The Last Great Romantic Comedy Video
The Last Great Romantic Comedy

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The Last Great Romantic Comedy (2012)

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Characters have been abandoned by their creators and must learn to change the paradigm of their lives and continue to write their own stories in order to find happiness. A sweet and sly celebration of the magic of stories.

Kevin Ging, Kamila Davies, Adamo Palladino
Gustavo Sampaio

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katwomantxstyle73, posted on April 13, 2016

twisted in all the right ways.... lol.
my mom and I would kid around about ....what if we were figments of God's imagination.... and waLA ;) here's a short film that says, hey remember when..... it's all a movie! what role are you playing in your life? different skits with all the same goal.... asking the ultimate questions...who am I? and what's it all about?
i liked it, a little bit of creative writing and where else is better than a BOOKSTORE with a lot of other stories sharing a theme.... thank you!

Iadora, posted on November 19, 2015

D'like it! Shallow scripts.

LeanneDevi, posted on July 3, 2015

I agree, sexist male fantasies about the perfect women - and very bad acting!

gmsorceressrose, posted on February 10, 2015

So, all the women's names are "Honey" and "Sugar," etc? How degrading. It's just about sexist male fantasies.

rosa7324, posted on November 7, 2014

longlifeenergy, posted on October 23, 2014

I enjoyed this movie very much. I love the concept and have often considered it, even before watching. I've watched this movie twice so far.

marianmeade1, posted on May 4, 2014

Interesting...I would love to know more about the meaning behind the story.

constantiainnocenti, posted on November 8, 2013

THis really is bad. Bad script, acting, story.... so disappointing., posted on October 23, 2013

unadulterated crap the most uninspiring move I have ever seen

floydan, posted on November 10, 2013

Oh, come on, you guys! It's a creative, if dysfunctional, way of looking at life. The actors(esses) were gorgeous, that's inspiring.

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