the Light and Truth... Thank-you!

choco198112, posted on September 10, 2016

Great enlightening film. Is the scripture of kalki only to Hinduism because five minutes of research says Kalki has to be born in Asia. Very interested in the the topic can someone discuss?

rgdykes, posted on October 15, 2016

Yes, all of the Avatars/Incarnations of Lord Krishna have their future birth places recorded in Vedas (Veda means = The Original Knowledge). This way they can be recognized when they arrive. There are actually innumerable Avatars of the Supreme Lord throughout the endless ages and in every planet, planetary system,
galaxy, and universe.

In the broadest sense, each of us are avatars or expansions of the Supreme Self.

Kalki comes at the end of Kali Yuga to destroy the illusion of duality and to establish the next Yuga/Age which is Sattya Yuga (Age of Purity). see Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 12.

Hinduism is actually an incorrect way to designate this body of knowledge (Veda = Knowledge). Vedic philosophy is actually Universal, and is merely the most ancient recording of a body of knowledge that was never written down until the beginning of Kali Yuga. It was written down simply because those of us who take on material life in this age are very poor in intellect and memory. In past ages, Veda would be spoken by a Self Realized Spiritual Teacher to his disciple, and the disciple would not only remember verbatim but have a Self Realized understanding.

You will never find the word Hinduism in the Vedas. Rather, this Body of Knowledge refers to itself as The Sanantana Dharma or the Eternal Way, Eternal Law or Wisdom. This knowledge is actually a constitutional part of our own being-ness. It was only written down because we have become so covered over by material illusion in this Age of Ignorance.

Self-realization is when the material illusion is cleansed away sufficiently for us to become aware or conscious of our True Self. This is Veda or Knowledge.

This causeless Realization of the Truth of our own being contains everything that is contained within the books known as the Vedas, but Veda in its purest sense is to KNOW Reality as It Is. Without any illusion. When this takes place in the Life of individuals or within humanity collectively, books are no longer necessary.

Constitutionally all living beings are Eternal Knowledge and Bliss!!! Kalki comes at the end of Kali Yuga to establish this reality in the heart of every living entity.

He is not an ordinary person, but the Supreme Person. He is not an ordinary soul, but the Super-soul. He/she is the Life of All Living beings. Kalki is an Incarnation/Avatar of the Whole, who comes to deliver from illusion all those who are parts within that whole. However, within every part is the whole. Acintya BhedaBheda Tattva. We are All inconceivably both One with and distinct from The Supreme.

Your Servant,

Rasika Siromani Dasa

Read Bhagavad Gita - As It Is

Srimad Bhagavatam

m.crandles, posted on September 1, 2016

This movie has a very spiritual undertone of becoming are own light body by creating a life of love filled devotion to ourselves and others. Our systems of greed and power displayed through our banking, educational, pharmaceutical, religious, and environmental icons are slowly becoming dismantled. We all chose to incarnate at this time to fulfill our soul destiny.

crazeev13, posted on August 29, 2016

I really enjoyed this film. I strive to only watch or listen to things that are of higher consciousness and awareness content, which usually means that I only see documentaries and such (more often than not here on Gaia). I loved having a fictional storyline to be drawn into, while also reaping the benefits of the positive messages and spiritual teachings throughout the film. I highly recommend this to people of all ages!

mayabd9, posted on August 27, 2016

love it!!!! thanks!

mzadi01, posted on August 21, 2016

I especially loved the ending where the villain wasn't destroyed, but transformed by love!!!!!! That is the solution I hope is the REAL ONE to all that is out of alignment. ALL life I believe, is healed through love and worthy of a loving eternal existence.

mikecumby, posted on August 21, 2016

Messaging is hardly ground breaking and if you are a "newbie" to all this, its just plain comical and not inspirational lol!!
Has made me look into the Archons and all those theories though.........i'm now off to boldy go where no-one has gone before ppl.....

1111hanek, posted on August 19, 2016

I loved the movie. So sad that Hollywood would never make anything like it....
One criticism: Why did they give the Demiurge a Russian accent?? It is a fact that the Russians are working with us at this moment to defeat the Cabal. They are totally with us in this.

thatcrazytoaster, posted on October 9, 2016

yes we are aware of Putin's role and all the Russian family of our Planet. I don't think that accent as used here is in anyway a negative reflection. There are many networks world wide assisting in this break through. We are on a positive timeline. Thank you!

JayW@Gaia, posted on September 21, 2016

It was Hungarian not Russian inspired by George Soros.

cota0, posted on August 19, 2016

really did not find it that impressive...I suppose I have gone so much farther down the rabbit hole that this was minor in comparison

joec4, posted on August 17, 2016

brilliant movie, tells it like it really is. we must educate people to the truth. I signed up to gaia to watch it, and am glad i did.

DouglasC, posted on September 14, 2016

I signed up to gaia to watch it, and am glad i did. Extremely intrigued by Neile Donald Walsch being in it, I had to see this movie. I have read a lot of what Neale has written and this furthered the experience. Wondering if you have read or heard of Neale Donald Walsch and his books of Conversations With God.

kimberlydodson1, posted on August 15, 2016

I enjoyed it, in fact I signed up for Gaia just to watch it. It has a good message especially toward the close where the "villain" goes on about how they manufacture war, fear, guilt - I absolutely agree with that. We all wake up differently - and it takes time. But once you begin to awaken you find more people who have awakened and it does indeed spread. All in all it was a pretty good flick.

kai.lani, posted on August 15, 2016

I was so excited when this popped up in my newsfeed one day :) signed up to Gaia just to watch as I knew the correlations between mt shasta and lumeria. I have dreamt of lumeria my entire life and randomly found a book when i was 14 that mentioned it ( left in a house by past owner)... It sounds nuts I know but I have found over the years more and more that im not alone in those dreams of lumeria and hope that some people might really listen to this message. Inspired me/weirded me out/scared me a little as so many coralations with my dreams. Not sure if I should post this... but well done team!

cathy_alonso, posted on August 14, 2016

Really enjoyed the story and outcome.

christinemcjannett, posted on August 13, 2016

Realise, apologise, surrender. . . .
thank you

Chad.daniels, posted on August 12, 2016

It won't download. Purple player not working. Very disappointing might have to cancell my subscription

Whiting51, posted on August 12, 2016

Just joined up to watch the last avatar and it wont load . Very dissapointed.

mpm2, posted on August 10, 2016

"I AM" "I AM" To get anyone to feel their Radiance is a true gift! And this is a Gift. We have so many opinions of the mind. My heart feels love, compassion, joy, wisdom and power to stop and forgive. This is the open door that can not be shut. Fill this world, give back what is needed through your door.
With great thanks to all.

geronimo9, posted on August 10, 2016

I loved it - I feel alive and excited about the future
Its on my favourite list - I can't express how I feel enough in words, I was overcome with heartfelt energies xo

wingsoflight747, posted on August 8, 2016

The film was so disjointed, many times frozen for minutes on end. The film was a terrible disappointment not to flow at all. In fact i wasn't able to understand what was going on. Having recently paid dues to Gaia and this is my first viewing i feel completely let down.

Missburntumber, posted on August 7, 2016

Neat little film, looking forward to watching more from Gaia

kinaartsatx, posted on August 7, 2016

Intent...very powerful message. Truth...awaken all. Collective awakening...for all the negative comments below...what are you doing to awaken? What are we doing to touch the lives of others to help the awakening. The Secret? Love within and without. Is that too simple; then, make it so.

dominic.mcgarry, posted on August 3, 2016

Prope lightwarrior movie with total truths entwined in the reality of illusion , Loved every second of it ,just wish it was made public !!!! help get the truth out there <3 And ohh my Mary was a stunning soul .....Lucky kalki ..... ;) <3

ruso5, posted on July 24, 2016

I totally loved it! ... Truth plain and simple.... and puts the fact that truth is not the easiest pill to swallow. Takes courage and "no fear" to face it full on. <3

borderbeatz, posted on July 23, 2016

I just join the site, the movie is not playing, don't know what's going on..!

c5thkind, posted on August 4, 2016 would not play right. I kept getting pauses, gitters and refresh. Under "My Account" and then under Preferences Tab, scroll all the way down. They list 3 different video player settings, try the other 2.

After watching the movie, I found I could downloaded their player, "Purple Player" and install it. Then I downloaded the movie to watch it again later, that might help you out.


gmsoncloud9, posted on July 23, 2016

I loved it. well played connected with all the message and learned a little bit more. To the stars.... Thank-you for Gaia )----<@

daveys35, posted on July 21, 2016

I loved it. Breathtaking. Everything about it is awesome.

Tinamaloney711, posted on July 18, 2016

British Columbia is misspelled. I liked the movie.

gouin9, posted on July 17, 2016

movie is not playing I will like to know why

davicox281, posted on July 16, 2016

i was transported here from humboldt county two months ago. i had a navy seal hug me so hard he broke my ribs. the rib poked a hole in the lining of my lung, it became inffected and i slipped into a coma. here the scary part, in 2011 i was appointed a lightbear by a native shaman and was told i would carry the torch from there. when i asked why he choose me he said i was the real deal. now this..... i am aa stone throw away from the mt. ... i am getting goose bumps from the thought i am having......

atschimov, posted on July 13, 2016

the movie is far far away from what the titel evokes... please, do not waste you time watching! here a link to the sri kalki purana the ancient text:
you get much more out of the text!

by the way: i love the song! for me, the best in this movie! thanks

petesesplankis, posted on July 14, 2016

Love Gaia programming, and this was being heavily promoted and "the next big thing" I was thinking "The Secret" Huge disappointment!

SAFESHIPS, posted on July 12, 2016

This movie is torturous to watch! A waste of time if you are trying to raise your consciousness or grow spiritually in any manner. I had to shut it off at minute 30. GAIA out to erase those stars it has next to the title! Maybe give it a 2.

ramzimasarweh, posted on July 8, 2016

Years ago, I lived on High Meadow, in Hammonds before Old Stage was paved and nary a house was to be seen, I lived in a shell of a log-house made of knob cone pine, cut from the thick stand which grew thickly around the place. At my elevation, we were two households in the winter: me and George (An electric engineer or something who reinvented himself as a self-sufficient farmer/woodsman), his nurse wife and child, a cow or two and a couple of huge hogs. We had the place to ourselves and only a handful more were around briefly in Summer. Deep is the snow on the north-facing, evergreen slopes of the lower Eddies. The silence in Winter is sublime. What made the hardship worth it was a picture window which framed The Mountain. I forever left San Francisco and other cities behind for the dawning clarity I found just sitting and gazing at it. I remember the climb from Redding and the overwhelming scent of pine from the September woods, surprising my citified nose. A mere 40 years later, there are cameras and signs and fences everywhere; and the funeral-black asphalt, like a scab over the wound the roads make; fences and driveways across the trails. There was time I could walk across Hammonds pond, down Rocky Road and up the uninhabited oak slopes all the way to COS without a single fence, and pick wild strawberries on those south facing slopes in late Spring and early Summer. Now the pavement is busy with speeding cars; the ancient paths blocked with walls; and no shortage of channelers, gurus, crystal healers; charlatans and scam artists. Films like this just feed into that whole scam; and bring those more interested in the legends of the city within, then the spectacular beauty and specialness of the town and mountain without. I AM and the ST. Germain Society, who bought up the most picturesque section of land along the Sacramento, including the path to Mosbrae Falls, and fenced it in with ten foot high chain link fence, The Falls must now be accessed by walking a mile along the tracks with freight trains to dodge and be deafened by; unless you know the way behind a waterfall and along deeply forested path.... Now there are so many on the mountain, that you must get a permit to go above 10 thousand feet; and many are brought here by the pretentious swarm of spiritual guides despoiling the psychic landscape like loggers despoil the land and dredgers despoiling the rivers; and pseudo Rainbow tribe bringing overcrowding, filth and danger to the forest and the town and the harmony among disparate characters; tree huggers, tree planters, and loggers sharing a cup of coffee, and the local grapevine among the cliffs and trees and waters of this place of crystalline purity. I am disappointed in this film because it misses an opportunity to discuss universal oneness and power evident everywhere, not just in the entrails of this one mountain. In fact, the journey, I believe, begins in your own entrails and their connectedness to the living planet and the universe which cradles it; like the mountain cradles the town; like a babe in mother's arms. Sad to say, the draining of the mountain waters by Crystal Geyser and others; the blasphemy of selling the divine substance (or the closest thing to the divine manifest that we have), for profit goes on apace. And I fear, along with native elders of the local tribes, that the equilibrium that has made this a sheltered valley for those devoted to its true blessings, is crumbling under the combined weight of the exploiters and speculators and charlatans. We know what happened to Shangrilla; there's still time to protect what remains of our Shangrilla.Ramzi Masarweh

niko88laos, posted on July 8, 2016

I think this movie is based on my life

gaia62, posted on July 26, 2016

that is right, we've been waiting for you, we've been waiting for all of you.

savimraven, posted on July 7, 2016

It's hard to translate the information through this type of media. However, looking beyond that, the information is there and important. I've been in personal growth/transformation work for over 20 years and as I move deeper and deeper into my own divine consciousness, more and more information is coming to me and I'm understanding it. Concentrating on teaching people how to activate their chakras and their light bodies is key. However, assisting them in breaking the hypnotic energy of guilt and shame is the place to start. Facilitating sacred space for people to be safe enough to come to the realization that guilt and fear and shame is how we are being kept from our true divine natures is the first step. So, as we come to our own understandings of our divine natures and how we are divine beings walking in this human experience, our jobs may very well be to assist in this way. Namaste...

gratitude506, posted on July 5, 2016

Very disappointed.

Audacity62, posted on July 5, 2016

For a low budget movie, it was okay, but pretty hokey, I thunk, as in "Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle!", "Natasha! Ees Moose and Sqvirrl"

"Fearless Leader" wasn't scary enough.

"Mary" was nauseatingly new agey, and

"Kalki" kinda looked like a young Bob Geldof.

The whole thing was pretty hard to take too seriously

The acting was pretty lame too, but,

with all criticism aside, it still had a pretty good message.

4 stars out of 5

rita.sullivan, posted on July 2, 2016

Absolutely beautiful. The intent, the music, the acting and more than this
Weidner rocks as usual.

lotionlady, posted on June 28, 2016

This could of been done so much were alright. They should double check some things like the spelling of British Columbia which they spelled British Colombia. I did watch right to the end as I was curious, so somehow it hooked me.

archeav, posted on June 28, 2016

khali ';)

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